Another Cheatman?

Yes, the new series I’m working on is another man with a bunch of cheats. Sad to say It’s not R-18.


Here’s the title and Synopsis:


Isekai tensei ~ chīto de i sekai o tanoshime ~

Different world reincarnation ~Let’s enjoy the different world cheat~

Author:  玉鋼バンブー

Akatsuki Yuki woke up in a strange room


「Where’s this?」

「This is the God’s world♪」


Author’s notes:

This is the story of the protagonist enjoying his life in a different world

The main character is a cheat in a cheat. Planning of cheat is at chapter 3. Lot’s of templates


This piece isn’t well written, and doesn’t have any foreshadowing. It’s just a short story.

This will be hosted at Rumanshi’s site. Please give it a try.

What? About cheatman R-18? Yes, expect two chapters within 2 days, will do Kumo first.


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