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Cheatman reached 300+ on reading list at day 4.

This time, Charm reached 350+ at day 2. Congrats. me!


Oh, and you got it right reviewer. Read the novels I translate with your dick. not your head. This is erotica novel, hentai logic is applied and not your usual ethics/morals.

16 thoughts on “Wow.v2

  1. Hahaha…. Cant read properly? Or their eyes are nothing but decorations on their heads? People who talk shit about something they dont like that they read even though it already has a label/decriptions are morons. They speak up to feed their worthless egos, pushing their views as if they are someone IMMACULATE although their very existence is as FILTHY as sewers. Reviewer-kun is damn right! Hahaha…. Okay enough ranting im out….

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    • speaking and forcing one own ideology for other is human nature since the ancient days you see

      ex : roman said that they are conquering land so they could civilized the ” barbarian ” and it repeated in colonization era and only stoped after world war 1
      2. the crhistian and muslim of the past doing crusade here and there because it was the constitution of their country at that time (they said king given the power by god or something)
      the USA doing war by saying “peace keeping” or “spreading democracy” is the same war of constitution with more “civilized name”
      3. USA and Roman empire using “mecenary” ( the people they want to conquer by training and funding it) then they bite back at their master (the german tribe and afghan mujahidin)

      so you now know that saying human walk forward is just foolish since we just walking in circle but biger circle every time we finish one circle ( greater cassuality )

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      • Well, one of the reasons why Americans are okay with or instigating a war is because their country is the battlefield (-.-)… they are not the ones getting their lands ravage and also war is also a business, ex. selling weapons…


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