FIT Chapter 1

Yes! It’s a a new project again! Click the link below to see the ToC

If You Got the Power of Flight, Invisibility, and Teleportation, What Would You Do?

I will catch up with the author in charm before focusing on this one. This will be my main project if I do.

This novel has an average characters of 5000, 2000 more than Charm and 3500 more than cheatman. First chapter is short, but please don’t expect something like yesterday where I released 500 times Chapters in one day.

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Also, thank you Joeglens for your December 2015 Web Novel Ranking. This is where I found this wonderful project. If you want to start translating by yourself, you can go to his site to check what’s on top in syosetu.


12 thoughts on “FIT Chapter 1

  1. I knew I saw that title somewhere since the 18+ for men is the first thing I looked at when the list was posted :3 (I thought this was another charm when I saw your name in aho-updates to I neglected it as I feel like another orgy with another slutty queen is what will start the arc, or maybe not. I think you should just let the author finish the current arc doe :3 the cliffhangs are real makes junior sad everytime)


  2. When I found this site when I was seaching for certaint tipe of novels in (like the tags “harem”, and “sex slaves” :P) and found the novel “The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power”. I want to thank for all your hard work to bring us, shameless web leechers, continous realeases of translated ero web novels.

    Since I liked “The Story of Living as I Please…” and Cheat Charm Harem (Ah, the tittle of the webnovels of these days, seriusly, why the hell are so damn long |o|) I made pdf files of your traslations of them. The pdfs are for personal use and no to share your without consent. If you like I can give you the original word document and the result pdf so you can put them in this blog and answer the needs of those like me who want access to the novels even without internet at hand. Of course, you may no want that in order to have more people visit this blog, and that is fine too.

    This is probably the only site that I click in lickbucket redirects, becouse here are not enfoced, and I want to thank you in anyway, even if I problably will not donate in the foreseeable future -.-

    PD: My antivirus, Nod32, blocked the Ads of that linkbucks link ( labeling it at “potentially undesirable content”. It seems the promblem is in linkbucks , so try to see what can you do so linkbucks continue counting the hits on your behalf.


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