Succubus Imouto Chapters 1-4

New Series? Yes! This one caught up with the latest chapter! This is currently [2/5/2016] the top 5 in monthly rankings.

When I summoned a succubus slave, my sister is the one that appeared

Linkbucks | Chapter 1

Linkbucks | Chapter 2

Linkbucks | Chapter 3

Linkbucks | Chapter 4

I was planning to release this along with Emperor chapter 13-15, but I don’t think I will have the time to TL those tonight nor tomorrow. Welp.

Also, I’d like to give thanks to the coffee people gave me last week, I forgot to say thanks last Feb.2. I keep your names anon as long as you don’t put your name.


11 thoughts on “Succubus Imouto Chapters 1-4

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