Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Those words seemed to hang over the group like an ominous cloud. It was true. Since she was wearing Marvis’s clothing, she had been covered up quite well and no one could previously tell. Now, with her belly laid bare, she had an obvious bump. It wouldn’t have been as shocking, except for the fact that when I had washed her only ten days prior, she didn’t have any bump. If it was growing at that speed, it only meant one thing.

“The goblins knocked her up.” Darius frowned.

“No!” Shay gave a cry.

Damus nodded. “What are we going to do?”

Darius shrugged. “What can we do? By the size of it, I’d say she’s got another week. We hand her in, let her be someone else’s problem.”

“You think they’ll be happy if we bring home a whole liter of goblins to their doorstep?”

“Okay, okay… we could wait here. Let her give birth. Kill the little bastards as they pop out, and then we can send her the bill.”

“No! Don’t hurt my babies!” She clutched her stomach.

I wasn’t going to start a pro-life argument right here. She seemed to want to protect the children, although it was almost certain they were goblins. However, I moved over to her anyway, grabbing her hand in support. When she thought I was being abused, she tried to support me, the least I can do is try to support her.

“Can a woman survive having a goblin child?” I ask.

Darius looked back at me. “If she’s a high enough level, maybe with some damage resistance, sure. However, a low-level villager like Shay? Those babies will eat her alive from the inside. Even if she could survive, the medical cost would be extraordinary.”

“How about an abortion?”

“What the hell is an abortion?” Darius frowns.

Before I could explain, one more person walked into the small little clearing. It was Ricardo, and the second he walked in I suddenly got a sinking feeling in my gut. He didn’t do anything to Marvis, did he?

“I came back here to find the mute alone, and now I see you all here.” His eyes turned on the naked Shay, “Spotting for a bit of fun, are we?”

“She’s pregnant,” Darius responded scornfully.

Ricardo’s eyes flashed and narrowed on the protruding stomach. He approached the girl, standing over her. His eyes looked like they held regret. Maybe Ricardo was a sympathetic human being after all.

“That is a shame.” He sighed.

A moment later he plucked off his axe and raised it up. Before anyone could react, he slammed it down. Shay barely let out a sound as her head rolled away. Blood shot from every side, a bunch splattering against my shirt. I was frozen, unable to make a move.

“What the hell, Ricardo, we were discussing it!” Darius only seemed a little upset.

For me, the sight of the headless body in front of me was too much to bare. Her lifeless hand was still gripping my own! I struck Darius with seduction again. Anger was welling up in me, and I wanted to vent. Darius looked over at me, a hint of lust in his eyes that seemed completely out of place in the current atmosphere.

“She was damaged goods, forget her.” Ricardo waved his hand, not seemingly aware of Darius shooting me looks. “Besides, there are more important things right now. We found a cave. It’s close, very close. A pack of fire wolves lived there at some point recently. It seems like they got kicked out by something even better!”

His eyes seemed to shine. Meanwhile, I was spamming the seduction ability. It didn’t work during my cooldown period. I was trying to find out how long that period was. It appeared to be only a minute. I was saving it as a once a day thing, but it could be used much faster than that. There were limitations, though. I had only used three now and was already starting to become very exhausted.

Meanwhile, Darius was watching me with pure desire on his face. I just hoped I had enough for this. I let out the pheromones, and like that, all three sets of eyes were locked on me. I was lying back now, without the energy to even pick up my own head. Ricardo dropped what he was saying and immediately started heading towards me. At the same time, Darius took a step forward too. When he saw Ricardo stepping in front of him his face turned ugly.

Ricardo dropped down to his knees, beginning to pull down my pants.  I didn’t really have the strength to stop him, even if I wanted to stop him. Personally, I just hoped that I gave him genital warts. Moments before sticking it into me, a sword swung down and struck him in the shoulder. It hit the side of the leather shoulder piece, digging into the side of his arm. He let out a roar, Turning and pulling out his axe.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ricardo roared.

“She’s mine!” Darius shouted back, holding his sword.

Damus cowered in the corner, although he stared at me with wanting eyes, he was too scared to make a move. Instead, he was simply rubbing his dick through his pants while panting and staring at me. For me, I couldn’t even move. I couldn’t even lift my head to see how the battle was going.

I heard the sounds of metal clanging against metal. I heard grunts, I heard yells and shouts. It went on for about five minutes. There was a final grunt, followed by a thud. A moment later, a body flopped on top of me. It was Ricardo, and he was covered in blood. He started kissing me, the taste of blood on his lips and the sticky liquid smearing all over my body.

No sooner did he stick it in than did my endurance bonus return. It was enough to snap me from barely awake to completely awake. That didn’t make things better. The hot blood from the man he had just slaughtered was already covering my shirt. He was being very aggressive this time, the lunacy of pheromones overtaking what little brain cells he had. He was having his way with me and for the first time since I had been to this world, I felt like I had lost complete control. He was a bloody, terrifying monster, and he was taking my body.

He had become a feral animal, thrusting into me without care. His hands were tearing at my clothing and skin.  My clothes had already ripped several places, baring my breasts, and it looked like he was a second from ripping the rest right off my body. As he pawed at me, his nails dug into my skin, causing cuts of their own. The thick scent of death overwhelmed any other sense, destroying anything erotic I could take from the scene. I started to give up, to lose hope.

Just as was starting to panic, there was a scream, but it came from neither of us. Damus was screaming, and when I looked to the side, there was a massive red colored wolf. It had a jaw latched onto Damus’s ankle while another one was biting at his neck.

Even Ricardo could overcome lust in this moment. He leaped off of me and picked up his axe as a third wolf leaped at him. He struck it with the axe, and the monster fell down. Another wolf leaped from the woods behind me. Before I could react, he bit into my skin, grabbing on of my ankles. I let out a scream.

“Ricardo, save me!” Damus screamed as they dragged him off into the forest.

Ricardo ignored him, running over to me, who was being dragged in the opposite direction. He swung the axe again, and another wolf fell to his mighty blade. For the first time since I met him, I was actually glad he was such a brute. I struggled to my feet. As three more fire wolves cut Ricardo off, I started to run with a significant limp.

I could hear howls, growling, and grunts from behind, but I ignored it and fled. I didn’t know what happened to Min. It would have been nice if I was a stronger person, strong enough to turn around and find her, but I wasn’t. So as a result, I fled. I ran, limping the entire way, not really caring what direction I was heading, as long as it was away. My body pushed through brush, getting more scratches and turning what remained of my clothing into shreds. I was a tattered mess, my body covered in blood. Most of that blood wasn’t mine.

My hand slapped against a rock. I had found a cave. My mind was foggy with exhaustion. Ricardo had mentioned that the fire wolves had fled from the caves. That meant that the fire wolves weren’t in the cave. I limped forward, and you know what happened next. I found myself stuck to the webbed floor as an eight-legged spider monster crawled over me.

No, no, I won’t give you all the gory details on what it’s like to fuck an eight-legged creature. I will tell you his cock was interesting. It was only a little jagged, with random parts that were soft and hard, almost like shells. It felt like fucking a holey glass dildo filled with jelly if you can imagine.

Yes, he bit my shoulder and I ended up getting poisoned. Eight hairy legs were wrapped around me while I was getting pumped with a hard, jagged, dildo-like phallus. At that point, I was delirious, and I found it difficult to remember the details of the event. When he finally came inside of me, it had a jelly like consistency and it was really sticky. Like sticky enough I had trouble getting the hole back open later on. I hope that spider got genital warts.

[Poison Resistance Increased to LVL 1.]

It was a painful experience too. My pain resistance went up to level 6 by the time we were done. So it was less painful than birth, more painful than fisting. Probably. I lacked the reference for either of those things. I remembered pain with each thrust, and the scratchy feeling of its legs wrapped around my arms.

I also was thankful that I had damage resistance up to level 10 from my gang bang title. If not, the creature would have probably torn me to shreds. My damage resistance still raised up to 3 even with the title, and my mental went up 2 levels as well. There was actually a time there while the poison was setting in and the spider was finishing up where I was convinced I would die.

However, something very lucky occurred just in the nick of time.

[Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 7!}

[All stats increase by one.]


[You have one skill point.]


Special Skills Available:


[STD Immunity (Passive): Immune to all sexually transmitted diseases.]


[Sexual Regen (Passive): Health restores during sexual intercourse.]


[Train (Active): Increases sexual obedience.]


That’s right, I leveled! And what’s more? Leveling cures all status effects! That means that I no longer have genital herpes. I know I’m only saying this in retrospect, but I considered spider sex a fair trade for instantly curing an STD. I was also no longer poisoned, which is probably more important between the two, although I was so near death at the time I was infected that it ended up not traumatizing me as much as it should have.

On that note, my infertility remains… which means it must function differently somehow. I wondered if there were high level curses that skipped the leveling fix. It seemed awfully convenient, although I also recognized most people couldn’t level as fast as I did. If a high-level person or someone whose settled down caught an STD, it could be years before their next level.

On that note, there’s a skill that’ll prevent me from ever having to get another STD again. Combined with infertility, it basically makes sex consequence free for me. However, it was tied with two other equally tempting abilities. Thanks to my level up, all the damage the spider did was already cured. With sexual regen, if I was able to cure myself during sex, I wouldn’t have to deal with something so scary again. However, preparing to be raped by more monsters with scary dongs felt wrong to me.

If the Train ability was what I thought it was, then it meant I could take control of the next person I got a lot easier. Just train a guy, and he’ll get on all fours and bark like a dog. I certainly wouldn’t have struggled with Ricardo if I could train him. However, it felt a bit like cheating. I mean, where is the fun in instant submission? Meanwhile, STD immunity is nice, but every time I leveled I could cure anything I caught. Plus, if this is a fantasy world, they usually treat all status misalignments as being the same. I’m sure magic could probably cure anything I caught, right?

I let out a long sigh and finally made my selection. It was STD Immunity. I know, I know, I’m a sucker. I just want to live the worry free life. Temporary condition or not, if I was going to be using sex to get by in the future, I didn’t want to be perpetuating disease, or worrying about my health. In the end, I had to bid sexual obedience goodbye.

What? Oh, you’re still worried about my spider lover coming back for a second round? No, he died. Shortly after injecting me with that obnoxiously sticky seed, he curled up and turned gray. He was now half his original size and curled up with his feet in the air. I guess there are some spiders who only breed once before dying. Sorry spider lover, you wasted your seed on an infertile girl.

It took me almost a day to work my way out of the sticky webbing. I finally walked away from the cave, covered in webs, blood, and the torn remains of an adventurer outfit. I probably looked like I had been through hell. After all, you could probably say that the last month would have been hell on earth for any normal woman.

For me, although the spider was a fairly traumatic event, and I spent nearly a day recovering from that torment, I still found myself in surprisingly high spirits. Mental fortitude prevented me from finding any shame or humiliation, and thus I could only feel the relief I had survived and the spider was dead, plus the renewed vigor of a level up removing all negative status and repairing all minor damage. I was just excited to see what would happen next. Finally, I could start my life in another world! I think it would be safe to say that I was sufficiently broken at this point.

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5 thoughts on “Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 11

  1. At first, when you made Aria use seduction and I red the venting part, I thought that you will make her escape reality by having sex, but good plan, slaughtering all those assholes.
    And please tell me you didn’t kill Min off, I don’t know way but I like that girl, maybe you can make her Aria’s sidekick or follower or maybe something like a her only non blood(different race) related sister…. In short sisters or lasbians if that’s what you into….

    … Alright I admit, I kinda like girls who don’t speak much, and Min hardly ever speak, she’s like totally my type.

    Free sex with no consequence!!!
    Hell I want that ability, plus I want it with birth control effect.
    And yeah poor spider, and author thanks for not giving us details of the spider rape.

    Also, this selfish of me, but is it possible to show us Aria’s states each and every chapter, or maybe every two chapters, it’s kinda hard to keep track of her stats and abilities, resistances.
    Lastly, thanks for the hard work and the great chapter, you my friend for giving MC immunity to STD.


  2. Here’s me hoping Min is still alive.
    Please, please, don’t tell me all that character exposition is for naught? *Cries*
    Also, damn Aria’s one strong seductress now. Cum dump for goblins -> constantly used as sex sleeve by a barbarian -> gets STD -> injured by fire wolves -> raped by spider -> mind still working fine.
    Like if she can get through that, I feel like she can get through anything XD
    P.S. I’ll love you to prove me wrong because OP MC’s are a big turn off. No tension = no fun
    Regardless, thanks for the chapter!


    • Nope, she’s not overpowered.
      The fire wulf and spider survival was luck.
      If she hadn’t placed dedication on recardo he would have abandoned her.
      And if she wasn’t lucky and leveled up after being raped by spicy she would’ve died from the poison.

      Overpowered people : are those can finish things easily without hardship because of their cheat abilities or equipmentd.

      The only overpowered thing aria has is her Mentality, she’s able to remain calm somehow and keep her sanity.
      I mean no woman can remain calm after being raped by giant spider right, she over that in only hours, hour!!!!


      • Resistances don’t get explained for a while, but at her current mental resistance, she experiences about 1/4 of the mental duress another person would experience in that same situation. Furthermore, that’s only the “nonsex” related mental duress. Her special skill mental fortitude completely nullifies any shame, regret, or horrifiedness in performing a sexual act. So the fact the spider raped her is meaningless to her. It doesn’t even register in her brain as horrible. Thus… the only stress she had to deal with was that she was trapped in a web, bitten, poisoned, and nearly died… and she was delirious for most of it and it was reduced by 1/4 at that. Plus when she finally woke up the next day, there wasn’t a scratch on her and her status ailments were cured. So that’s my explanation (excuse) for that.


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