Sushi Harem

Okay, This is from the same author of “The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power” It’s a fucking funny oneshot so give it a try.

Sandwich Kingdom

This is a One-Shot by the same author of “Living As I Please” and “Frequenting Brothels”.

There’s only one chapter as it is not a series.

Now this is really weird, I mean it, be very careful while reading…

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Disgusting. 480p, lowest settings. and what FPS? 12. Shame on you my PC. Shame!

Does anyone have a spare FM2+ CPU and GPU? Chat me on skype[1. puncedy] and I’ll give you my address. lmao.

Wait, do Images show up in your screen? It doesn’t show on my post page, but it does in my edit post.

Edit: I fixed it, It’s in jetpack.