Xray Chapter 55


Guess what series is back?!

This will be my primary early access novel for the patrons starting april. Meaning, there will be a 7 chapter advance posted in the patreon and it will be posted on this site.

I’m actually reviving this novel because I want this site to live on, you guys know that I’m posting PLIC on Light Novel Translations now.


Anyway, welcome back scum MC.


Xray Chapter 52 and some Announcements, please read those

「M-Mota-kun’s a bully ♥」

I’m back! YES! I’m also planning on asking larvyde if I can work on Road to Kingdom, I contacted snow but there’s still no response, I’ll have to wait and make people also wait.

I’m also planning on reviving one of the novels that’s hiding in my site[Pure Love X Insult Complex], I think I want to translate that novel just because it has a lot of potential and netori material.

Lastly, I also want to pick up a new novel that’s not in the translation scene yet, I’ll be looking for one so stay tuned.

With that said, there will be four novel TLs to be expected from Pun. Three of the titles are quite long so don’t expect me to do all in one day. lol.

Xray Chapter 51

「♡ ♡ ♡」

You may notice the gap in my posts, that’s because I’ve been sluggish as I only have 20$ in my bank and pocket, and I still need to survive for the rest of the month. LOL. Anyways, here’s the chapter.

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Who won? Who lost? Who’s next?

Xray Chapter 50

This is actually a footnote on the chapter. Please take a read because you can’t find it on the link.

In the living room at the same timeー.

Yukina 「Yui, you have the same breasts as your nee」pupu[1. Suppressed laugh]
Lolihina「Fufu, senpai really doesn’t know anything」Niko[1.Snicker]
Lolihina「Does senpai know my bust size?」Niko
Lolihina 「No, that’s wrong」Furufuru[1.Shaking head]
Yukina「Eh? Wrong?」Doki
Lolihina「It’s AA」doya[1. Proud]
Yukina「It’s smaller than A!?」Bikkuri[1.Surprise]
Lolihina「Senpai realy doesn’t know anything」Niko
Yukina「Eh!? I don’t know anything!?」Biku[1.Twitch]
Lolihina「Listen senpai. Please think about the results. A is excellent when you look at the results」niko
Lolihina「Then, what about AA?」uwamezukai[1. Upturned eyes]
Yukina「Super excellent!」bikkuri
Lolihina「That’s how it is」niko
Yukina「I-I see! Yui’s amazing!」Kirakira[1.Shining]
Lolihina「I’m glad that you understand」doya
Yukina「Amazing! Yui’s amazing!」kirakira
Lolihina「Then, Senpai’s bust size is?」uwamezukai
Yukina「Eh? Ah, that’s…D though」shun[1.Feel down]
Yukina「Uu, I really am a breast idiot…」gakkari[1. Dejected]
Lolihina「(Senpai’s really cute)」kusu[1.Laugh]