I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 13

Episode 13: Cheat and Cheat

One month has passed since I was summoned

At that time, I learned a lot of things from Aisha

One of them is Magic

Although it’s not necessary to explain it now, but magic exists in this world and anyone can use it if they have magical power.
It is assumed that anyone has magical power regardless of race, it seems every one in this world has at least a little.

The problem is quantity.
Women has overwhelming amount of magical power while men had almost zero.

As the civilization develops, the instruments being develop are using magical power, hence, if you have little to none, you can’t use it

Because of that, the level of living for men turned inconvenient
Being suppressed with power, I think the men of this world are unfortunate.

There’s even a more sorrowful thing. That is Violence

Since the food culture in this world didn’t develop, the people in this world are thin.
Even I didn’t have experience, but my build is decently larger than men.
As for Image, you can say that they have a lower than the average height of old times.

Furthermore, when I was summoned, the female knight mentioned that it’s possible to supplement the physical power, it is also possible to use tools to make up for physical power.
Fortunately, the supplement strength is equal to my strength, it won’t be an inconvenience for me on this world.

However, it’s difficult for men to live in this world
For example, there’s a time where it’s hard to use a heavy glass (TN: I don’t get it either) It’s really hard to live in this world.

By the way, they always use physical strength reinforcement in battles.
That makes women to fight with a lot more power than usual.
They can suppress men in some cases.
That kind of thinking makes me nauseous

「If I say Magical power…」

I seem to have more magic power than women, in this past month, Aisha trained me severely
Because Aisha is a Miko, she has a higher magical power than an average human, and she also has a talent in magic.

But, since she used a considerable amount from summoning me, her power declined.
Even her power declined, she can still use magic to teach, and I learned from her well.

When I finished training with Aisha

「You’re quick to understand…no, you’re already at a level where I can call you genius」

She said.

I was able to do it without hints, I seem to be amazing

「Is that so? I’m just doing what you tell me」
「What you did was a training for a court magician level. …In short, you’ve received the world’s best level of training」
「…Why did you jump on hard mode suddenly?」

Certainly, suddenly making me do a thunder on a scale of a boulder is advance, I thought.
Well, Aisha began to be awakened in Spartan, or rather Sadism.

「I think Ryu has the talent. That’s why, I thought that it would be possible for you to do anything. That’s why I thought of trying to teach you the upper level」
「Jeez…It went well by chance」
「No, it didn’t」

Aisha said

「You’re an otherworlder…And, you’re a superior human in this world. In imagination to be precise」
「For example, the proper way on teaching Thunder is to teach them how to evaporate water first. And then, learn that there is a water vapor in the air」

In short, you need to learn the fundamentals first?
Indeed, it’s necessary to generate cloud to make thunder. To produce a cloud…

Perhaps, that’s the procedure they know.
Well, the cloud isn’t needed to generate electricity, so I don’t need to make one

Aisha continued explaining

「Do you know where the water had gone after it disappeared?」
「Do they not realize where it had evaporated?」
「Yes. 70% of the people in this world thinks that the water disappeared. They don’t understand that it turns to water vapor」

Since the science hadn’t developed, it’s natural for them to think like that.

「In other words, I can make thunder because how thunder is made?」
「That’s right」
「Even if you say that, I’m not a specialist so I don’t understand all of it」
「What’s important is that you know the theory. You just have to determine the start and the goal. Magic processes the information somehow」
「I see」
「By the way, the chant is an explanation of an ancient language. That’s why, it’s possible to use magic if you chant. Well, that doesn’t mean you can easily chant a high level magic.」

Certainly, in my case, why was I able to do the training as said

This was Aisha’s Goal
Learning the goal is triggered by knowing the start

「Ryu, you have another special characteristic」
「Special Characteristic?」
「That isーChantless」

It’s something coming from an anime or a manga, it’s magic without using any incantations.
SInce I can make the image in my head, I don’t need to chant.

「I think with your imagination, you can make any phenomenon possible. it’s something like Imagination to Creation」

What’s important is to connect the start and the goal.
I can think a lot of ways to do that.

「Another special trait is the amount of your magical power. I believe that you have an inexhaustible supply. Even we did a lot of training, you’re still not tired at all」

I certainly thought that I was not getting tired because you were teaching me simple magic.

「Because of your inexhaustible supply, we finished the training in one month that normally takes ten years」

…You really did a terrible thing Aisha. Well, I did endure.

「Well, it’s the man I’ve set my eyes on after all. You should be able to do it.」

I was able to roughly understand magic.
I still want to practice it’s application, but I can do it already.
I reached the point where I can use Magic to a degree of freedom.

It’s really a cheat.

What’s next is regarding the absolute charm magic.
I’ve understood a lot concerning this.

To summarize, it’s like this.
●The charm…to make it simple, it’s making them love me forcefully It doesn’t end with just falling in love.
●The charm’s effect on a partner…If intended, it can work on both genders regardless of race
●Charm’s application time…forever(Probably)
●Range of Charm…The scope of the magic circle As of now, it’s 1 meter. (TN: how did 20 girls fit in a 1 meter radius? how?!)
●Frequency of Charm…Unlimited (Precisely, until my magical power is exhausted. However, my magical power is virtually unlimited)
●Charm on-off switch…Free to use
●Number of times charm is usable on someone…Unlimited
I still hadn’t fully grasped it, but you can do whatever you want on the charmed partner.

This is the cheat.
Charm cheat. (TN: Roll credits)

But, Aisha warned me about one thing

「Use your absolute charm as a last resort」

I can understand what Aisha wants to tell me.
For example, someone might be able to defend and nullify against this magic, things will not go as planned.

But, that may be interesting too.

「Ryu, you’ll be able to travel the world because of that power」
「Aisha, I’m grateful to you」

I was able to prepare necessary power with this.

Next is.

「Is to make all the Queens my woman!」
「Fufu, you sure are motivated」
「They’re as good as you aren’t they? That makes me impatient and want to embrace them immediately」
「Even if you do my body everyday, you’re still saying that?」
「Since I always sleep around with Aisha, didn’t your sexual desire turned inexhaustible too?」

While we were training, I also make love with Aisha.
It allowed me to learn sexual techniques properly too.

Now then,

「ーLet’s start the strategy meeting in order to capture the five Queens」


10 thoughts on “I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 1 Part 13

  1. … the author’s attempt at explaining his cheat (aside from his charm magic) is quite stupid and irritating, and this coming from someone who thinks “god-did-it” is an acceptable explanation in fiction.

    How difficult is it for a mage to tell his student what water vapor is?
    And let’s face it, the average person wouldn’t even know where to start if asked to generate electricity even with unlimited resources. And the average person definitely would find it difficult to get an image of what an electric charge is. Furthermore, he’s not an academic.

    As an example: how many people can explain what fire is?
    It’s not a difficult concept, and a minute of reading will net you an answer.
    However, it’s also something most people don’t really think about nor care about.
    It’s the same for most of stuff.

    If extremely basic knowledge of a phenomena’s existence is all that’s needed, then it’s ridiculous that he qualifies as a genius just with that given how easy it would be to learn.

    and saying he can do chantless magic because of his imagination without explaining why a chant is needed in the first place?

    and use charm as your last resort?
    Why? Just use it, and when it doesn’t work, then you can start throwing fireballs. Where’s the problem in that?
    It won’t allow him to train, you say? Does his charm spell not need training? Can he not train outside of life-and-death situations? What if there’s someone who can nullify regular magic (the reason why he allegedly needs to save his charm magic as a last resort).

    From his explanations, MC was probably transported to a world where the average IQ is below 80.

    I honestly think it would’ve been better with a “god-did-it” explanation…
    Now that I’ve ranted, I’m just gonna try to forget this chapter exists and that this is erotic fiction so logic shouldn’t really apply…

    Liked by 1 person

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