Inma no Hado chapter 7

Chapter 7: Predation



After the beautiful girl trembling with excitement and fear under the body is seen, from the inside of my body, something wicked wells up like summer black clouds suddenly. The timid expression is transformed gradually, and the eyes glare by excitement and lust.

Natsuki in front can´t defy me and opens her long leg on the sofa as I order. She doesn´t see the crotch behind the short skirt, she isn´t going to break the posture while being in agony with feeling embarrassed.

I go into raptures over the power of “the power” this was made possible by which.

When I made the red tentacles from my body wind around Natsuki, her fresh body was still having carnal desire rapidly. When more power is sent in from the part which touches directly, Natsuki reacts to the caress by the sensitivity just like the ripe married woman, she agonized herself away with HIIHII so that it might sound when striking it.

In the pleasant sensation which makes Natsuki who always disrespected herself a condition of intention, the wild beast which was unexploited among me is woken up. The brain is seized with the drive which would like to violate this beautiful girl unreasonably simultaneously with that, and remembers the excitement which became heated.

The huge penis increase in usual times and tower still harder and warp so as to be amazed myself. That thin pre-cum is loose in quantities from a point, i blow and it spills, it is indecent and can make the surface of the black penis shine with slippery.

When gulping and saliva are swallowed, throwing rough breath up puffing and blowing, the short skirt with check patterns is raised.


The crotch of the high school girl who saw it in a dream was wrapped in pink shorts there. The origin that two thin, long legs perform last arrival of, seductive parts that nail down man’s line of vision, Kenichi does an eye in it like a plate, too.

“… oh… Shameful ….Teacher, don´t look…”

There really wet with the body fluid which she spitted out from the inside, the bottom of the ship is wet only there, and the dark color is being done. The lewd odor of the young girl who rise up in a miniskirt, was stopped, it add fuel to the flame of desire of the indecent animal more.

For the too stimulating scene, i forget that the partner is my student that i have here in the school, i suck at the place madly.

“hiiiii! ! ! Open ah!! ”

When I rub the pink granulation tissue which moves panties aside, and was congested with my tongue and put it up, she tighten the meat pot that she shows a sensitive reaction, and the girl drank an agony finger fearfully sharply.

After the noise as *siip siip* is made, and the floral honey overflowing from later is sucked up, the long tongue is placed in the interior without reserve and it’s put in.

In there of the 17-year-old beautiful girl, both the form and the color are innocent, it is attractive until now so as not to need to compare it with that of a prostitute that i experienced. Gaping at the petal which opened is pink, and I have a medium organ nakedly, the thin pubic hairs grow around it.

Natsuki, while shaking the whole body in joy which can also covet between the thighs of a cute girl as much as you like exceptionally that, succubus and the science teacher who contracted are the rooms which it is dark, and became hardened suggesting oneself, I let the greed that state oneself thinking hid loose.


When I who despises sound, absorbs and is satisfied at last separated the mouth, the pitiful sacrifice is tossed by the pleasure of the rest already; it was in a condition that it gasped for breath. It was tossed by my fierce tongue and mouth enthusiastic about desire, and Natsuki agonized over the sofa with HIIHII while opening her legs, and kept crying.

It’s just as it is after the shower is taken in the morning, since i taste and suck between the sweat and the beautiful girl’s thighs steamed in body fluid without getting tired, I took a sip and swallowed up the honeydew which overflowed in rapid succession. I poke my face in the female senior high school student’s skirt and taste between the sweaty thighs around, it was the dark dream of this abnormal science teacher.

By the long tongue, licking, if, when the residual of the love liquid which stuck to the lips is tasted and taken, I’m weighing on the beautiful girl with the huge hambone in the hand increasingly. Something like the black bruise in the surface seems to be trembling slightly.

Gaping at Natsuki´s private parts which opened are violated by my tongue and lip, and a licentious flower seems in bloom. The modest inner labia finishes opening and exposes the dark pink inside to the eyes of me. Pubic hairs surround around the rotation, and what I stick to is indecent on the skin which gets wet with saliva and body fluid, and is white.

I greatly break it in right and left more and, having the both legs which the power doesn´t enter, open it. The root of the white thighs of Natsuki has innumerable dark red kiss marks and vividly shows the abnormal character of the abnormal teacher.


“Aaa… scary … teacher …”

The tone that is reliant to the teacher staring at her in silence. When the huge tip is pushed to the vagina hole, words of the fear pour in the sturdiness unintentionally. But Natsuki doesn’t notice such expression and voice making the science teacher a brute increasingly.


When the point of stabbing through the meat umbrella covers and is included, she squeezes her throat in the feeling of surplus expansion and scream. When the hambone comes in with *zubuzubu* from the side of panties just as it is, she lets the muscle of the always small entrance shrink by fear, it tightens solidly and the resistance is being increased increasingly.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouuuch!!”

It is i when i put sexual intercourse with my boyfriend many times after i already lost virgin, the mortal weapon of teacher’s huge hambone breaks open the small entrance by force, even for my boyfriend it´s a impossible size which expands the meat up. Acute pains more than it attack it between crotches at time when i lost virgin and cry out for a stupidity ache while shedding tears.

“Hiiii!! Ouch! Stop it!!! Nooo!!”

It can have been cut somewhere. When the hambone invaded it, fresh blood oozed out sloppily from the gap. It flowed out and is making a mess on the pink panties.

I’m increasingly excited to see the face of Natsuki has pain, cries and agonizes herself for me, and I make the penis swell more. A great deal of blood flows into the cavernous body, that I squeeze, its volume is being increased with *gyugyu* more in the aisle tightened up.


In that way when the hambone reaches to the deepest part of the interior of the womb, Natsuki can raise her womb directly, and can warp the white throat in the pang and impact. The part which never arrives with the penis of the stock size of the lover,Natsuki’s virgin territory without anyone having entered until now.


I vomit the smelly breath that seems to be satisfactory while raping Natsuki on the sofa in the dark science preparations room. Though the tip reaches until the dead end, the tall and stout penis hasn´t been all yet settled, the origin still remains as one clenched fist, I walk on air in the delicacy of flattery meat of the beautiful girl who tightens the part which sank up.

(Done! Done at last!!)

I achieve the sexual intercourse with Nastuki at last, and i shake with delight.

When thinking, I have dreamed of the day when a female senior high school student is raped in this way from the time when I have assigned to this school. I pressed down the beautiful girl as the uniform of the school and wanted to skewer it with my penis. The long devious delusion became real at last.

Moreover the partner is also an eminent beautiful girl at school.

See one’s integrity that completely stuck in Natsuki´s vagina from the side of pink panties, I am excited at the stimulating scene awfully. The dark weapon, it’s covered with the indecent honey which the beautiful girl put out, and it gets wet with slimy and shine, it becomes so hard that it’s amazed even me. In response to the taste of the vagina of the girl squeezing over swelling to the utmost tightly since a little while ago, Saliva is boiled in the mouth incessantly.


It’s about normality and I covet in the mouth which suffers from pain and follow while sewing on Natsuki by the penis. When I’ll pour thick saliva muddily, though I have watery eyes, the one which is being understood gulping is intolerably excited.

“Higu! Higuu!!”

My huge penis rubs against the womb depths of the beautiful girl hard while doing it so was muffled in the mouth which put together; let scream. I skewer her with my penis; it is wrapped in the delight that the cell of the whole body flares up in letting a 17-year-old beautiful girl cry out.

In that way the tone of the scream that Natsuki whom I held down raised has begun to change while I was.

The one which was chosen as the pain and pain clearly at the stage in which I broke, she begins to gradually melt indulgently, and the color of the pleasure begins to be mixed. That I squeeze, the vagina which was just tightened up also gets loose a little, and Lubricants overflow from the inside in large quantities accordingly.

“Aa, Aa,Aaaa …”

When I begin to move slowly, she voices the pleasure clearly. I put an eyebrow, and it is revealed that Natsuki is absorbed in joy of the nature clearly by the seductive expression.

I twine so that flattery meat as well as that may follow about understood over swelling, I surge windingly and show the movement dragged into the inside. When meat is matched, tension melts away from Natsuki´s body; the 17-year-old limbs come loose softly hot.

Though I’m intoxicated with the delicacy of the body of Natsuki who i taste for the first time, I tasted a strange sense.

Even if the red wave breaks into the interior of the womb, I am emitted by the penis; I find out that it spreads over her whole body from the inside of Natsuki’s body. The state which is Natsuki’s body by the cause, I understand it like totally one’s thing very clearly.

“Ah!! There!! There, Good!!”

I don’t understand it for some reason, I can understand that Natsuki is the immediately upper part which the point to feel entered at the entrance. When I stimulate there with the penis, Natsuki who should be inexperienced of the nature is still in agony like a middle-aged woman. Even how to breathe in the nipple and the manner of the kiss, I know whether Natsuki is most impressed when how doing do.

“Ah, ah, aah!!”

After she utter an intermittent agony cry short, Natsuki is climbing in ecstasy. While enjoying the delicacy of the superficial voice and the female sexual organ tightened up tight, I get rapturous and am running Natsuki down to the depths of the deep pleasure.

“Aaah!! Aaah!!Nooooo!!!Pleasant!!”

While eating the penis staying in the interior of the womb with the possession face sharply, and closing it, the beautiful girl of the eleventh grader covets the vagina ecstasy that it is the first time.

“What’s this!?”

I cried unintentionally immediately.

If I think whether Natsuki´s aura which shined red intensely swelled out still more, it became the energy at the stretch and flowed in my body. The energy runs through my one physical cell, it becomes the small ball which is gathered before long, and shines and is carried to the crotch.

In the black bruise which appeared to the penis in that way, the concentrated energy ball is breathed in. The penis is still in Natsuki’s vagina, though the part isn’t visible, I can feel the flow of its energy clearly.

At the same time, that, the sharpened sense is actuated, that the landscape around myself shine like a crystal, it looks brilliant. At this moment the person in the school, it is felt led by myself very clearly.

The body is full of vitality with it; Willpower and physical strength are enriched as having totally installed even a generator in the body. Originally, It was sickly, delicate me, an overflow of the power as if I even became an Olympic player, is felt.

An expression shows the change, the shy face until a while ago becomes me like another person. The face which I laughed at impudently, it is like an energetic activist and the experienced politician who were full of confidence.

(It’s intolerable….)

While looking down at the high school girl who lets her body has convulsions fearfully, and soaks her in a lingering sound of the acme, The wicked true character makes the licking the lips the indecent brute who got revealed. I taste the good flavor of the pretty high school girl with fitting deep over swelling; I enjoy the friction of the vaginal mucous membrane in the hot interior of the womb slowly and carefully.

The birthmark and the penis which absorbed energy while doing it so, furthermore, I raise the growl and penis still more in the interior of the womb of Natsuki.

“Look, I have not yet come”

“hii… aaaah!!!”

I lift Natsuki´s thin legs and put over shoulders, while twisting the face in delight of dark desire, I´m violating Natsuki more by the hip shape until it’s cruel. When I sink over swelling to the depths and push up *stab stab* the womb depths, the 17-year-old girl who shouldn’t be developed can warp the throat, and the vaginal portion of cervix agonizes itself and cries.

“uhiiii!! Higuuuuuu!!”

The tiptoe of black socks steamed for the sweat of the high school girl, the pleasure every time, I warp immediately with kyuu.

“Aaah!! There!! There, not good!!”

The womb mouth which has asked the child and has got off, at a point, a roll, when I’ll thrust, I don’t also go to the age, but though Natsuki in a vital spot is the *hiihii* agony there, it’s being blinded by the ecstasy again.

“Ahiii!!! Higuuuuu!!”

The energy overflows from her body again, it’s being drawn in by her body. That concerning the body will be a small ball around the navel bottom; she is just breathed in to the penis.

The super-sense is actuated again; the state of the school is understood so that I may take in my hand. Because there is this science preparations room on the fifth-floor edge, there are no states to which someone is getting close here. The body of Natsuki in peace this as for this, I may covet it to my heart’s content.

Posture is changed and Natsuki is given a ride on me who sat down on the sofa this time, I’m piercing with the figure of the meeting sitting position. The body which overflowed in power lifts Natsuki’s body readily.

“hiiiii!! Aaah!! Again, Again, I Cumming!! ”

While being raised from the bottom directly, Natsuki is cuming the third time. While holding the hips made the*turn*, I feel that magma of the greed also rise in the body for the crater.

After the face is buried in Natsuki´s chest, it was the limit when I breathed in the sweet smell to one cup of chest.

“I take it out, too….”

“Aaa… not good!! In the inside, it’s taken out… not good!!! Aahiii!”

After I lose the intense shrinkage of Natsuki who suffers from fear of pregnancy, I pour semen that piled up in the 17-year-old uterus profusely. When the white viscous liquid runs against the meat wall like the bullet I have begun to fire, it’s spreading in the vagina wall and the womb just like a nanomachine with will.


By the super-sense I exercise while being intoxicated with pleasure of semen release, to the body of Natsuki embracing in the hand now, I found something of myself to be eroding it tightly.

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