Inma no Hado chapter 9

Chapter 9: Game

The lunchbreak when the class of the morning has been finished.

Midou Kenichi finishes having lunch for only one person at the science preparation room like usual, and while having coffee, he was thinking about the strange affair from yesterday.

(Is it only Kurosawa for the moment…)

I remember the mysterious light that rose from Natsuki´s body.

When the red tentacles from my body are twining around Natsuki’s body, the light such as the aura which was light yellow changes steadily first, finally, it became the strong red color. It is felt with it that Natsuki is gradually in heat; finally, it became and gave the body.

Besides whether there is a woman who sets an aura free from the body like her, in commuting and school this morning, I am careful during class, it isn’t found for the moment.

I tried to give the red tentacle for Junko at the staff room, It didn´t come out how either. The black wave spreads from the body in all directions, although I perceived that she was during menstruation, Nothing like Natsuki’s time have happened.

(Does that red tentacle react to only the human to whom an aura has gone out as expected?)

Because the tentacle eroded with the color of the aura, it will be proper to think so for the moment.

But then a mystery remains again.

(Why do I only see an aura by Kurosawa?)

After the pen in the edge of the desk is taken up, the desk is hit kindly at the bottom. I thought to there, and I remembered an important thing.

(That devil said “a contract”?)

A contract is to make a deal. In other words, there is a thing to give that I obtain it and, it starts and it becomes a contract.

Something which I get from the devil “power”? To be concrete, with the keen perception by the black wave, the red tentacle which makes a woman has carnal desire. I thereby let a woman be in heat, it’s possible to violate as I prefer.


I thought to there and sighed. This “power” is convenient to get a woman. Thus, the thing which is considered as the thing which the devil hopes for as oneself, there is only one for the moment. The devil lending “the power”; it is going to make me do something.

(I felt like that the energy is being sucked up clearly….)

Every time Natsuki meets the acme, I was able to realize that hot energy entered one’s body from her body. Physical lightness to continue from morning, revolving well of the head, the perception that became sharp still continues. It is the thing which took all away from Natsuki because of the energy.

(A devil of bad dreams sucks human energy up, and makes it the food….)

Succubus which is called the nightmare, it is said that it appears in the dream of the person from the ancient times and does an indecent act. A male demon of bad dreams, an incubus, and a female devil of bad dreams is called a succubus, it is said that it appears in a dream as the attractive opposite sex for the partner each and make sex.

Yesterday, remember the matter which i checked in the internet about the devil, I apply it to one’s experience.

The point that it appears in a dream, the point that a lady is deceived and fornication is done. Moreover the strange phenomenon which can’t be explained by present-day science, when thinking the “power” of the contract with a succubus, it’s explained.

That, for comparison others think even something like an absurd fairy tale.

“Then, after all, that fellow being a succubus…”

While remembering the face of the devil which has come out in the dream, I mention and murmur. After Natsuki is violated intensely in the dream, I was intoxicated with the pleasure, they’re wicked and where it’s ugly.

By the way, Natsuki is absent from school from a morning today.

(Well, that this is because it be cool so much, and it rolled it up…)

She was pushed up over and over again to the top of the intense ecstasy, Energy and the root were exhausted, and Natsuki was unsteady at the end. With the body which did lively of the beautiful girl who tasted it on the evening of yesterday, I remember the liaison indecent intensely, I twist the end of the lip with a broad grin.

If there is something by which the smile is judged, I’d turn away in its wickedness. The lewd beast which was possessed by succubus, I was going to greatly open the black wing in the suitable hunting ground called the girls’ high school.

After school.

When it was true, it was the place where I’d like to call Natsuki Kurosawa again, she who is important doesn´t comes to the school, and there is no help for it. I reluctantly, came to the exercise of the tennis club which did a vice-advisor.

The tennis club of Ellis all girl´s high school is a considerable strong team, there are many superior players in proportion to the number of members, too. In the autumn sky which cleared up today, since I go out to the court where 4 sides have more than 50 members, practicing eagerly.

Students hit the ball; they work as a bench warmer, as for the things performing the behavior and a muscular workout near, they are divided by each skill and school year. First-team regulars are divided into singles and a double using the 2 back sides, and practice by a game form.

Among them, with the back coat, two students did a rally intensely.

One person fixes her long hair with a red ribbon; she fires the ball with an elegant body. The racket is handled using her white and long hands, and she thrusts at the course skillfully, and there are no mistakes.

The other person is a beautiful girl who seems to be healthy who gathered up her hair to a ponytail, she was burnt in summer or has been a healthy light-brown. There are many mistakes to let the body bend like a whip, and to hit hard with power, she is an ace so that you may say that it be sure when it’s decided.

The beautiful girl with the red ribbon is Ruriko Asakura, she is a third grader at the Ellis all girl´s high school. By the play of the graceful body and cause of the family’s social standing as the rich good family, she also seems called “Ellis’s butterfly woman”.

The beautiful girl with the ponytail is Aiko Kawashima of the second year. She is the lump of the motor nerve and has begun to play tennis from the high school, but she stand out rapidly. To the healthy, slim limbs, she matches the snow-white tennis wear very much.

The exercise of the game form was already the third set. At the end of a very long rally, Aiko makes a mistake in the very end; Ruriko who preserved honor of the senior student after all wins somehow.

“It’s wonderful. Ai was going to win against a superior almost…”

“It’s different…. Ruriko senior relaxed deliberately for that”

“But, after becoming the new captain, Ai is enthusiastic more and more ・・”

Students of the circumference that watched the game discuss an impression severally. While taking no notice of such words, I stared at the energetic bodies of Ruriko and Aiko since a little while ago.

Ruriko of the third year already approaches the age of adult, Femininity is added to the beauty. After Ruriko who has the feature elegant and complete originally grows up increasingly recently, Nobility just like the lady is being even created.

Though an important position develops into the body, the body slaver seems to go out of which openly is being done. Her breasts push it out before to show a maturity degree as the woman, she plump, maybe the rich thighs is white obviously and soft.

If it is the meuniere of the white fish of the French food that Ruriko is refined, Aiko is slightly wild, but is the wild duck which she got one of the fat.

Aiko who shows the smile that is cute so that a pure white tooth is dazzling when she laughs; it was the beautiful girl herself who looked good with suntanned skin. The body is small, but an accent works, the body which bounces like a rubber ball makes fastening of the structure of the contents imagine.

The beautiful girl who has both the respective features, because the short skirt was put on and the ball was being struck, it’s also reasonable that I get rapturous. From the skirt which shakes every time the racket is shaken, White panties which peeps out frequently. For something in which I have the hobby of raping beautiful girls, it was eye-tempting.

Over swelling had heat of course, but the black ripple doesn’t spread like the inside in a schoolhouse, It´s disappearing by about 5 m of radius at most.

The “power” I got is biggest in the schoolhouse at school, It´s becoming weak gradually every time the distance gets away from the school; I have already understood it by observation from yesterday. Of course I don´t know why it is at all for the moment.

Anyway, I who stared at the bodies of Ruriko and Aiko with beast´s eyes which glared, the shoulder was tapped suddenly strongly.

“Oih! I somewhat saw it eagerly, do you want to play tennis so much?”

Tell me that the student of the circumference hears it in a loud voice on purpose, I laugh at the dark dauntless face which put out golf baking with a smile. However, in the eyes not laughing at all, Nobody notices other than I whom there is in the front.

It is vice-principal Usami. He is wearing tennis wear and is holding a racket in his hand.

Usami college student days, in influential people as it has become best 4 in intercollegiate, It seemed to be semiprofessional skill. Since he sometimes come to the tennis club though he isn´t also an advisor in this way, He plays tennis with students to be proud of it.

Naturally Usami that is superior to power in men, he can beat Ruriko who is the first influential person in the club. In showing skill of the tennis and the good motor nerves in that way, he is increasingly successful to collect popularity from the girls.


I become confused in front of the natural enemy which appeared suddenly. It can’t be said that Ruriko and Aiko were being violated by the eyes eagerly really, such an attitude to the soil and obsequious. It is the habit that the body was stained with after I am born; it isn’t possible to change it at all.

“If there’s so much interest, one person I will try? Mr.Midou”

When Usami especially says so in a loud voice, I have an expression which gave a gossip and triumphed. It looks like but I seem to want to say that I know your wicked hidden reason.

I have no sense of extreme exercise, he says after having known that I cannot do it at all such as tennis. Of course I was able to do it to some extent, as for not being able to beat oneself.

The Vice-principal smirks and laughs. The face brims over with malice.

The schoolgirls around are giggling, they watch the exchanges of such two people with relish. It is the vice-principal of the athlete in piece and popular number one Handsome; one is the science teacher who is gloomy and fair. It’s impossible to be a game from a nose, in that way look at me made fun of, they feel it’s fascinating.

While Ruriko and Aiko wipe sweat with a towel, they look with relish. They both have a crush on the dandy vice-principal, because it has played the game many times up to now and it knows the ability, they are interested in the scene that a cat seems to torment a mouse.

However, I noticed when I glanced at those two.

From the body of Aiko looking at the vice-principal with a hot look with rapture, something like a white aura was seen. I reviewed it many times and saw it, it certainly appeared.

(Though there was not it until a while ago …)

Even if there is it which I didn´t see during the game of a little while ago under the sun, I can view it clearly now. In the fact that there is a schoolgirl also issuing an aura besides Natsuki Kurosawa was here, my chest is throbbing rapidly.

“How is it done? Wouldn’t you like to play a game with me?”

The vice-principal still talks to me who admired the scene persistently. I´m asked clearly, though I bring disgrace in front of the schoolgirls and delight is remembered to diminish it.

“I understand. Thank you“

I was surprised myself after I said.

At the moment to see the face that the vice-principal smirked, I was accompanied by words from the mouth for some reason and appeared. Like the time when I answered the question of the vice-principal at yesterday’s morning gathering, I have gone out readily without intending everything.

Even if I think it closed, it’s already late.

“What! … I see, do it.”

It was the vice-principal who became angry for some reason, but starts preparations at once for an instant. Ignoring me who is still surprised from his words, he´s speaking to a member, suspends club activities and is making the referee prepare it. The students who were practicing at other courts, the general students in the middle of going home, have gathered in a court, too.


I turn pale.

Anyhow the movement was useless entirely and a ball game was destruction-like in particular. The class of the physical education is not someone except the pain from the elementary school to the university; the athletic meet may be called a pronoun of a trauma event.

How long is it a miserable one that I can’t exercise in school life? I tasted it all too well in the past life.

Such as the one fights with the head teacher who is a typical sportsman before public attention.

“Teacher…. I’ll lend you a racket….”

It was Aiko Kawashima that said so and handed it to me. I see it by the result that approached even more clearly, I see something like an aura having gone out as expected like from Natsuki´s body. While Natsuki’s that was light yellow when saying a little difference, Aiko’s aura is thin and bluish.

“… Ah, thank you…”

I receive the racket while being tense, and shaking. It has been done at the session of a university several times, but I’m the amateur who is to the extent do is lit, of course. There is no confidence whether even how to grasp is suitable, too.

(Hmm…already, I have no choice but to do…)

During the eyes of the surrounding schoolgirls are increasing increasingly, I make up my mind and leave for a court. My foot is loose, it’s pitiable even I tremble.

“Then I go from my serve”

When Usami of the light feeling gives a toss suddenly in me as other party without doing the warm-up, he hammers in the serve that is strong without waiting for the call of the umpire.

The yellow ball which makes a humming sound. I can’t also move to one step.

“Fifteen love”

The yellow arrow which ran on the diagonal is hit in the section tightly and becomes the service ace. From schoolgirls who gathered around, a shout of joy and applause arise. Even if popular figure’s vice-principal makes them play tennis as expected handsomely, it’s outstanding.

“Great. Usami, is cool!”

“What, a serve. That, it is impossible to take it”

Rustlingly, the person who stirs. The person who thrusts at a hoe sigh. What everybody is common and recognized is that the vice-principal is not easy on me who is an amateur at all.

However, I felt the surprise that was different from such people.

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