Inmajutsu Chapter 1

Episode 1 Dragon-girl maid Noel

The servant I designated was called Noel.
From her head, 2 horns sprout, and from the back, bat-like wings covered with blue scales sprouted.

Her long silky smooth hair that reaches her lower back is a sky blue color.

Her wide open eyes are like amethysts.

She has a small slender body.

Her chest is no smaller than B cup?

Her skin is flawless, as if she was a princess from somewhere.
“Ano, Subaru Yoru-san…, please don’t stare too much…..”
Noel looked over here with somewhat scared eyes.

She thought of a way to address me, and ended up with 「Subaru Yoru-san」.

There’s a reason not to be addressed as 「Goshujin-sama」. (TL note: Aka master )
I’m the possessor of the 『Incubus』 giving bracelet, and Noel is affected by the absolute obedience slave crest.

However, that isn’t absolute obedience towards 「me」.

It’s strictly absolute obedience towards the 「possessor of the bracelet」.

Fundamentally it can’t come off, but who knows what would happen if my arm got cut off.

That’s why first, I’ll make Noel pledge to the me without the bracelet.

I’ll have her call me 「master」 after that.
But, there’s one problem.

Fine-san included a 『Until Noel herself desires it, don’t take her virginity』 condition.
If I break this condition, Noel will be freed from her slavery and I’ll lose possession of the 『Incubus』 bracelet.

Normally, I can only see a future of being killed by Noel.

But, I can’t see Fine-san paying that much attention to an ordinary maid. There’s something. This is….
“Because Noel is beautiful, However, from today on, this is where I’ll live..” (Subaru) (TL note :this sentence makes no fucking sense)

“Umm, Is there some inconvenience?” (Noel)

“No, I was just a little surprised is all.” (Subaru)
To change my line of thinking, I look around a bit.

Being sent in using the teleporting magic circle, it was quite spacious befitting that of a mansion.

It’s inside a cave, which makes it that much more surprising

Not only does it have a water supply, it even has a natural hot springs. Toilet waste is taken care off beautifully by a slime.

There’s about a months worth of food preserved in a warehouse, as well as other ingredients. (TL note: 食料は一月分の保存が利く食材が倉庫に収められているという。)

It seems I can buy more food using stored up mana from the bracelet.

How thorough, more than satisfactory.
Is it perhaps for Noel’s sake?

That’s right, perhaps I hit a bulls eye.
“Is that so? Umm, Subaru Yoru-san is an otherworlder so perhaps it’s unusual.” (Noel)

“Perhaps so. So why’s this room outside of a cave?” (Subaru)

「Ah, Yes. It’s to collect natural mana. Living things born from mana such as Slimes and Fairies reside here. Subaru Yoru-san’s task is to use your Incubus powers to meddle with the monsters born from mana to attack villages.

「Hey, I was summoned to collect mana. Doesn’t that mean I’m not even necessary?」

「No…..Umm, the mana here is good for the monsters but it’s not the kind us demons collect」
Apparently there’s different kinds of mana.

One type is Mana precipitated by the star stream. (I’m being creative here with that star stream part lol) It seems to be called『Miasma』

It is said that if miasma had a figure, it would be called a demon.
The other is called 『Magical energy』 which is converted from 『the force』 of people’s faith in angels.

It seems it is the source of the demons’ power
“Humans gain power by defeating demons, demons gain power by destroying heaven, and heaven gains power by the peoples’ faith. … It is such a power relation” (Noel)

“Am I considered a human being?” (Subaru)

“Because you, Subaru Yoru-san have the bracelet of 『Incubus』 it would be the same as demons so long as you wear the bracelet” (Noel)
In other word, if I don’t use the bracelet, I am a human.

If I could conquer Noel without using the bracelets power, I would acquire power.

Perhaps, this might be the actual intention behind attracting followers.
There was also the explanation about the power correlation from Noel afterwards.

So, Humans are weak to demons, demons are weak to angels and angels are weak to humans. That means.

Without using the power of the bracelet, it would be nigh impossible to force Noel.

I take back what I said. This is harassment. This is.
But, I now notice that Noel tone has become very gentle.

Even though she was being so rigid in the beginning….

That reminds me, it was said that I would become like an Incubus or Succubus when I wear the bracelet of 『Incubus』 and magic power would flow into my body.
I seem to be able to use some abilities with the magic power in my body if I practice.
“It looks like there’s less tension now, Noel” (Subaru)

“Eh… Ah, Yes. At first I thought that you were a scary person, but you seem to be more of a good person than I had thought, I’m relieved.” (Noel)
She flashed a smile while slightly blushing.

…I don’t recall being much of a good person but, perhaps its the effect of the bracelets mana.

Noel seems to have very weak resistance against magic.

I will experiment a lot.
“Lets eat first… there are many things to do” (Subaru)

“Yes” (Noel)
To be able to gain some trust from Noel, the dishes I cooked were fairly popular.

It’s just a proper soup though.

I got off my bed quietly, and sneak into the room where Noel is sleeping.

The room is locked, but I had the master key with me.

There ‘s basically no lock.

Sleeping peacefully, Perhaps because of the limitations Noel never imagined she could possibly be assaulted, letting her guard down.
Very good.

I gently wrap the mana from the bracelet around my body and activated the ability.

What Incubus power can I use now…

『Charming devil eyes』 which causes the enemy to be less wary and favor you

『Voice of the Incubus』 which makes the partner become more erotic with just my voice.

『Finger of the incubus』 which causes the place where I touch to be extremely sensitive.

『Sweet drop』 which makes bodily fluids turn into an aphrodisiac.

And 『Witch dream』 which lets me control my partner dreams.

These 5.
I enter Noels dream with 『Witch dream』. I control her dream.

When she wakes up in the morning, she will probably forget most of it.

But there may be a change of heart.

Firstly do not attack her body, but her heart.

Deciding so, I enter Noels mind.

There is less resistance than I had thought there’d be.

If it’s like this, it would be easily controlled…..
Rewriting Noels dream with my hand, I rewrote it into a nightmare.

“Wake up, Noel” (Subaru)

“…Eee ? Subaru Yoru-san… ? I…, Eee. Iyaaa !!” (Noel)
I made Noel conscious in her dream.

Noel is wearing a ragged white one piece dress while she is being restrained by leather handcuff on her hands behind her back.

Furthermore there are shackles on her bare feet.

The black leather collar looks attractive in contrast to her white skin.
“Eh, Subaru Yoru-san !? What is this…” (Noel)

“Did you forget? Noel. I bought you as a slave. How I treat my property is at my own convenience, right?” (Subaru)

“Th-That is…” (Noel)
This is a dream. If it isn’t a lucid dream, it will be processed as “such a thing”.

Therefore because it is a dream, it will only be remember ambiguously in reality.

Even if I subdue her in this dream, it will only be to the degree of “Possibly there may be such a desire”
But that’s fine.

This is my desire that influence me, so I’ll begin from the place that takes my fancy.
” I have yet to offer you my true name!” (Noel)

“Hou…. Then shall I get you into the mood to give me your true name” (Subaru)

“What… Npu…Fu… chu…”
Noel tried to tell me something but I held down her head and took her lips.

At first, she tried to resist by twisting her body, but the figure of Noel resisting excited me.

Sucking her lips… I inserted my tongue and force her lips open. As it is, I lick the gums on the side so as to not be bitten.
“Nnn… Nnnn… !!”
Well, I understand that the writhing Noel’s body temperature is rising.

I separated my mouth from her when I felt her resistance become weaker and thought that she might be having trouble breathing.

Somehow, it feels good seeing her figure breathing heavily with hollow eyes.
I slowly lick Noel neck as she is.

Hiiuu… a moan was leaked, but she stopped resisting after twisting her body.
“Now then, Noel, you have to show me your body properly….!” (Subaru)

“No, Nooo ! Stop it… !!” (Noel)
Ignoring Noels screaming, I quickly tore off her clothes.

Noel flawless skin became bare.

Tracing my tongue over her bare skin… I lick her somewhat small chest.

…her nipples already became erect, and were asserting themselves.
“What, Are you feeling it already. What a big pervert you are, Noel” (Subaru)

“There is no such thing. Me, aroused… Hiyaaaa !!” (Noel)
I pinch Noels nipple who was protesting.

It is amusing that a seductive voice leaked out just like that.

Placing my hand on her back… it was amusing to watch her body twitch while gently stroking at the base of her wings.

Then I caressed Noel whole body with my tongue and fingers.

Every time I trace my finger over, she becomes more sensitive and raises pleasurable moans, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the ability of an incubus because this is a dream

At first Noel was resisting while the freedom of her hand was sealed but gradually she moan in pleasure.

Noel vagina which was tightly closed was already open to seek a male by instinct, honey was overflowing.
“Ahh…, Faa !… Yaa… Why…This… Hiyaaaa !!” (Noel)

“Because Noel is lewd right ?” (Subaru)

“I-I … not, lewd,… that place is.. Faaa !!” (Noel)
I spread Noel leg apart and stretch her vagina.

After checking her maidenhood, I suck on her clitoris.

Her entire body began to tremble, and her back was arched backwards.

Apparently reaching climax, fresh honey began to overflow.
“Ah…what…now…twinkling…body losing strength, why…” (Noel)

“What, is it, you never done it. Did you never masturbate before ?” (Subaru)
Noel shakes her head.

She did not experience masturbating. ??

The pain of losing her virginity should be experience in reality…

Though I will pleasure her immensely here.
Before Noel convulsions calmed down, I became naked. I showed off my penis in front of Noel.

It was so erect that it painful.

…as expected there is no restriction in a dream.

In actuality, I haven’t even put a finger on it.
“T-That…..What is it….. Such a big thing…, Impossible, completely impossible. I… will break…” (Noel)

“It all right. Your female body would be delighted to receive my penis” (Subaru)

“Impossible, Impossible… No, Don’t!” (Noel) (muri muri)
While becoming excited about Noels body shrinking away and unable to free herself…, I grabbed her leg. I pulled her body toward me quickly.

While looking at her face that’s frozen in fear… I thrust my dick into Noel in one stroke.
The scream that did not have a voice.

However, it was not painful, her body that was in heat experienced the pleasure of having accepted a male.

I drew in her body that kept trembling and moved intensely.

Has she reached her peak. With that alone, her tight vagina is tightening up.

A young girl that has no experience can’t oppose the wave of pleasure and shakes her head till her hair becomes messy, there was only crying from her first time…


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