Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 112

112. Various women kaleidoscope

The car takes us in the night town…
From the residential area to the shopping district.

「…Minaho-san. About the money that you handed to father」

Megu asked sensei in worry.
Earlier, Yuzuki-sensei gave the Yamamine couple 10 Million Yen in cash as 『Hush Money』…

「I’ll pay for it with my whole life」

Megumi said with a serious face.

「That’s okay…That’s Yoshida-kun’s money」

Sensei answers lightly while driving the car.
My money?

「Yoshida-kun. Do you remember Iwakura-san having to pay 10 Million Yen as compensation for aiming at your life?」

Speaking of which…there was that…!

「For the time being…Iwakura-san pulled out 7 Million yen. The remaining 3 Million will surely be collected so don’t mind it…!」

When 『Kuromori』prostitution organization closed down, Yuzuki-sensei handed 『Dividend』on all of the prostitutes in the mansion.
Naturally…Iwakura-san should also have money.
Did Sensei pull from her account?

「Yoshida-kun won’t mind using it for Megumi’s sake…would you?」

Cool eyes looks at me through the mirror.

「…Yes of course!」

I answered flatly.

「No way…I would be troubled」

Megumi looks at my face.

「There’s no problem using money for one’s own 『woman』」
「But…That would make me look like I was bought by Yoshi-kun…!」

…She’s right.
If you look at it on a different perspective, it looks like I bought Megu from the Yamamine family for 10 Million Yen.

「My…Don’t you like it that way, Megumi?」

Sensei asked laughingly.

「Doesn’t Megumi want a reason to have it impossible to separate with Yoshida-kun for the rest of your life?」

Sensei sees through Megu’s true nature.
The true nature that’s hidden from the clean face of the honor student Megu.
Megu thought for a moment then answered Sensei.

「…Yes. You’re correct, Minaho-san」

Megu affirmed Sensei’s words.

「I…have to live my whole life devoting myself to Yoshi-kun now…!」

Megu happily smiled.

「That’s right…You’ll devote yourself to him throughout your life」

W-Wait a moment.

「But…That’s not my intention…!」


「…I like Megu. I truly want to treasure you forever」

There’s no lie on that sentence.

「But…I don’t have confidence in myself. The confidence on being a man suitable for Megu’s love… Therefore…If Megu came to love a man other than me in the future, I want you to leave me and become happy with that person. I’m okay as long as Megu’s happy…!」

When I say that…

「…Onii-san, are you still saying that?」

Maika leaks a sigh.

「…That line has already crossed the things we cannot allow…!」


「All of us 『Sisters』share the same fate…we don’t have any other choices but to live with Onii-san forever…!」

…No other choices?
Maika looks at Megu with sad eyes…

「Megumi-chan can no longer return to Yamamine house…Maika’s the same. Maika has already betrayed Shirasaka family so…Onii-san, are you thinking of what are you going to do with Maika after Golden Week ends?」

After Golden Week…

「I can stay with Yuzuki-san until the holiday ends but…Where should Maika live after that?」

…That’s right.
Shirasaka Sousuke will perish…
And Maika’s family will collapse.
If ever the world knows the evildoings of Shirasaka…Maika can no longer come to her school.
Maika’s daily life will all be lost…!

「…I’ll make Maika’s place to stay. I’ll never leave you alone」
「…Is it okay for me to believe that?」

I really have to steel myself.
At anything.
I have to do something.
I have to do something even if I offer my life…
What should I do…
…What should I do?!

「…Yoshida-kun, you need to learn the thing about bonds with people even a bit…!」

Sensei looks at me then said.

「Humans are creatures that cannot live alone. For example…does Yoshida-kun really understand the suffering of the Yamamine couple?」


「…Those people whose lives are grasped by the Shirasaka house…If they anger the head of Shirasaka house, they might lose their job. They might be erased socially. Furthermore, it’s not just themselves, the harm might even reach their relatives…」

…People’s bonds.
…Human cannot live alone.

「How do you think Yamamine-san will use that 10 Million yen?」
「…I don’t knwo」

I cannot imagine it.

「…I think that she’ll pass it to their relatives. As an 『Apology money』for this matter…」

…『Apology money』?

「With Megumi being kidnapped…Shirasaka house will be blaming the Yamamine clan one of these days. Even if it’s not big…they would be harassed even for a bit. Therefore…Megumi’s father will have to apologize to his relatives」


「There’s not a single yen going to be left for Yamamine-san. That’s how adult society works…!」

…That’s the adult’s method.

「Since Yoshida-kun’s so simple…You’re thinking of stopping school right now and working to support Megumi and Maika-san’s life, don’t you?」
「Stop thinking stupid stuff…Yoshida-kun’s no longer alone」


「You already have us with you…!」

Katsuko-nee holds my hand…

「I have 70[1. 616,381.50 US Dollar according to Google] Million yen deposited in my bank. I can use all of it for your sake. I will feed you, Megumi-chan and Maika-chan… You don’t need to worry about money, go to school without worries…!」
「…Katsuko-nee, but…That’s the money Katsuko-nee will use to start the bakery, right?」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently…

「We can just save money again…! I’m your 『woman』…Megumi-chan and Maika-chan are my s『Sisters』 What’s bad on using money for your 『family』…?!」
「Geez…don’t you get it? Didn’t you say the same thing a while ago…What’s wrong using money for the sake of one’s own 『woman』…?!」

…That’s right.
It’s the same logic I used a while ago.
If I can pay 10 million yen for Megu’s sake…
I cannot criticize Katsuko-nee for using her money for me and the 『Sisters』…!

「…I’m definitely going to return the debt!」

Katsuko-nee bursts out laughing when she heard it.

「Isn’t that the same response as Megumi-chan」

Standing on the same position…I finally understood Megu’s standpoint.
Megu no longer has choices but to live with me throughout her life.
And I swore to never betray Katsuko-nee…
I’m sure…Maika too.

「…It’s not just Katsuko. Nagisa will surely pull cash out for your sake. Of course…Me too…!」


「I’ll be frank…You three should graduate high school. Decide your course afterwards by yourself. If you want to go to a university, I can sponsor you. You can live in my mansion for as long as you can. If you don’t want that, then I think you can live on Nagisa’s house. But…I will never allow you to rent a room…!」

Maika’s surprised.

「…Is it okay for Maika to be with Onii-san and Megumi-chan?」

Sensei spoke.

「When you ask me to be honest, I have complex feelings towards Maika-san. But, I will protect you as long as you’re Yoshida-kun’s woman. I can assure you that. But if ever you betray Yoshida-kun, I will dispose you on the spot…be careful with your actions…!」

That means that Maika is not allowed to like any other men…!
She’ll be bound to me forever…!
But, Maika is…

「…Yes! Understood! Maika will be Onii-san’s 『woman』forever. I will never betray Onii-san…!」

The second year middle school beauty declares…

「……Maika, Are you fine with that?」

Maika had a blank look on her face……

「Does it matter if I’m fine or not? Because, isn’t this our fate?」


「Yoshida-kun, you’re already tied by the 『bonds』 You can never get away alone. If you accept fate…you should learn do depend on your 『Family』…!」


「You told me…we’re already 『Family』…Didn’t you?!」

…That’s right.
I told sensei that.

「Then depend on us all you want…I’m also your 『Sister』」


「Can I call Sensei 『Minaho-neesan』?」
「Do what you want…You still have to call me 『Sensei』in school however」
「Got it…Nee-san」
「Is it okay for me to stay calling you 『Yoshida-kun』?」

Sensei asked bashfully.

「If I try to call you something else…I might call you that in school…!」
「Un…Got it. Nee-san」

I answered.


Minaho-neesan talked to Katsuko-nee.

「What’s wrong, Ojou-sama?」
「…It’s bad for the heart to be suddenly called 『Nee-san』 My heart’s tightening…![1. I actually want to type, “It makes me go HNGGGGGG”, but I endured that]」

Katsuko-nee laughs ‘Kukuku’

「It’s good for the heart. When Katsuko’s called 『Katsuko-nee』by him, my womb aches!」


「Uhm…Me too, when he calls me 『Megu』my heart tightens!」

Megu also reports with a blushing face…!

「That’s nice…How should Maika be called?!」

W-W-W-W-What’s with this atmosphere…

◇ ◇ ◇

While we continue that talk…Our car arrived at a high quality flat close to the downtown.
A big flat with red outer walls.
The car slides to the basement parking area…

「…This is Ikeda-sensei’s clinic」

Megu told Maika.

「I was brought here yesterday…She’s a very gentle doctor so don’t worry」
「Eh…Then Megumi-chan lost her virginity yesterday?」
「…That’s right. I was embraced by Yoshida-kun」
「Then the one on your room earlier was the second time?」
「…That’s right」

Megu’s puzzled by Maika’s questions…

「Was the second time still painful?」
「Hmm, it still painful but not as much as the first time」
「Misuzu-san said that it felt good for her on the second time however…」

Katsuko-nee intervenes the two.

「Women have different consitutions…there seems to be girls who doesn’t feel any pain at their firsts」
「Wow, is that so?…That’s envious. Maika wants that to happen to her too…!」
「For me, I’m glad that it did hurt」
「Eh…Megumi-chan, why?」
「It makes me feel like I’ve really given my virginity to Yoshida-kun…!」
「Err, do men prefer to hurt women?」

Maika looks at me.

「No, It would be troublesome if it hurts so much…it would make me worry…but, it would be great if one’s a virgin and yet she’s feeling it great…!」

What am I saying?

「Haa…In the end, the balance is hard to get」

Maika’s dumbfounded.

「But…It’s still hurts now but…I can find a bit of pleasure in it…I really like having sex with Yoshi-kun. The feelin of loving and being loved…!」


「Wow, Megumi-chan’s making a lewd face…!」
「Is that so?…I just remembered our sex a while ago」

Megu blushes and smiles to Maika…

「Maika-chan will also feel good soon…whoever it is, if they have sex everyday for two weeks, they’ll feel ecstatic」

Katsuko-nee still blows unnecessary information again…!

「Katsuko-san, is that true?」
「Yes…I’ve read it on a report of an American Sexologist before…!」
「…Two weeks」


「Then, let’s do it everyday until it feels good…Onii-san!」


「But…Won’t that place become oversized and loose if Maika have sex everyday?」

Maika asks Katsuko-nee once again.

「Oh…That’s fine. As long as Maika-chan trains that place properly…!」
「Train that place…?!」
「Women’s entrance have muscles…don’t you hear this a lot『Your pussy’s clamping my penis』…!」
「…That’s Maika’s first time hearing it」
「Women’s hole have that function. Therefore, if you just keep having sex nonchalantly without training it, it would certainly be oversized and loose…But if you train it, it’ll become an amazing pussy…!」
「Wow, is that so?!」
「That is the same for the inside…If you train it, it would be able to tighten no matter what phase the penis is inside. When a male felt impressed by a female genitalia, then he’ll say that it’s an『excellent article』…If it’s trained well, any girl’s genital will become an 『excellent article』…![1.『名器]」

Katsuko-nee…a middle school girl being an 『excellent article』…

「Hey, Onii-san, what do you want? Maika should be an 『excellent article』?!」

…Well, yeah
…If you ask me.

「Then, Katsuko-san…how can you train to be an 『excellent article』?!」

Maika clings to Katsuko-nee like a puppy wanting food…!

「First would be getting used to sex…I’ll teach you the later steps when having sex!」
「Okay! Thank you in advance…!」

Maika has become Katsuko-nee’s disciple…

「…The road to『excellent article』is steep!」
「Maika will do her best!」

That’s when Megu speaks out.

「…Uhm, Katsuko-neesan」
「What is it, Megumi-chan?」
「I also want to learn about it…!」


「…I also intend to forcibly instill it on Megumi-chan!」

Katsuko-nee told Megu gently.

「You don’t want to be bad at sex and be hated by him do you?」
「Yes…Katsuko-neesan and Nagisa-neesan too are skilled…Misuzu has the talent it seems. If Maika-chan becomes better in sex…I might be hated by Yoshi-kun…!」


「No, that won’t happen! Everyone has different pleasure when I embrace! Nagisa-san feels soft wrapping me up…Katsuko-nee feels like she’s jam-packed inside. Misuzu’s soft and slippery…Maika’s embracing me tightly…and Megu is…!」

I told Megu who’s worried.

「Megu’s body is clamping tight…But, it feels soft and pleasurable. I love it!」
「…I’m glad」

Megu sighed in relief.

「…Then…Let’s train ourselfs to be suitable for our characteristics. That is to make him feel even more and more pleasure…!」

Katsuko-nee ends the talk nicely.
Or that’s how it should be…

「Huh, what about Nei-san…?」

Why are you so sharp at strange places.

「How long are you going to chat?…!」

Minaho-neesan interrupts on a good timing.
As expected of our neesan…!

「We’re about to reach the reservation time. Maika-san will go with Katsuko to Ikeda-sensei…!」


「Eh…we’re not all going there?」

Minaho-neesan looks at me with an amazed face.

「Ikeda-sensei is an illegal doctor…we cannot go with such great number of people you know?」

Oh…She’s a doctor connected to 『Kuromori』
As expected, she’ll be an underground doctor.

「Don’t worry, her skills are certain…」
「Also…if you bring Maika-chan, Sensei would scold you!」

Katsuko-nee says.

「Eh, why?」

Katsuko-nee looks at me with mean eyes…!

「Misuzu-san the day before yesterday, Megumi-chan yesterday, and Maika-chan for today…I think a female doctor will have a complex feeling for examining three day consecutive loss of virginity 」

I-I see
Or rather…I
Shouldn’t I be hit with divine punishment soon?

「…Ojou-sama, will it only be me accompanying her?」
「Sorry but…I’ll leave it to you Katsuko」
「Katsuko won’t be telling any sarcasm to Ikeda-sensei…Never, never…!」
「Sorry but…deal with her alone…!」

Minaho-neesan pushed the female doctor to Katsuko-nee…!

「Sure sure…Got it…!」

Of course…Katsuko-nee isn’t seriously dissatisfied.
She’s just messing with Minaho-neesan…
Katsuko-nee smiled and looked at Maika.

「Let’s go…Maika-chan」
「…What will be examined?」
「She’s going to check if the hymen is torn properly, if there are wounds in your vagina, and if the hemorrhage stopped already. Well, I think you’ll be fine. Just think of it as a periodic inspection for sex. Then, she’ll give you medicine to prevent conception…it’s the type taken everyday so that the influence to the body will be few…!」
「Got it…if so, then it’s better to get examined!」

Maika looks at me.

「Then, I’m going! Onii-san!」
「…Oh, get yourself examined」
「Got it!」

Maika and Katsuko-nee gets off the car…
They walk into the basement parking area of the dark flat.

「Then…are we going to wait here until the examination ends?」

Sensei turned to us.

「No…You two will go to the town」


「There’s no other timing to go shop than now」

Minaho-neesan said seriously.

「Even if Shirasaka house is a noble family…they’re just an owner of a newspaper company in the end. Even if Yamamine-san called Shirasaka house earlier…they cannot move immediately」

…Cannot move?

「First, they will start by confirming if Shirasaka Sousuke has been caught by us, don’t you think so? But, Australia is far…and since we did various works, they won’t be able to obtain information by today」

…I see
If he’s scheduled to go to a region where phones won’t connect from the start…they cannot confirm it.

「Well, they will mobilize the employees of the newspaper company on the Australia for the time being but…They won’t easily catch the tail there」

Minaho-neesan works out her plan thoroughly.

「Megumi being kidnapped has a lower priority for the head of Shirasaka house than Shirasaka Sousuke…Well, he’ll have someone he knows from the underground to investigate however. They will begin to move precisely around tomorrow」
「The underground people’s work are costly. Furthermore, once you requested for a job, it’ll take huge money to cancel the job… Until they’re able to get a positive proof that Megumi was really taken by 『Kuromori』, Shirasaka house won’t request on the underground」

I see…Megumi’s kidnapping might just be a farce.
First…they have to concentrate on Shirasaka Sousuke’s safety…
About Megu…Even if they contact Yamamine house tomorrow morning and even if they really confirm that she’s not coming home, they willl respond slowly.

「If the Shirasaka house is greatly pleased with Megumi, it would be different however…」
「That won’t happen…I’m a disgrace in the clan」

Megu answered.

「Therefore…You don’t have time to go to town but only today…!」

Minaho-neesan told us with a laugh.

「But…Shopping? What are we going to buy?」

There’s nothing that I need though…

「First…there would be a medical examination tomorrow」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Megumi…have Yoshida-kun decide your underwear」
「After that…Megumi will pick Yoshida-kun’s underwear…!」

C-Chose my underwear?


I don’t get it.

「First year’s medical examination have girls check each other’s underwear. Choose an underwear where she won’t be embarrassed when compared to other girls…!」

I-Is that so?

「Also…At May 2, we’re going to Misuzu-san’s traditional dance presentation…!」
「…Yes, that’s right, but」
「Yoshida-kun…you have to chose Megumi’s dress」

Megu’s dress…?!

「Minaho-san…I’m going there in my uniform…!」

Megu refuses Minaho-neesans proposal…

「Megumi…Do you intend to embarrass Misuzu-san?」

Minaho-neesan harshly scolded Megu.

「I don’t intend to do that」
「Then…go with a dress suitable as Misuzu-san’s friend」

…That’s right.
The presentation Misuzu will come from is a presentation of the headmaster’s Japanese traditional dance…
There’s a lot of wealthy socialites coming to see it.
She can’t go in front of Misuzu in her uniform.

「…Megu, let’s buy you a dress」

I said.

「…Yoshi-kun…But I」

Megu wasn’t able to dress up beautifully because of Yukino’s obstruction.
She always attended in her school uniform wherever it is…

「It’s fine. Megumi’s no longer on Yamamine house…No, You don’t need to be considerate of Shirasaka house」

I embraced Megu…

「…Go with your most beautiful dress…okay?!」

Megu muttered in a small voice.




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  1. Half million dollar from GB job.. Ukh… I felt sick to read that seitou kaichou made half million dollar from GB job…

    May e minaho sensei come for second place after misuzu from my favorite girls list.

    If or when a woman give her everything she have to a man, that man must not betrayed that woman. Some curse would happen to him.


  2. 「Megumi…have Yoshida-kun decide your underwear」
    「After that…Megumi will pick Yoshida-kun’s underwear…!」

    C-Chose my underwear?

    I don’t know if it’s normal to chose your lover’s undies but…. Who am I kidding this obviously not normal at all, I used to have a girlfriend before and we were disgustingly over intimate, just remembering makes want to call my self a weirdo, anyway we never did such thing as buying underwear for each other.


      • Don’t misunderstand, I only had one girlfriend during high school time which is about 4-5 years ago, broke up after….. You know let’s keep privacy out, right now I’m free and I intend to enjoy it.


  3. lol, I know why Yuzuki-sensei told Yoshida to choose the best underwear for Megumi. She want to embarrassed Yukino, because she can only wear big underwear to hide Yoshida tattoo. (well, things will be different if Yukino is shameless enough to show that tattoo to the whole class.)


    • That’s probably one of the reasons only, I mean Megumi is and have always been reserved about everything right, her underwear are probably the super plain type.
      Don’t asked me, but probably now’s that and she’s planning on removed that reserved attitude of Megumi by having Yo-chan spoil her with slightly expensive(maybe over sexy too) underwear, first underwear than maybe food, than cloths and it will go higher in till she changes.

      And yeas the yukino and big panties thing you mentioned might be true.


  4. I think this a mistake :

    「No, It would be troublesome if it hurts so much…it would make me worry…but, it would be great if one’s a virgin and yet she’s feeling it great…!」

    Isn’t this supposed to be ***if it doesn’t hurt so much***


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