Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 113

113. Dress and ring.

「…Take this」

Minaho-neesan handed me an envelope.

「…That’s 200,000 yen, use it to shop」


「Yoshida-kun, didn’t you do your job on 『Kuromori』for Nagisa’s sake, did you?…1.5M yen is your pay for the work. I deposited 1.3M yen on the account I made for you…I’ll hand you the passbook and the card when we come back the mansion」

Minaho-neesan said it like it’s natural.

「No…But I didn’t do anything…」
「You sandwiched your body between the Yakuza and Nagisa and you had your life aimed by a hired gun, weren’t you? Just accept the money. Margo, Nei, and Katsuko are being rewarded too…」
「You need money don’t you? I will be taking care of you, Maika-san and Megumi’s expenses, but…Yoshida-kun will be paying for the others」
「Yoshida-kun will be giving Maika-chan and Megumi’s pocket money and clothes…」
「Obviously…Both of them are your『women』」

…Now that she said it.
I cannot rely on Minaho-neesan for everything.

「Either way, you’re going for a part time job for Megumi and Maika’s sake won’t you? I’ll find the job for you…」
「…My job?」
「…『Kuromori』isn’t just a prostitution section」


「My grandfather, Kuromori Kounosuke used the 『Prostitution section』for the sake of expanding business so it wasn’t all just a brothel」

…Is that so?

「It seems that before, it was a trade and entertainment business. When my father took charge, he disposed all of it however…」

Sensei says sadly.

「My father had an inferiority complex from my grandfather…wanting to exceed grandfather as a businessman…he failed in business. Thus, what remains for 『Kuromori』is the brothel. My father had such character that’s why he’s been taken advantage by Shirasaka Sousuke…」

Minaho-neesan makes a pained face whenever she talks about her father.

「When I participated the management of 『Kuromori』…I began starting other business. Right now we have 『Investment Section』and 『Real Estate Section』…」

Oh right…Isn’t Minaho-neesan a big shareholder of the hotel that has a contract with Nagisa-san?

「I’ll start business for Katsuko’s 『Bakery』…and for Margo and Nei’s sake too」


「『Kuromori』prostitution section is no more, so we have to find another job…!」

Minaho-neesan thins about what’s ahead all this time.
She’s really our…『Nee-san』

「If Yoshida-kun and Megumi has something they want to be in the future then just tell me. I’ll get it prepared whatever it is…!」

To be honest…I’m very grateful.

「Anyway…I’ll think about Yoshida-kun’s part time job. Okay?

I replied in a loud voice

「Minaho-san…I’ll also work part time」


「I feel bad to let Yoshi-kun do all of it…I’ll work for the money I need」

Megu said that, but…

「Don’t. Megu should have the track and field as priority…!」

…That’s right.
We promised Captain Takeshiba and the other members…!


Minaho-neesan talked to the worried Megu.

「Megumi has days where she doesn’t have practice…So she can work for two days a week at least」
「…Yes, I think that will be fine」

Minaho-neesan smiled at Megu…

「Then, go and work at Nagisa’s flower shop. In exchange of Misuzu-san…!」

…In exchange of Misuuz?

「Misuzu-san…won’t have time to work part time anymore. She’s seriously thinking of taking Tokyo University exam…!」

Right…She said that as well.
Misuzu needs to study seriously for the exam since she’s in second year high school already.

「Talk about it with Misuzu on phone later. I’ll be the one to talk to Nagisa」
「Yes…Thank you very much」

Megu bowed to Minaho-neesan.

「With that said…I’m handing you this 200k yen. Buy Megumi’s dress for the symposium with your money…okay?」

There’s no actual feeling that it’s my money however…
Anyway…I’ll buy Megu’s clothes with this money…

「50k yen or more for the dress and 20k or more on the shoes」

Minaho-neesan said strongly.

「Minaho-san…that’s too expensive! And I’m going to wear that?!」


「The other girls would buy much more expensive dresses…Actually, I would tell you to get 100k yen for shoes and 200k yen for the clothes. But…The two of you won’t look for things with that amount, would you?」

Where do they sell that astronomical price of a clothing?

「I think that this time, it will have meaning if you buy with only the two of you. Therefore, you’re going without Katsuko or Nei accompanying you」

Minaho-neesan…is making us pile up our experience…?

「Megumi’s sense of clothing is so decent so…buy cute dress with an approximate price of 70k yen. Buy shoes that goes along with the dress. If you don’t get it then ask the assistants. You just have to say 『Please show shoes appropriate for this dress under 30k yen』」

Minaho-neesan advised us.

「Uhm…Minaho-san. What about Yoshi-kun’s clothing…?」

Megu asked.
Certainly…I intend to go on my school uniform as well…
If Megu’s school uniform is no good…I’m the same.

「Katsuko’s currently fixing Yoshida-kun’s clothing」

…Katsuko-nee’s fixing?

「Yoshida-kun had your clothes measured yesterday, didn’t you?…Our mansion has quite a lot of suits of my dead grandfather. I had Katsuko look for clothes for Yoshida-kun and have it fixed. It won’t make it in time if we had it custom tailored…and ready to wear would be too big…」

…She’s fixing the size for my sake…

「Katsuko likes doing that so let her be」
「Ah…Keep it a secret that I told you about it. Feign ignorance until Katsuko tells Yoshida-kun」
「…Got it」

Everyone’s thinking of me.


Minaho-neesan smiled.

「Buy Megu a ring on the way…Get something with the price of 10k for the time being」


「You have your student pocketbook, don’t you?」

I took out my school pocketbook from my pocket.

「Take a look at the school regulations…schoolgirl’s dress code」

I turn the page as told by Minaho-neesan
Megu looks into my pocketbook from the side…

「What’s written on the item concerning accessories?」


「…Gaudy accessories. Earrings, necklace, pendant, brooch, bracelets are forbidden in the campus…However」

…The hell?

「…Chokers and engagement rings without jewels are allowed when acknowledged by the school staff」

Eh…Even though accessories are prohibited?
Rings and chokers are allowed?!

「…Before, there are girls who go to the high school at day and prostitutes in the mansion at night…!」

Minaho-neesan answered.

「Choker is a collar symbol…it’s a sign for the teachers to be careful of the students that are prostitutes of 『Kuromori』」

That’s right.
Our school…is a camouflage of the brothel 『Kuromori』that Minaho-neesan’s grandfather bought.
Actually, it’s a prostitute candidate hunting ground…The prostitutes kept going to school before…

「The ring is a warning for men that says 『This girl has a fiance so don’t make a move on her』」

…I-I see

「Therefore…Buy Megumi a ring」

To let the other men know that Megu is mine.

「Yes…Got it」

I answered.

◇ ◇ ◇

Megu and I come out of the flat.
Minaho-neesan remained in the car and opened her laptop.
It seems that she wants to take a look at Shirasaka house and the state at Australia.

「…Do you know this place?」

From the underground parking lot to the outside world.
The night town…It’s past 6 o’clock
I know the neighborhood downtown, however…
For me who doesn’t go out usually…I don’t have the feel of the place.

「I know…I think that’s JR station」

As expected of Megu, she’s reliable.

「…Can we hold hands?」

Megu muttered.


We go towards the station holding hands.


Megu laughs…

「What’s wrong?」
「It’s my first time going on a date with a boy」

Megu said bashfully.

「…I’m the same」
「Yoshi-kun’s the same?」

Megu suddenly draws me to the shadow of the vending machine.


Megu kisses me before I can ask.

「…I love you, Yoshi-kun. I’m really happy1」

Megu embraces me and mutters.


Megu has lost the house she had lived for ten years…
She no longer has a place to return to.
On the contrary…She’ll be chased by the Shirasaka house from now on…
But still…Megu is.

「Let’s be together forever…!」
「Un…I know」

This time, I kissed Megu…!

「Let’s go somewhere for the time being?」

She asks, hiding her embarrassment…

「I don’t know clothes with the price higher than 50k yen so…let’s go to the department store around the station with a lot of brand shops?」

Megu suggested.,

◇ ◇ ◇

There’s luxury brand stores lined up in the department store.
We pass through and come in…
We’re in front of the shop but we don’t have the courage to enter.
The stores with foreign brands seems to be dazzling strangely…
The clerks feel like they’re glaring at us saying 「What’s with them?」…
Megu and I…
Are completely scared…!!

「…We don’t suit this place, don’t we?」
「…I think the same!」
「…Should we escape?」
「…Un, let’s stop this…!」

Holding hand, we tried to escape out of the building…
After coming outside, Megu and I looked at each other.
A natural smile spilled…

「…Getting nervous on such things…we’re no good」
「Yeah…we’re no good」

Both of us are laughing…
This is somewhat fun.


Suddenly, Megu holds down her ass.

「…What’s wrong?」

Megu’s looking at me with a troubled face.

「It’s dripping」
「…What is?」

…My what?

「Yoshi-kun’s semen…!」

Oh right…I came inside Megu earlier…

「Un…It’s fine already. Let’s go」

Megu takes my hand again and begins to walk…
My semen is inside the womb of the girl walking next to me.
Thinking about that…it somehow made me aroused.

「Yoshi-kun…you’re thinking lewd things, weren’t you?」

Megu looked at me smilingly.

「It’s fine…I’m thinking the same thing…!」


「I want to be filled by Yoshi-kun all the time…!」
「Sorry for being a lewd girl…」
「No…I’m glad that you’re a lewd girl」

I embraced Megu’s waist…

「Ahn…it’s dripping again…!」

Megu whispered in my ears…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…We should’ve gone here in the first place」

We moved to a little bit more popular department store.
We go the women’s clothing section through the escalator.

「Mother bought me clothes in this department store…」
「Is that so?」
「I’m slightly taller than other children. Children’s clothes don’t fit me so I have to wear adult clothes」

I look at Megu’s whole body while we’re in the escalator.
Yup…Megu’s figure is tall and slim, she’s like a model.

「Sorry for having children’s size breasts however…」

Misuzu and Maika too…women are conscious about the size of their chest.

「…I like Megu’s breasts」
「Yeah…It’s Megu-like, it’s cute」
「I also love having Yoshi-kun licking my breasts」

…Megu looked down.

「Let’s do it again.」

I tap Megu’s ass.

「…Ahn! Geez!」

Megu raised her voice.

「Sorry…you don’t like it? Did it drip out again?…」

Megu spoke bashfully

「I’m already fine…I don’t hate being touched…Megu’s body is Yoshi-kun’s after all, so touch it as much as you want…!」

Megu refers herself as 『Megu』when we’re alone…
The look that’s a bit embarrassed is very cute for me.

「Here…I think it’s there」

Coming to the women’s section…Megu chose two clothes.
One is a tight and decent looking set of skirt and tunic and skirt.
The other one is a bit showy dress.
That said, it’s Megu’s sense of clothing so it’s not too gaudy.
Both of them are colored vivid green.

「…You like green clothes?」
「Yeah…I want to go with green clothes」

Now then…Which should we pick?
The price…the decent one is 58k yen and the showy one is 73k yen.
The expensive one has less cloth…
I don’t get women’s standard on clothing…

「…Let’s go with the cheaper one」

Megu said.

「Let’s stop that way of thinking」

I said clearly.

「But…What should we do?」

The decent one is Megu-like so I think it’ll suit her.
I think that the showy one changes the image of Megu. I want to see this.

「…How about you try it on?」

According to Megu, there seems to be a fitting room for couples when it comes to young children clothing.
It seems that the boy can take a look at the girl changing on that spot but…this is a normal department store so there’s no such facility.
I wait outside the fitting room.

「…How does it look?」

First, the decent one.

「…Looks good. You’re very cute」

When it’s just the clothing, it looks simple but…when the real class chairman, Megu wears it, it looks very clean and beautiful. This clothes enhances Megu’s cuteness.

「Un…Then I’ll wear the other one」

Megu goes in the fitting room once again…
There’s not much people walking around the women’s corner at the department store.
Having to wait absentmindedly outside…I feel asking myself what I’m doing.
I tried to take a look from the gap of the thick curtain.
I see Megu’s naked back…

「Geez…Yoshi-kun no Ecchi!」

Ah, she noticed.

「You could’ve just told me if you want to take a look…!」

Megu shows her pink nipples

「That’s all for now…The rest is for later…!」

Megu smiles from the gap of the curtain…
I’m looking forward for tonight.

「Okay…Thank you for waiting」

She opens the curtain.
The showy dress…
This looks good too
So Megu’s this beautiful.
Usually, she looks so simple…so her impression is simple as well…
When she wears a showy clothing…with her tall height and good style, and facial looks looking sharp…You’d notice that she’s actually a beauty…
I understood the reason why Yukino would rather die than let her wear good dress.

「This is a bit embarrassing」
「It’s my first time wearing clothes that shows my shoulder and legs」
「Eh, I think it’s very cute though」
「But…It’s embarrassing」

The embarrassed Megu looks cute

「I’d like the docile clothing from a while ago. That’s cheaper too」
「I like the showy one however」

Now then…Our opinions don’t match.

「Should we buy both of them instead?」

I said boldly.

「Eeeeh, that’s a waste…!」
「It’s not…It’s Megu’s clothes after all」
「It’s a waste because it’s my clothes!」

Why is Megu belittling herself…
Even though she’s this cute.

「Yoshi-kun, which clothes looks better?」

Megu asked me.

「This dress shows Megu’s legs clearly」

I answered what I was thinking

「My legs?」

Megu’s showing a surprised face.

「Yeah. Megu’s legs are thin and long…It’s very beautiful. I like the legs of a girl that does sports. With this dress showing your legs, I like this dress better…!

Megu looks at me.

「…What’s wrong, Megu?」
「Yoshi-kun’s really a good person」
「You never say something halfhearted whenever it is」
「…Isn’t that obvious?」
「Hmm…Not everyone’s like that. Not everyone thinks and answers everything seriously」
「…Is that so?」
「…Un, that’s right…Therefore I like Yoshi-kun…」

Megu smiled at me.

「…I’ll buy this dress!」


「Yoshi-kun said that he wants to see my legs more after all…!」

Megu said calmly.

「I’m going to Misuzu-san’s symposium, be compared to other girls so I cannot wear shameful clothing, that’s what I always thought」

No…Isn’t that right?

「But, that’s wrong…With that kind of thinking, whatever clothing I wear coming to the symposium, it would be shameful」

…I see.
The other girls might wear much more expensive clothing…
If you compare it to simple clothes…Megu cannot have the advantage.

「I’m Yoshi-kun’s 『woman』 I should wear clothes that Yoshi-kun likes…isn’t that right?」

Megu needs me…

「Yeah…That’s right. It’s fine as long as I think that Megu’s 『Cute』…other people’s glance doesn’t matter」

I now understand why Minaho-neesan made us buy clothes with just the two of us.
That is to destroy Megu’s inferiority complex when it comes to clothing…
If Megu herself consents the clothing that I think is better, whatever clothing it would be, it’ll become the『Best clothing』

「Yoshi-kun…are you sure with this dress?」

Megu asked me one last time.

「Yeah…this dress will do」

No…That’s not it.

「I’d like Megu to wear that dress…!」

Megu’s face bloomed like a large flower…!

「…Thank you…. Yoshi-kun!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Buying the dress…we also bought shoes that suits it.
We had 200k yen…but half of it already has vanished.
Women’s clothing are really expensive…[1. and your mother had two rooms full of clothes]
Maybe I should earn a lot.
Megu’s a commoner so it’s fine, but…
Misuzu and Maika prefers high class…
Nei-san seems to look good with flagship goods…[1. Imagine Nei on a thin white sleeveless shirt, stop fapping, hey, STOP!]
I have to give Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san gifts too…
Living without trying to spend money until now made me think that money’s trivial.
But I cannot say that anymore…
I have to work a lot…

「Yoshi-kun…how about this?」

Continuing…we’re at the ring section.
Somehow…This is much more embarrassing than the female clothing section.
Buying a ring with a girl is telling the world that she’s my 『woman』
The shoppers walking around are all looking at me.
Aaah…It’s so embarrassing I want to die.
Or rather…someone kill me.[1. Viola: “Coming”!]

「Instead of that, this is a popular item recently…」

The clerk onee-san shows an expensive ring casually…Megu’s eyes only look at the rings 10k or less.

「Megu…I won’t buy it unless it’s a 30k yen ring or more」

I said.

「Why? Minaho-san said that we should get approximately 10k」

Or rather…Is that why you’re looking at the 10k yen less corner?

「Minaho-neesan’s opinion seems to be that it should be a bit more expensive since it’s the first ring…!」

Somehow, I understand the difference of thinking of each women…
People are different from each other even a bit.

「But…Megu’s going to wear that ring for the rest of your life, won’t you?」

Megu looks at me.



「Then…Let’s go with a bit more expensive. Something that won’t break that easily…」
「…Right, got it」

Megu turns her eye to the 30k yen or more…
Yup…This is good.
Though, the strength won’t change that much from 10k yen to 30k yen…
It’s just good that Megu’s choices are widened…
To be honest…the rings priced 10k yen or less doesn’t have much varieties.

「…Is platinum okay?」
「Yeah, anything’s fine」

I don’t get what’s platinum however…
It’s unrelated to Plasma, isn’t it?
Megu’s choosing seriously.

「Which is better, this, this, or this?」

Megu tags ring after ring.

「You should stop that.」
「There’s the difference in purity of the platinum. Shouldn’t we pick the high purity instead of the high quality?」
「Ah…That’s amazing, Yoshi-kun」
「No…I don’t get it too but…maybe」
「I’ve heard about it…when the ring has low platinum purity…it becomes distorted…」
「…Where did you hear it from?」
「My senior」

As usual…Megu has a lot of superficial knowledge.

「With that said…It’s this or this…!」

…Megu chose the ring with a simple design in the end.

「…Let’s do with this」

The clerk Onee-san comes to us.

「I will fit the size then」


「Please match the size to the ring finger!」

Megu smiled satisfied.

「This will be our wedding ring…![1. Megu, get Yoshi-kun a ring too then]」

I’m astonished of course.
Because…We’re still high school students.
We’re in our school uniforms too…
But…The clerk is used to such developments?…


Fortunately…Megu has thin and long fingers.
It entered her ring finger perfectly without resizing it.

「It suits you very much」

Hearing the clerk, I…

「SOLD![1. Sorry, I can’t resist]」

I paid the price for the ring.
32k yen…

「Ah…You don’t need to wrap it. I’ll wear this」

Megu told the clerk…
She presented me the platinum ring…

「Yoshi-kun, put it on me…!」



I hold Megu’s fair hand…
I fit the ring on her ring finger…!


Megu raised a small voice when the ring reached the root of her finger.
It’s as if the penis has pierced her uterus…

「…With this…I completely become Yoshi-kun’s…!」

Megu caress the ring with enchanted eyes…

So rings have such magic…!



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