Pure Love Insult Complex Chapter 2 Part 2

No No No

I shake my head sideways


“Yoshida, Yoshida, It’s Yoshida”

“That’s right, It’s Yoshida”

Shirasaka smiled pleasantly, aaaaaaaaaaaaa so cuuuuuuuuuutttttte~!

“By the way Yoshida, why are you on the roof”

“U-Uuuuuuhm, that, is, t-t-t-t-t-t-that……W-w-w-what about you Shirasaka?”

Uwaaaa! I answered Shirasaka’s question with a question

Didn’t I look like an idiot?

Besides, Idiot, Idiot, Idiot!…..Someone, kill me already!!!

My heart’s pounding so much, my words, words, words can’t get out!

More than that…..I’m talking to S-s-s-shirasaka!!?


“I was in the cleaning duty….Since the rooftop is dirty, I thought of cleaning it after school”

“Eh? S-shirasaka alone?”

“Yup, everyone else has their clubs, I’m not in any club, and besides…..”


Oh….I see

Shirasaka is waiting for the baseball club to end their practice…..

I see, I see, that’s how it is…..D-dammit!


“But, w-w-why are you wearing gym shorts?”

“Oh, I thought my uniform will get dirty when I start cleaning the rooftop….That’s why I changed into this”

Nooooo…..I-i was watching. I never said that. Of course. (TN: He says “iyaaaaa”, which has also the same feel as “oh man~”)

“A-a-a-ah, I-i-i-i-i-see….Uhm, my uniform got wet, s-s-s-s-o I thought of drying it on the rooftop, so…”

“Hmm. I see.”

Shirasaka looked at the wet student uniform on my hand.

“It’s not like that! It’s not like I’m peeing! A malicious dude splashed a water bucket on me, that’s why uhmm, that’s the reason I got this wet, hehehehe. ahahahaha”

The more I speak, the more incoherent I become

I can’t get away with just laughing.

Shirasaka looked at my foolish face and burst into laughter


“I don’t think like that you’re peeing, we’re already high school students”

“A-ah-ah. That’s right, that’s right! Ahahahaha, ahahaha”

A laughing Shirasaka! Her laughing face is cute too~!!!

That’s no good, me. Just by talking to her, I’m broken.


“Ah, Yoshida…I think if you leave your uniform there it will dry faster”

Shirasaka recommended me a pile of desk that is well lit by the sun.


“T-t-t-t-thank you very much!”

“What are you saying , we’re classmates aren’t we? There’s no need to be formal with me”


I put my uniform on the desk just like Shirasaka said.

Today’s weather is good, so it should dry immediately.


“Well then, I should start cleaning”

“B-by cleaning, you mean this pile of desks?”

Shirasaka laughed once again.


“I won’t be able to clean that all alone you know?…In the rooftop there are quite a lot of people going in and out. I often see people littering something like plastic bags, milk cartons, or bread wrappers. I thought I should collect them and throw them in the garbage.”

As she said that , Shirasaka grabbed a broom and started sweeping below the table

Indeed, there are a lot of trash coming out.


“Really….there a lot of people with no manners.”


Wearing her shorts, Shirasaka looks cute from behind as she sweeps the dust.

She bent forward a little, then her ass came into full view….Oh! What a beautiful ass

Every time she shakes her body, her ass also sways.

And…while I was paying attention to her ass, she turned around unexpectedly

This is bad! This is a desperate situation

….Shirasaka is looking at me!

Was I caught out? Was I not caught out?


“Hey, Yoshida”

“Eh? Ah? Oh? U-u-u-uhm, what is it?”

I look over there. I looked at the sky. Watching the birds in the sky. That’s why I was not looking. I wasn’t looking. I am not looking at your ass. Believe me. Believe me! Shirasaka!

…..I plead desperately with my eyes

And, Shirasaka said


“….Yoshida, can you help me clean?”


“Yeah…Can’t you?”

“I-i-i-i don’t mind”

“Thank goodness”


Shirasaka gave me a pleasant smile.

oooh! Let’s do it! Just do it!

I’ll help you clean the rooftotototop!


For roughly an hour, the two of us were cleaning the rooftop.

….I was happy.

I was really….Happy.


The garbage we collected had filled two large garbage bags.


“After we throw this away, we’re done”

“T-that’s right.”

It already ended….Happy times sure flies fast.

“I’ll go carry one bag, Yoshida, can I ask you to carry the other?”

“….to request me”

“You see….can you bring the garbage?”


“You don’t mind?”

Shirasaka smiled.

Oh~….I want to stare at this face forever.


“R-roger that! heave-ho”

Ah!…I involuntarily saluted to Shirasaka

Shirasaka giggled,

“Yoshida, I never knew that you were an interesting person”

No, what? what’s this?

Am I …..maybe being praised by Shirasaka?

This feels good.

…B-but, I don’t know what face I should make in this situation….


“Ah, sorry, did I anger you perhaps?”


Eeeeh?! What?!!


“No! That’s, not, I’m not angry! I have no reason to be angry.”


Shirasaka seeing me like that, she bursted out laughing again


[I’m really sorry alright. That’s because you are amusing, that Yoshida-kun, it’s true.]

Shirasaka-san is laughing. While being bathed in the april sunlight, her smooth forehead had a bit of sweat.

To be looking closely at Shirasaka-san’s smile…..She’s so cute just as I expected~!!!

Those 2 got along well as they held the garbage bag one by one and went down the stairway

Shirasaka is ahead, and I’m behind.

Since the garbage bags are heavy , Shirasaka talks to me while walking slowly.

From Shirasaka’s back, I secretly sniff the scent of her hair.

*Sniff**Sniff*….What a nice fragrance.

S-so this is the smell of women’s shampoo

Wow, I can see Shirasaka’s nape

Worship, Worship (Pun: KING ARTHUR!KING ARTHUR!)

Since this sight is so rare….

Delicious! Delicious!


It’s different on close up as expected.

Unlike watching from a distance, more than the presence, I can feel the aura of living Shirasaka

Just from walking behind her, my heart’s pounding already!

My chest tightens!

I know this feeling!


Oh! I can see small beads of sweat running on Shirasaka’s nape

…..ugh, I want to lick it! I want to taste that bead of sweat! ugh

But it’s impossible so I gazed downwards….

Uwah, Shirasaka’s waist is so thin~! I feel it would break if I hug her.

I’m saving the sight of her ass and the leg line.

This ass and legs, I want to massage them! I want to put my hand in the slit of her ass.

What am I saying, after I inadvertently observed and had a wicked delusion of her at a near distance to her, but did she sense my wickedness, by which Shirasaka-san turned around with a kururi sound.




“…W-what do you need from me?”

“Is that garbage bag heavy?”


“You’re breathing heavily since earlier”

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11 thoughts on “Pure Love Insult Complex Chapter 2 Part 2

  1. I got slightly interested in plot part of this novel and spoiled myself with MTL.

    It gets really dark in just a few chapters. But its written so well! I ended up skipping porn parts, enjoying the psychological part of the story.


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