Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 93

93. To the cute you.

…Haa, haa, haa!

Small droplets of rain fall softly from the milky sky…
I can feel the cold rain on my back.
My chest and stomach are in contact with Maika’s hot skin.
Maika’s body is small…
I bend over her small body while my penis is still inside her.
…Heartbeat’s still racing.
It feels like my body just ran a marathon…
My body feels in pain…
…Maika too.
She’s breathing heavily under me…
I can feel Maika’s hot breath on my cheek…

We just made intense movements that’s possible with only a man and a woman…
We’re male and female[1. Those who claims that there are more than two gender, read what our lord has declared; EN: facebook begs to differ~]
No…That’s not it.
I forcibly turned Maika into a 『Woman』
Rape…I raped her.


Before long…Maika who’s under me mutters.
Maika’s face is wet with both rain and tears.

I almost said 「…Sorry」
I swallowed those words of apology.
I promised Yuzuki-sensei…
I should never apologize to Maika…

「…It felt really good!」

I spoke my impression to Maika.
It’s fine to praise her I guess.

「Maika’s body is the best!…That was an amazing sex. I felt so good that I ejaculated a lot!」

I kiss Maika’s lips.
Maika’s no longer rejecting.
She looks at the clouds expressionlessly.

「We’re going to have sex everyday. You’re going to have sex with only me for the rest of your life. I will never let others taste this pleasurable body!」

I kissed Maika’s face…
I embraced her once again.

「…Do you like Maika?」

Maika asked while looking at the sky.

「Yeah…I do. I decided to have sex with you ever since I first saw you…!」

I hold her small breasts once again.
I enjoy the sensation of the young breast.

「Maika hates you…」

Maika said expressionlessly…

「I don’t care about that!」

I made my tongue crawl on her inverted nipples then said.


Maika looks at me in wonder.
She looked at me.

「I like Maika. That’s why I’ll embrace…have sex with Maika. That’s all!」

Maka’s face is filled with anguish.

「This is too cruel」

I gripped Maika’s breast tightly!

「If it’s cruel or anything, then let it be! It’s already decided, Maika’s my woman! You’re going to have sex with me for the rest of your life!」

I’ll make this girl mine…!
That’s what I decided.
I’ll be with this girl forever…!

「No matter how much Maika hates it, I’ll do it forcibly. If I want to do Maika, then I’ll rape you anytime. I’ll get inside Maika’s house! Even at your school! No matter how many times…even hundreds…even thousands…I’ll rape you…!」

My penis got erect inside Maika again.

「You should just get caught by the police! You should go to prison!」

Maika vents out her anger while crying…!

「If I go to prison, then I’ll escape! I’ll escape immediately and rape Maika!」

I won’t lose!
I must never lose!
If I fall silent, I will lose.
If I hesitate, I will lose.
Anyway…I just have to keep talking aggressively!

「If Maika gets someone she likes, I will beat them up! If there are men who would court you, I’ll kick them all! If there’s a man other than me who kisses Maika, I will kill that guy!」

Maika’s face distorts in sorrow…

「…Maika will never kiss a man other than me! You’ll have sex with me forever! I will massacre those men who would get close to Maika!」

I don’t care about logic.
Anyway…I just have to deliver my feelings that I want towards Maika!
Maika instinctively holds her breath from my insane words…!

「…Why? Why are you doing such cruel things?! Maika didn’t do anything wrong! Why! Why!!!!!」

We shout at each other in the rain while our bodies are connected…!

「Isn’t that obvious…That’s because Maika’s a good woman!!」

I just throw my childish reason at Maika!

「Maika’s cute! Too cute! I want to have Maika no matter how cruel the method is!!! I will never let you go!」

…So that’s what I thought about Yukino before.
Those hot feelings I had that time are now felt towards Maika.

「…No! Never, never, noo!!」

Maika roars in anger.

「Never with someone like you!」

Our voices sound like bickering children.
We’re just shouting at each other…
…Are having sex.
My penis inside Maika is completely rejuvenated.


I moved my waist again!
I violate Maika’s body on the raining lawn!!!

「…O-Ouuuch! It huuuurts!!!」

Maika grits her teeth once again to endure it!

「…It hurts…Don’t move, please!!」

The second sex seems to be more painful than the virginity loss.
I pity Maika for a bit.
Of course…I won’t stop raping her because of that.
I pull out my penis half way…
Then plunge my penis to the root…


I’m masturbating while my glans are in her vagina.
But, Maika’s hot body is under me…
My skin makes contact with Maika’s…
Maika’s white and cute breasts…
A young elastic body that’s still growing.
14 year old body…
Feeling the cold rain on my back…Only my glans can feel the heat of Maika’s vagina…!
Sucked by Maika’s vagina…My penis is melting like candy!!

「…W-What are you doing…?」

Maika who’s held down by me, looks up at my face in fright…!
I breathe like a beast on top of Maika…

「…I’m going to ejaculate again. I’m going to cum inside Maika.」

…The wave of pleasure is rising!!

「…I don’t want that…That makes me pregnant doesn’t it?!…Please! No more hot stuff deep inside Maika!」

Maika pleads while spilling tears.

「…So cute. Super cute…Maika!…Maika!…Maikaaaa…!」

…Uuu, cumming!
I released the root of my penis…
Then pushed it inside in a dash…!!

「…Noooo, noooooo!!!」

I ejaculated while listening to Maika’s scream…!

「…aaaaah, so hot!!!」

The scorching hot white liquid pours inside her womb again!!!

「…It’s coming in again…the hot stuff is coming in again…Baka, baka, bakaaaa…Maika can no longer be a bride…!」

Maika shed tears once again….
I press my glans against her uterus…
I poured it in to the last drop…

「…You’re already my woman!」

I embraced Maika…
Maika’s body is really hot…

◇ ◇ ◇

I ejaculated inside Maika for the third time…
My penis finally withered…
My meat stick has lost it’s hardness and became small…
Before long, it came out of the virgin vagina of the 14 year old girl…
Was it pushed out by the pressure of the vagina?…

「…Haa, haa, haa」

I finally calmed down after my penis ended it’s rage.
I slowly raised my body…
The rain’s getting stronger.
Maika and I are completely wet with rain and sweat, we look so awful…
The soil under the lawn got wet with the rain and has turned into mud…
Maika’s body…is muddy.
She’s lying down with her limbs stretched out on the ground.
It’s as if she’s dead…
Her crotch is dyed red with blood.
I did this…
I raped a 14 year old girl…ejaculated three times inside her vagina.

「…Maika, can you stand?」

Those are the only the words I can say.
Maika’s not moving.
She might be unable to stand up…
She’s bleeding a lot…

「Maika…let’s go in. I’ll carry you…」

I told Maika.
There’s not a single reaction from Maika…

It must look cool from the side, being princess-carried…
To be honest, I’m not confident about my strength.
I raised Maika’s body forcibly…

…It’s light?
Maika’s so light!

I shivered from the youth of the girl I raped.
But…Time won’t come back.

「Maika…Hold onto me!」

Maika ignores me.
She’s not moving at all.

「Look, you’ll catch a cold!」

In the end, Maika raised her upper body…then I carried her limp body.
The naked man who’s wet with rain and the girl who’s half naked wearing a muddy blouse.
It surely looks strange from an outside perspective.
I might be seen carrying the corpse of a girl.

「Maika…Get a grip. Let’s go somewhere we won’t get wet anymore!」

For the time being…I carried Maika to the terrace where the rain doesn’t reach.
Some wind came out.
This is no good…We have to enter the mansion.
The terrace floor is tile but it would hurt if I drag her I think?
…Eeei! Sink or swim!
I lifted Maika-chan princess carry!

…Heave ho!


I see Maika half-opening her eyes…

「Don’t struggle…It’s dangerous if you fall!」

As expected…She’s light!
Yeah. I can carry her somehow if she’s like this!
Anyway, I just have to be careful that I won’t slip and drop her…
I carried Maika inside the room carefully…carefully…!

There are several white towels at the entrance of the room.
It’s Katsuko-nee…

「…Maika, I’ll wipe you off」

Maika’s still playing dead.
Powerless…she’s not doing anything.
She’s not saying anything.
Her eyes are open so she’s not fainted.
She just looks at the ceiling expressionlessly.

「…I’m wiping you down, okay?」

I wipe the drops of water on Maika’s body with a towel.
I wiped her thin legs.
Her white long arm too…
She won’t fall or slip down for the time being.
But…The mud and blood aren’t enough to be wiped by towels.
I have to bring her to the bath soon…

I wiped my own hands and feet.
It would be a problem if Maika slips down.
I wiped her sole carefully in particular.

Then, I princess carried her once again.
I got the gist of it from my experience from a while ago.
Like where I should put my center of gravity…

「Maika…I’m going to carry you again. We’re going into the bath…okay?」

I don’t know if she’s listening or not…
For now, I told her our destination.

I lift Maika and left the room
Fortunately, the door was left open earlier.
We went to the bathroom through the corridor.
It feels strange…
I’m naked…filled with mud…
And I’m carrying the middle school girl I raped into the bathroom…

I didn’t meet with anyone in the corridor.
Katsuko-nee and the others must be watching in silence…
The door to the bathroom is open wide enough that it’s easy to get in.
I thanked Katsuko-nee in my mind.

We passed straight through the dressing room and went into the bathroom.
As expected, the glass door is open.
I walked carefully so I wouldn’t slip on the bathroom tiles…
I lay Maika down near the bathtub.
…Paying careful attention
So that her head won’t bump on the floor…
I spread the towel from a while ago as a substitute for a pillow…
The towel that’s still clean is left.

I took off her completely muddy blouse…
The blouse sucked in water and it stuck to her body so it wasn’t easy to undress her.
But, anyway, I’ll do my best.

「Maika…I’m taking this off!」

Maika’s still limp…
I lift her arm and raised her back…
After a fierce battle, I finally got Maika naked…

Now then, what should I do?
I can pull the shower and wash her with hot water, but…
I’d feel sorry for getting hot water in Maika’s eyes and face…
…It can’t be helped.
I dip my fingers in the bathtub.
Checking the temperature…
It’s not that hot…Okay
I draw hot water from the bathtub with a pail…

「Maika… I’ll clean you up」

I poured hot water onto Maika’s body bit by bit.
I wash the mud away with my fingers.
First, the tip of her foot…
I squat down at Maika’s foot and washed her feet.
I wash the mud between her toes carefully.


When I rub between Maika’s toes, she raised a small voice.

「What’s wrong?…Does it hurt somewhere?」

Maika doesn’t answer…

「If it hurts then tell me immediately…! If it really feels painful then I’ll take you to the hospital…You don’t need to endure it!」

I wash in-between her toes one after another…
Mud enters such places…
I shoved in my index finger, picking out the mud in between.
Yeah…It’s clean now.
For now, I just wash it with water and onto the next toe…
I draw hot water with the pail again and again…
I wash Maika’s feet completely…

Next are her arms.
I wash away the dirt from her arms…
Then, in between her fingers too…

I finished with her shoulders…
Then…Her chest
…I washed her stomach.

When I sprinkled hot water on her crotch…!
Maika said 「Ouch!」

「…Does it hurt? Does it sting?!」

Maika answered me who’s having a worried face.

「…I’m okay」

Then…She got up slowly.

「That’s enough…Maika will wash herself…」
「No, stay still…your body’s in pain isn’t it? I’ll be washing you off」

Maika stares at me.

「Because…Isn’t your body muddy too? I’ll never get clean if you wash me with that kind of body…!

…I-I see!
Speaking of which, I haven’t washed myself at all!
I’m still sweaty and muddy!

「…Wait a moment!」

I shoved the pail to the bathtub and splashed it on my head…!

「…There, I’m clean! I’m clean so let me wash Maika! Okay?」

Maika looks at me with a surprised face…

「…Why do you want to wash Maika that much?」

I answered honestly.

「I want to wash you with my own hands!」

…That’s right.
I want to clean Maika up.


Maika answered.

「Yeah. They tell me that a lot」

I answered

「…We’re not going to have sex anymore?」

Maika asked anxiously.
I looked at my crotch.

「It’s calm for now. I ejaculated a lot earlier so I think it won’t stand up for a while…」

Maika answered.

「Is that so?…Then do what you want」

I can use the shower since Maika got up now.
I pulled the shower head and sprinkled water on Maika’s body.
Her back and ass that weren’t washed because she was lying down a while ago are washed…

「…Your hands are lewd」

Maika complains when I washed her ass with my hands.

「It can’t be helped…Maika’s ass is cute」

Maika’s ass doesn’t have any flesh at all.
A round and small ass.
But…it has tension and softness like a rice cake.
I washed her crack in her ass.

「Iyaaan! You don’t need to wash that place with hot water!」
「Well, there’s mud sticking…!」
「You’re lying! You just got naughty, didn’t you?!」
「There’s really mud there…!」
「…No way, is it shit?」

Did she defecate from the shock of rape?
Maika’s face turned red from my serious question!

「There’s no way that is! Baka, baka, baka!!」

I washed Maika’s back with hot water.

「Don’t just wash it with hot water, do it with soap too…Isn’t there a shampoo and sponge there?」

Maika said.
Looking at it…There’s certainly a complete set of everything.

「Onii-san, wash yourself properly…you still got a lot of mud on your body」

As expected, it’s no good to just wash my head with three pails of water.

Maika took the sponge and bottled shampoo…then froth it.
Her long and thin finger make bubbles skillfully.

「…Hey, Maika’s washing you off」


「Onii-san washed Maika over right?」
「Then, Maika will be washing Onii-san」

Maika said with a slightly angry face…

「Okay…squat down」

What changed her mind?…I don’t know

「…I’m washing you off」

Maika washed my back with a sponge…
The white foam spreads on my back.
I can feel Maika’s small hand over the sponge.

「Hey…Onii-san, how are you called?」
「Maika doesn’t know Onii-san’s name」

Speaking of which…I never introduced myself.
Katsuko-nee said nothing but 『This boy』

「I’m Yoshida」
「Hmm…Yoshida-san?…Yoshida-san is hard to say so, I’ll just call you Onii-san…Okay?」

Maika washes my arm this time.

「…Please wash the front by yourself」

Taking the sponge from Maika, I wash my own chest and stomach.
Then, my crotch…

「Then, I’ll be rinsing it off」

Maika sprinkled hot water on me.
The bubble flow beautifully…
Yeah…It feels good.

「Thank you, I’m clean now」

Then, when I thanked Maika…
Maika bursts into laughter.

「…What’s wrong?」

Maika spoke while laughing.

「Onii-san, your face is still dirty…!」

Oh, well, my face wasn’t washed yet.,

「Close your eyes…I’ll be washing it off」

I closed my eyes and Maika’s small hands plaster bubbles on my face.

「Okay, we’re done…!」

The water current hits my face…
Ah…I feel refreshed.

「Then…It’s Maika’s turn」

This time, I wash Maika’s back with the sponge.
The white foam creates a beautiful S curve and flows down.


Maika talks to me.

「At first…Maika was scared of Onii-san. You’re wearing strange clothes too. Especially, your hair」

…Hey hey.
Isn’t the『Prince of the stars』and 『Pompadour』a failure?!

「Then…You had sex with Katsuko-san and Misuzu-san didn’t you?」
「I was surprised」
「Yeah…Of course」

We suddenly had a public sex show after all.

「Maika had seen lewd videos inside father’s room」


「The sex in those video was very disgusting. All the men and women there were like animals. Screaming waa gyaa. They’re like monkeys in the zoo」
「Because, the woman’s hanged midair on a horizontal bar…her nose was hooked up, she was given an enema, and swat by a whip…They even lit a firework up in her anus」

Shirasaka Sousuke…has too much of an abnormal hobby.

「Maika thought that she never wants that disgusting thing…Sex is very scary!」

Of course that’s what she’ll think if that’s the first sex video she’d see.

「But…Onii-san and Katsuko-san’s sex is very different. I can clearly see that Katsuko-san really loves Onii-san. Very beautiful…it looked so pleasurable」

Maika said.

「On the other hand, I understood that Onii-san likes Misuzu-san during your sex. You’re really taking care of Misuzu-san…you’re treasuring her. I understood that you love her」
「…Is that so?」
「That’s why…When Katsuko-san said that I should try it too…Maika got troubled」
「Because…Maika doesn’t like Onii-san…I thought that Onii-san doesn’t like me either. I can’t have sex like Katsuko-san or Misuzu-san…!」

Anyway, it seems that our 『Temptation plan』has completely failed.
Maika-chan’s much more intelligent than we imagined…
She’s a clever girl…

「Then…Onii-san attacked Maika…」

I stopped my hand from moving the sponge…

「Maika was really scared…Onii-san shouted words I don’t understand…ran after Maika and raped me…!」

I almost said「…Sorry」unintentionally.
I swallowed my words.

「It can’t be helped…I want to make Maika mine…」

…Maika’s back trembled, I felt that with my hand.

「It was really scary…and painful too. I thought that my stomach would split…」


「I didn’t understand a thing Onii-san said…it was absurd. The logic was strange. I thought that a crazy person is violating me…Maika felt sad, scared, miserable…!」

Maika’s naked back is shaking…
I embraced Maika from behind…

「…I told Onii-san that I don’t want it, yet, you came twice inside Maika」

I whispered into Maika’s ear from the back.

「I ejaculated inside Maika three times」

I stretched my hand and reached for Maika’s stomach.
A soft stomach of a 14 year old girl.

「Right now…There’s three shots worth of my semen here. It’s living in here」
「…Is that so?」

Maika asked sadly.

「I’ll get you the medicine Katsuko-san uses so you won’t get pregnant. You’ll be fine」

I caressed Maika’s stomach gently.
Maika put her own hand over mine.

「Hey…Onii-san, you wanted to have sex with Maika that much?」

I embraced Maika from behind again…
What a small body…
Unripe, underdeveloped body.
The feeling when embracing her is completely different.
She’s thinner than Misuzu who has a delicate figure.
If I embrace her too hard, I feel I might break her…

「When we finished having sex…I hated Onii-san so much. I’ll never forgive you, I thought. I thought that you’d better die」

Maika turns to me.
She looks at me with moistened eyes.
…I thought that she’s cute.
I kiss Maika.
Maika’s face turns to surprise.

「…Why did you kiss Maika?」

Maika asks when I separate my lips.

「…I just thought that you’re cute」
「You kissed Maika because you thought she’s cute…?」

I kissed Maika again.

「…I’ll do it again and again」

Our lips joined up again.

「Maika hates onii-san」
「I don’t care about that…Maika’s just cute」

Maika and I looked at each other.

「I’ll curse you forever…I’ll never forgive you」
「Yeah…You can do that. I don’t need to be forgiven…!」
「It’s really true!…I’ll hate you forever」
「Yeah…You can do that」

I spoke seriously to Maika who’s making a serious face…

「I like Maika…I don’t care about anything else」
「…You don’t care about Maika’s feelings?」
「Yeah…It doesn’t change that I like Maika…!」

Maika shed tears…

「That’s cruel…Onii-san」
「Yeah…it is」

I sucked Maika’s tears…

「I’ll never let you go…!」
「Cruel…too cruel…!」

Maika embraces me…!
I embraced Maika back…!

「…You see, my aunt in Shizuoka」

Maika whispered in my ears.

「My aunt told me…that men are smooth talkers so I must not believe their words. See through the actions of the other person…」

…I see.
I’m all talk since earlier.
I won’t be trusted by Maika-chan with this…

「Onii-san’s amazingly gentle. I understood that you really liked Maika…」


「Since when you carried Maika from outside…You took care of Maika really hard. You’re diligent to a surprising extent…that you think about Maika before yourself. Even after coming in the bathroom… You washed Maika really carefully. You even washed Maika’s foot didn’t you?」

Maika looks into my eyes.

「You even cleaned the gaps of my toes. When Onii-san touched between the fingers…Maika shivered. Then, I thought…This one might not be a bad person」


「Wash me once again」

Maika pushed out her bare foot to me…


I put on soap this time and washed Maika’s feet.
Between her toes…one by one, carefully.

「…What should I do? What should Maika do?」

Maika muttered.

「This feels good. It makes me shiver…!」
「Then, I’ll wash you from now on」
「Un…please. Onii-san」

Maika said.

「Maika won’t forgive Onii-san for the rest of her life. I’ll hate you forever and ever. You’re still okay with that?」
「Yeah…That’s fine」

Maika looks at me.

「…Is it okay for Maika to be Onii-san’s sex partner? Just like Katsuko-san」

Maika said.

「Got it…I’ll become one」
「…You won’t have sex with anyone but me you know」
「…That’s fine. In exchange, wash Maika’s feet forever」

I finished washing both her legs.
I wash away the bubbles with the shower.
Maika opened her arms wide.

「Onii-san…You want to wash Maika’s front too don’t you?」
「Then, I’ll let you wash it」

I applied soap on Maika’s breasts.
Her cute stomach and crotch too

「There…it still hurts a bit」
「You’ll get used to it after a few more times」
「…How many more?」

How many was it with Yukino?

「Two or three? The latest would be a week, you’ll get used to sex…」
「I’ll be careful so that it will feel good. I won’t be violent anymore…」
「…That’s a promise」
「Yeah, I promise」
「…Got it」

I kissed Maika again

「…You kissed me again」

Maika laughs.
I kissed her again.

「You don’t understand unless I move, do you? From now on, I’ll kiss Maika when I think she’s cute. Anytime anywhere…」
「…Got it, Onii-san」

I kissed Maika once again.

「Hey…Onii-san, wash my hair too. It’s gotten crumpled because of the rain」
「…Okay fine」

I wet Maika’s hair with the shower…
I applied shampoo.
Girls have a lot of hair.
Will this do?


I put my fingers in between Maika’s hair and wash it…
It’s my first time shampooing a girl’s hair.
It’s somewhat amazing.
Maika’s hair is so thin…

「…What’s wrong?」

Maika asks me with her eyes closed.

「Err…Are you feeling itchy anywhere?」
「…What’s that?」

Maika laughs.

「Eh…That’s what barber-san says when putting on shampoo」
「I don’t know. Maika never went barbers after all」
「Eh…Then, is your mother cutting your hair?!」

Maika laughed out from my answer.

「That’s funny! Onii-san, you’re so funny!」
「Maika’s going to a proper hair salon…I don’t go to barbers!」

…I see.
This girl’s an Ojou-san too.

「But…You must’ve gone when you were a child, to the barber shops」
「I don’t…Maika’s always gone to salons ever since she was small」

I realized the economic disparity in such a place.
Of course, her uncle in Shizuoka is a Shirasaka too.
She even took piano lessons…
When I was in elementary school, if you talk about the child learning piano, it would be the daughter of the tax collector or the daughter of an owner of a yakiniku shop. [2. EN: grilled meat restaurant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakiniku]
Yeah…It’s the rich’s world.

I washed away the shampoo…
I rinsed off with conditioner…
I somehow finished washing Maika’s hair.

「I’ll ask Onii-san to take care of Maika’s hair from now on too!」

Maika said laughingly.

「Yeah, got it」
「Eh, no way, I was just joking though?!」
「It’s fine. I’ll wash at least your hair」

Maika got red…

「Un. Then…I’ll ask it of you」

After that, she looks at me.

「In exchange, Maika will be the one to wash Onii-san’s hair…!」

Maika washed my head.
She also put conditioner.
After washing it…My muddy hair is now clean.

「…You shouldn’t do such a strange hairstyle anymore. Onii-san」
「…Ah, yeah」

I didn’t do that myself though

「Normal is better…Onii-san」

Maika smiled.
This face is too cute…

I kissed her again…

「You kissed me again! Onii-san, you really love kissing」
「…I like Maika」

Maika smiled.

The two of us soaked in the bathtub…
Kissed again and again…

「…Do you like Maika that much?」
「Yeah, I do」

When I said that…
Maika kissed me…?!

「…What’s wrong?」

Maika laughed and said…

「Because…Onii-san’s cute!」

We exchanged kisses in the bath for a while…

…Just like small birds in their spring of love.



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  1. Okay someone clarify this. For that whole discussion of whether or not she’s acting, is everyone just confusing one another or is it true? Yes, it is weird she’s so cool with the whole rape thing but this whole story has been nonsensical since the beginning. Considering how she was behaving prior to the rape nothing indicates she’s capable of such composure and certainly not smart enough to plot anything too convoluted seeing as she went to the mansion in the first place.


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