Zombie Emperor Chapter 3

Chapter 3 ☆

Aki-chan seemed to have settled down

『I’m already okay』

Aki-chan operated her smartphone like she’s used to it.
She can’t input smoothly at first, but it gradually became easy for her.
Aki-chan is returning from zombie to human steadily.
Her eye is still red however.

「Are you okay?」
『Yes, I’m okay. I’m going to take a shower』

Aki-chan laughed.
But it was clear that she can’t laugh.

When zombies attack people it’s not for the purpose of meal.
Then, why do zombies attack humans?
According to the observation from the internet, it

Zombie Watcher 20XX/XX/XX(Wed) 22:00:00 ID:N7526CQ
Though I’ve said it a lot of times, Zombie has a lot of mystery.
They repeat their habit before infection, quarrels with other zombie…
These guys are doing various things, where do they get their energy?
Unlike humans, they don’t feel hungry.
But these guys move in spite not eating anything.
These guys attack humans in order to increase their companions, but where do these zombies get their energy from?
This high-school graduate Hiki-NEET me doesn’t understand

Namely, Aki-chan’s parent’s eaten body are scattered around doesn’t mean they’re mere zombies Those who eat humans are called special zombies.
It’s different from the zombie from the internet, I’ve verified this Special Zombie

Nameless person who’s afraid of zombies 20XX/XX/XX(Thursday) 12:00:00
Hey, did you see it?
It’s a flying zombie!!
Since I’ve dabbled in aerodynamics, I can understand it, but with their shape, they shouldn’t normally fly in the sky.

Nameless person who’s afraid of zombies 20XX/XX/XX(Thursday) 12:01:00
Yeah, I’ve seen it! The flying Zombie
It grew some wings and is like an angel. lol.

Nameless person who’s afraid of zombies 20XX/XX/XX(Thursday) 12:05:00
Didn’t the terrorist mentioned that in the video? About Evolution Specimen?
They said it’s for the new evolution of humanity.

Nameless person who’s afraid of zombies 20XX/XX/XX(Thursday) 12:06:00
Did you mean fusion specimen rather than evolution material?
Majority of the livestock in here got involved.

Special specimen zombies are generally divided into two types.
First is Evolution individual.
These are those who had more power than they were human.
Their arms grow bigger, getting power beyond humans, killing other zombies and eating them (TN:  腕などが巨大化し、人を超えた力で他のZombieを殺害し、食べている。)
And they get stronger the more they eat…
While other zombies don’t need meal, these zombies eat to maintain their beyond human power.
Their intelligence is different from other zombies, but they seem to not be able to talk.

Next are the fusion individuals.
This one are those who fuses with other creatures to form a human chimera
These are as also eating other zombies in order to maintain the fused body.
How does it fuse with other creature, there are lots of different answers.
The internet had seen it fused with dog and birds, there are also some who saw it fused with lion from the zoo.

Perhaps, Aki-chan’s parents were murdered and eaten by these guys.

「Then, since we’re getting hungry, we must be on the Evolution」
『But, I don’t want to eat humans』

Aki-chan had calm down after taking a shower and changed her clothes, we moved to the apartment where I live.
Aki-chan had brought some change of clothes.
Passing through her house, Aki-chan made a bitter expression, there’s still a possibility that special zombies are close in our area.
Once we reached the apartment, I opened the my laptop and showed the screen to Aki-chan, it displayed that zombies normally murder their parents

「That’s because we have reason and intelligence in contrast to other Evolved individuals, it seems…」
『However, even if we say that we’re different from evolved individuals, I do not feel anything strange as difference』

As for me, I can order zombies, an ability that’s easy to understand…
But it seems that Aki-chan has no special ability
Did I originally have it? or did I just awaken this later?

「I don’t know whether unique individuals will follow my order, we still don’t know a lot about this ability itself, we need to look up for a lot of things」
『That’s right, we also don’t understands why my intellect and reason returned after all』
「Aki-chan, for that thing, I have a request…」

Aki-chan returned her intellect and reason when we kissed and had sex.
In other words, my own body fluids might be an antibody against the zombie virus.

「With that, I need to have other girls swallow my saliva, and depending on the case, I might embrace them…」

It might be okay if men give them saliva…
Woah, I think I just got lucky

「Aki-chan, I’ll have to apologize beforehand, Sorry!」

I kneeled on the ground.
The boyfriend dogeza’d on her girlfriend on their first day.

『Oh well, since it’s for the sake of humanity, it can’t be helped』(TN: What a wonderful girlfriend!)

I gave Aki-chan an astonished face.
Ooh! Aki-chan is a goddess…! (TN: Hail Aki-chan!)

『I don’t mind you having affair with other girls…As long as I’m the legal wife. I won’t hand it over』

I’ll permit concubines as long as I’m your number one, is what she mean right?
Of course, the only girl I love now is Aki-chan!
But, why did she give me an OK?

『Also, there are a lot of girls who like Jin-san you know?』

It seems that I’m unexpectedly popular
Aki-chan seemed to have some rival.
That’s why she thought it can’t be helped.

『But, today』
「Should we sleep together?」

Aki-chan still can’t move her mouth well so I urged her to sleep together with me.
Before we knew it it’s already dark, shall we sleep today?
I decided to sleep together with Aki-chan on a small bed.
Aki-chan occasionally sheds tears, I pretend not to see it.
I only did what I can do to relieve Aki-chan’s loneliness, I hugged her tightly, telling her that she’s not alone.

Next morning
Looking in front of me, there was Aki-chan’s face.
Aki-chan’s cheeks are blushing.
Don’t look at me with that erotic face, you’re making my morning hard.
It’s mysterious, I just did her yesterday yet I want to embrace Aki-chan again.

「Aki-chan, this is a physiological phenomeno……n! Don’t touch it!」

I might explode if Aki-chan touched it further.
I made an excuse, but Aki-chan doesn’t stop touching my crotch.
She’s staring at me with a lewd face

「If you stopped touching my groin, I’ll cum…Not in my pants but on the Lewd Aki-chan」

Finally, Aki-chan separated with me.
…Good, it’s my turn now.
I reached out under Aki-chan’s pajamas the place I’ve got in and out a lot of times yesterday.


The woman part of Aki-chan is soaking wet.
…Could it be?

「Aki-chan, were you masturbating before I woke up?」

Aki-chan’s face reddened, then she nodded.
What an erotic woman.
Naturally, I want to make this girl feel good, those are my feelings.
I decided to put my index finger on Aki-chan’s slimy genitals.
Is it around here?
When I was at loss, Aki-chan helped my hand gently
The finger Aki-chan guided entered her quickly.
It was just one finger inside, yet Aki-chan is tightening hard from feeling good
Rather than a finger, a thick penis entering would feel even better.
Remembering our sex from yesterday, the thing in my crotch got even harder.

「Aki-chan, I’m kissing you」

I stole Aki-chan’s lips while inserting a number of fingers.
I put in and out two fingers, then twirling my forefinger to torment Aki-chan’s pussy.
Aki-chan seemed to felt good from the French-kiss her eyes melt away.
It should be fine.
Unlike yesterday, Aki-chan is not a virgin anymore, and there seems to be more love nectar from her vaginal opening from yesterday.

「Aki-chan, I’ll put it in okay?」

I stopped the kiss to tell Aki-chan.
I held the most erect penis, led it and made it kiss Aki-chan’s vagina.
I attacked the entrance of Aki-chan and it’s making a lewd *NyuchuNyuchu* sound
The slow-going gives a different unbearable pleasure from sex

「Jin-san, Hurry up and put it in…」

Oops! My bad.
Let’s stop playing for now.
I inserted inside Aki-chan


Unlike from yesterday, it went in smoothly.
The insides of vagina is so hot it feels good.
My penis is having the illusion of melting since earlier.
Aki-chan’s vagina which is sticky, slimy and filled with elasticity had completely swallowed my penis to the root, it tightened so much that I can’t take it away.
It feels too good that I might climax with just this.

「Jin-san…Jin-san is mine, you can look at the other girls, but as long as I’m the last one you’ll look at」

Aki-chan moves her mouth telling a pick-up line.
This is unbearable.


I mercilessly shook my hips
I removed my penis on the last moment, then thrusts it inside the vagina in one stroke.
Aki-chan’s body seemed to tremble from the intensity of my waist.
The repeated piston motion trampled Aki-chan down.
I held Aki-chan’s soft ass, I carved my hands on it a lot of times.

「Jin-san, more……More」

I got even more excited from hearing Aki-chan’s erotic voice.
I’ve filled her vagina with lots of semen that when I move my penis, it waves.
The feel of Aki-chan’s depths from my tip is so smooth and lewd and it tightens.
I’m feeling more satisfied as the vagina of Aki-chan making me feel good more, I moved, I dig the glans of my penis to her flesh as I move my hips.

「Hyaaaaaaa~! FuaaaaaーIt feels goooooood!」

It seems Aki-chan is near her limit.
Whenever I move, Aki-chan raises a sweet voice.
Hearing her lovely voice, I can’t help but be happy.
I want to mess Aki-chan more.
I want to drive Aki-chan mad.
More, Moreー

Whenever I pierce her, the bed creaks
We keep having sex while making a lewd sticky sound from us.
Aki-chans huge chest shakes up and down.
It changes it shape the way I rub it.
Her beautiful long black hair.
Her sweet sighs

I’m at my limit. I hugged Aki-chan close strongly.
Aki-chan’s nails sinking doesn’t feel painful, it gives me pleasure.

「Aki-chan, I’m letting it out」
「If you’re cumming kiss me, it feels better when we kiss!」

I kissed Aki-chan while cumming inside.
My vision turns blurry with pleasure.
I’m here, yet I’m not, I’m having that mysterious feeling.
But having Aki-chan so close, I understood.

While my penis is fixed in Aki-chan’s vagina, I continued to ejaculate, inside Aki-chan’s womb, I released my sperm

Kissing while cumming inside had completely become our habit
Was that from our second round yesterday?

Leaving that aside, we still have to investigate a lot today, we should prepare…


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  1. I think I have stepped into a new world…No! A new genre…
    Actually not gonna lie, I read zombie master at rebirth and my “tower” just went crazy that it’s malfunctioning…
    Wait since when can Aki-chan talk? Is it during sex? lol
    BTW, Happy new years man!

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  2. here I’m just wondering how she suddenly started speaking well… I’m guessing because of his fluids. The author seriously forgot this important part…


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