Error In Kemono 7

I actually had finished Kemono Chapter 7 and made the page, When I clicked publish, the internet went derp so I don’t know what happened in the process.
I should be having the TA copy but when I opened it, It’s back to 13% !!!!!


I think my pc is having problems.
Anyway, I’ll try to rush the chapter.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Moving Successful

Recently, we’re all seeing a resource error 508, I tried to change host but my shitty internet and few knowledge in web made me unsuccessful. A coffee man offered me a better server, I took his offer and Yes, the downtime earlier is because we were having problems with the DNS.

Machine Sliced Bread is now friends with Hentai2Read! Do give them a visit!


I’ve been thinking over it for a long time but I left it because I enjoy translating.

The reward for the donations and the reward for me doesn’t fit well.

First, I translate fast[1.Pun is being cocky], I release it whenever I finish it so readers like it.[1. I know you do]

Second, I created the coffee button for the purpose of asking people to reward me of my efforts, it’s not compulsory and it will never be, this means that I want money from translating.

Third, I don’t want to make sponsored chapters, you notice that the number of release per day depends on how motivated I am, Class has a cute story so let that go, but usually, I make at least a chapter a day,.

No, I’m not going to be a weekly TL, I have so much free time for that[1. Since I’m on a vacation]

I’ll be asking for sponsored chapters? You can call it that, but getting 1 chapter a day and paying for another chapter to be translated doesn’t sound so bad.

What does this mean?

I won’t be posting more than 2 chapters a day[1.Except if there’s a donation, Just $10 (Or lower? please comment how much is the fair ammount for the donors) would add a chapter in a day], whatever length of the novel it is. I’m imposing this limit to myself so I won’t be abused by leechers, I really want to release any number I want but…I want the donors to feel rewarded too. I usually forget to mention them in my post so I’m making them feel ignored already, I don’t want them to stop supporting me and I want to shout out that I’m extremely grateful to them.

TL;DR version:

Starting tomorrow, there won’t be more than two chapters unless there’s a donation

I hope you readers understand.

Thank you


A few more things added to the site

Okay so this Bakery will now not just have Bread, but also Sandwich.

Some of you might already knew me, who goes with the name Nymphriel, on Sandwich Kingdom. Me and Pun decided to join forces and as the result of that, I added like 5 more new stories on this site (4 series and 1 oneshot). Unfortunately, the links of the existing chapters of new ongoing series are on my site due to the difference in the way me and Pun manage our sites.

But, for Kininaru, Grassland Law and Future New Projects, I’ll be posting on both sites. The reason is because I want to archive my translations in case I need to export my shit and do backup, Pun already consented this.

In any case, yoroshiku onegaisuru~

Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Light Novel

Is now on Sale!

Click the link above and you’ll be redirected to the amazon page.

And you know what’s the best part? Illustrations!

Illustrations of the characters were released by the artist and posted by the author in his syosetu as a countdown before the release date.

You can visit the artist twitter and follow him

This is the promotional website

If someone can do an extensive research on the books, do contact me on discord. I’d appreciate that.




















I will be taking a break so I can focus on my thesis(Usual Translator reason for Hiatus), I won’t be translating starting today until feb 20(That’s the defense date).

I really want to translate and abandon my study, but I’ll do that if I get a stable income from translating, lmao.