Storm has passed

First I’d like to tell you all that I’m using the spare battery I have on my phone. The storm has passed and we received quite the damage. I won’t be able to experience power in a week at best and a month or two at worst. Fortunately there’s no damage on my stuff.

Please send donations to this poor Pun. I’ll return with translations barrage when I get electricity back.

One year of translating lewd novels!

Happy anniversary Machine Sliced Bread.

November 5, 2015. I posted three chapters of Cheatman on my wordpress site.

365 days later, We have 20 series linked to us, 514 chapters released. and billions of children unborn and died in the tissues.

My main purpose for the site when I created it is to help myself learn JP(but I still don’t want to learn seriously) and add a lot of R-18 novels in the TL scene. I feel that there’s a lack of lewd novels before.

Thank you for all of the patrons on patreon, the guy who provided me the better server, then for all of those people who keep sending me Ko-fi. I love you all.

I hope we stay together longer, Please support Machine Sliced Bread~!


Thank you.


Typhoon passed and I got sick

Well, the first one didn’t make a lot of damage in our area but the second typhoon hit the power lines, power and internet is out for a few days.

Then I got sick, so I can’t translate.

Anyway, next month is my birthday and Machineslicedbread’s first anniversary! Yay!

I’ll be back on translating maybe today or tomorrow, I’m still recovering though.

Ko-fi pls.


There’s a lot of power and internet interruptions this time.

Please send your ko-fi if you can, if you can’t please send your wish for my safety, that also helps.

I’m still translating though. I’m 50% on chapter 28, perks of a laptop.

Xray Chapter 52 and some Announcements, please read those

「M-Mota-kun’s a bully ♥」

I’m back! YES! I’m also planning on asking larvyde if I can work on Road to Kingdom, I contacted snow but there’s still no response, I’ll have to wait and make people also wait.

I’m also planning on reviving one of the novels that’s hiding in my site[Pure Love X Insult Complex], I think I want to translate that novel just because it has a lot of potential and netori material.

Lastly, I also want to pick up a new novel that’s not in the translation scene yet, I’ll be looking for one so stay tuned.

With that said, there will be four novel TLs to be expected from Pun. Three of the titles are quite long so don’t expect me to do all in one day. lol.

Send Help

Hello, Pun here, people from discord knows about this but I’ll make a post here.

I’m broke.

I can’t buy a laptop.

I need help.

I want to translate again.

Error In Kemono 7

I actually had finished Kemono Chapter 7 and made the page, When I clicked publish, the internet went derp so I don’t know what happened in the process.
I should be having the TA copy but when I opened it, It’s back to 13% !!!!!


I think my pc is having problems.
Anyway, I’ll try to rush the chapter.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Moving Successful

Recently, we’re all seeing a resource error 508, I tried to change host but my shitty internet and few knowledge in web made me unsuccessful. A coffee man offered me a better server, I took his offer and Yes, the downtime earlier is because we were having problems with the DNS.

Machine Sliced Bread is now friends with Hentai2Read! Do give them a visit!