Some Information on Tales of a Seductress

Hey, this is Whizzer. I was originally just responding to a comment, but I ended up writing so much I decided to just make it an FYI post. I’m just explaining some information to dispel some confusion in the comments, mentioning my future plans, and kind of giving you an idea of where I’m coming from as I continued to release this series.

First things first, I’ve been releasing this every day, but if “Ascii of the Week” is any indication for you, this was a temporary thing. I wanted to get the story going and I planned initially to release daily, until enough released that people who read it could start to form an opinion on it. That has been accomplished. However, for the moment, I’ll keep releasing daily. If you want an idea of where this story is going, I’ve completed 34 chapters to this date, and I hope to wrap the story up in ~50 chapters. So I’ll probably release daily until I catch up with my writing speed, and then switch to weekly…

That being said, my writing speed is very dependent on comment feedback. I love reading your comments, and to be honest, the few loyal readers have already sped my writing up like crazy. Believe it or not, I was only at about chapter 19 when I started releasing chapters three weeks ago, so I’m writing almost as fast as I’m releasing now (although I hope the quality is still up to snuff). I know where the story is going, so it’s just a matter of being motivated to write, which is why I put this online in the first place.

I actually wrote this to self-publish on amazon, and I hope to be able to do so, so any feedback you have would be great. I geared this to be tongue and cheek, but also sexually explorative. If there are any gamer girls in the reading audience, I’d love to hear your opinion on it, as I’m hoping to target a demographic that I think hasn’t been represented in the Amazon Romance Novel scene enough.

Alright, so now I’m pushing into the territory of spoilers. You’ve been warned.

For those of you wondering about the fact that “Tales of Seductress” will be an incorrect title come our beloved MC’s class up… I’ll simply say this is titled as Book 1: Tales of a Seductress in a potential set of four books (although that depends on a lot of things, such as if it achieves any success on here and amazon.)

And to remove people’s confusion… Seductress is a tier 1 class. 1-30 is a tier 1 class, 31-60 is a tier 2, 61-90 is a tier 3, and 91-120 is a tier 4. It won’t come up fully explained for a while, so like I said, *spoiler*…

Most villagers would reach a lvl 30 in their lifetime, adventurers, craftsmen, and the “white collar” would reach lvl 60, while only the elites and masters would reach up to level 90. Those that exceed 90 are very few, and for humans, LVL 100 is considered the pinnacle of a human existence. The greatest hero of a century might just achieve lvl 100… those last ten levels are a doozy.

No human has ever exceeded lvl 100, and if one did, they would be considered no longer human. Certain monsters are over lvl 100, and are considered existential existences bordering on god-like. A lvl 120 could be said to be the pinnacle of any existence… and if something were to pass lvl 120, it would no longer be considered a mortal being.

While there are 8 “known” classes in the 1st tier:

thief, adventurer, craftsman, merchant, sailor, soldier, servant, magician

And 3 extra classes which are considered “tierless”.

Noble, Villager, and Slave

That doesn’t mean there are no unknown classes, especially given this came from a playboy adventurer trying to impress a girl with his knowledge. This certainly didn’t come from an educated person, is what I’m saying. I tend to rely on the “unreliable narrator” form of writing. Aria herself is telling the story, and just because she heard something from someone does not mean it is true!

Hope that helps as you follow the story.

___________________________________________________ end spoiler!

All of that said, what are your thoughts on the story so far? It’s not a pure sex novel. I do and will continue to depict many things, some of them might come off as disturbing. It’s certainly going to run the gambit of sexual perversions. On one end, it’ll have something for everyone, no matter what does it for you, on the other hand, there are bound to be the scenes that turn you off because you just don’t find that particular kink sexy. I try to keep it funny and actually give it a story running in the background.

What are your thoughts on the daily/weekly Ascii’s? Most of them I generate myself, although I’ve borrowed a few from other sites (and given credit accordingly when I have). I wanted something to set me out, especially since I’m not an illustrator and won’t be attaching pictures, but if you guys get nothing out of them (not even a chuckle), then I can spare myself the hour it takes to generate these guys.

I look forward to your comments, and you can look forward to the next post sometime tomorrow. Thanks readers and watchers, silent or otherwise, you’re great!


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Xray Chapter 52 and some Announcements, please read those

「M-Mota-kun’s a bully ♥」

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