Loli Manko Chapter 7

Drunk Arina, guehehehehe

I’m going to take another project?

(What pun!? You’re not even on the latest chapter of FIT and you want to take another project?)

Okay, I’m not going to take it 😦

It’s about a weak demon man that wants to be a demon king and he gently rapes women along the way to make them his slaves.Β 

(Wait, what?)

Just kidding, I wasn’t able to post during the april fools day because I don’t want to, so I’m making a joke now.

Lastly, thanks for the donation Nick.

Loli Manko Chapter 2


Surprisingly, this chapter is decent.

Also, I’m surprised with the overreaction of the people at Novelupdates forum. lmao.

This shit is incredibly long, it has 2.8k english words. The next chapters are even longer.

No, it’s not a numbering mistake, this is chapter 2 in the syosetu number and the title is chapter 1.

Loli Manko Chapter 1

Oh no, I accidentally translated a non-project of mine! Now I have to make it my project!!!

Here’s the prologue

I’ll be putting this as a side project because this is 10k characters per chapter, prologue is short though so I might make the next chap today.


Don’t worry, I won’t be dropping FIT, Asuka, Emperor or Charm. All of them are still active, I just feel bored so I take a new one.