Hero Pandemic chapter 15

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The last sponsored chapter will come tomorrow or Sunday together with the next Inma no Hado chapter.

This time we will see the past of our mc in a wet dream:)

Chapter 15

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Hero Pandemic chapter 13

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here is the next chapter. This time it is only talk about the experiment. Next time will have R18 again. Also for those who want to reread I added the first pictures of the light novel in the already published chapters.

I still didn’t added all pictures because most of them show stuff what will take a while. Hope you have fun reading and you can comment what you think if the experiment is good or not and what caused this zombie apocalypse.

Also for Inma no Hado will also appear a new chapter the next two or three days, because I only recovered from a flu today.

Hero Pandemic 13


Inma no Hado chapter 88 and Hero Pandemic chapter 11

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here are new chapters. Sorry for the late reply I was busy and playing for honor. Also for Inma no Hado there will be two more chapters this weekend and for Hero Pandemic one more if i can make it. I will get my copy of the hero pandemic light novel next week then I will publish the picture on the discord server from pun and ROW. In the ROW discord chapter you can see the first picture already.

Pandemic pictures

Inma no Hado 88

Hero Pandemic 11