Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

{Carnal Resistance has increased to LVL 4.}

That came a few hours into the trip when I realized that one of my hands had dropped down to his thigh. My fingers may have been unconsciously feeling him up a little. When I came to the realization that I had been touching him for the last five minutes while his muscles continued to stiffen uncomfortably, I activated deception and let out a soft, princess-like snore. His muscles seemed to relax a bit, and he grabbed my hand in his and pulled it away from his crotch. Well, how did it get down there? Either way, you can’t blame a sleeping girl if her hand slips, right?

Now, I wasn’t going to throw myself at him like I might have done in the past. I had to keep my eyes on the bigger picture. If Denova had planned everything, including this meeting, then I needed to consider that I was being watched, even now. I couldn’t afford to betray him. My life was on the line, and so was Jenai’s. That meant I needed to act like the perfect princess and wife-to-be for the third prince. That meant no sex with the 4th prince… at least until I knew he’d keep it on the down low.

He reached down and grabbed my other hand, pulling it away from his crotch. What? I was sleeping, accidents like that happen when you’re sleeping. Plus, he was acting like such a gentlemen, I couldn’t help myself. Instead, he held both of my hands in his own, using just two fingers to control the reigns. Since I’ve been to this world, I’ve had sex uncountable times. I’ve had every hole violated and have been touched everywhere. However, riding with him through the forest was the first time I truly felt comfortable.

In some ways, I wanted to hold onto that feeling. However, he twisted his back, trying to wake me up. He had taken my hands and put them carefully back behind him before doing so. I resisted chuckling as he desperately tried to maintain the appropriate decorum.

“Princess Bartrum…”

“Mmm… oh… you can call me Cornelia. We will be family soon.”

The man coughed a second, “That’s right, family. Umm… Princess Cornelia… I’m going to rest the horse for a bit. I don’t want to push him hard after I pushed him to find you. Let us eat some lunch.”

“That’s good!”

I was genuinely hungry, and the last thing I had to eat was some scraps of pigman. Although, he apologetically handed me just a little bread, meat, and cheese… I didn’t complain. Once again, he looked surprised that I lacked the delicate stomach he believed all princesses must have. I’ll admit, I’d eaten fairly well under Denova’s care… but I had also spent a lot of time eating monster scraps. Besides those times, the normal human dishes weren’t much different from what I was used to back home. It was a meat, a vegetable, and some kind of bread. Fruits were exclusively considered desert here, and I had not had chocolate or sugary cakes since I had transferred to this world.

I had gotten the impression sugar wasn’t common, although if I ever did get some, it would likely be now that I was going to be in a king’s castle. While I didn’t know if this world had some form of chocolate or cocoa, sugar is a fundamental part of the human diet, so glucose had to exist in one form or another. Fortunately, I was the kind of girl more into vanilla as opposed to chocolate, so I guess it’d be the vanilla bean I’d need to find. I realized I’d need to learn more about the food of this world… among many other things. Now that I was going to be interacting with this world normally, I truly lacked common sense.

As I nibbled on the cheese, which tasted enough like cheddar that I was going to just call it that, I started to feel a sore pain in my lower region. The prince was tending to the horse, putting hay in a basket in front of it and giving a once over with a comb, surprising actions I thought, coming from a prince… isn’t that what servants were for? Or what did they call them, squires, I guess? Knights in training? It was just hard to believe that a prince could be so… self-sufficient.

Either way, while he was tending to the horse, I untied my pants and felt down there quickly. When I checked on my finger, there was a bit of blood on the tip and I cursed.

“Shit… now? Really?”

Of course, I was infertile, which meant that the eggs coming out never fertilized, but that, unfortunately, did not spare me from the very female time of the month. I still bled and had soreness. I had been taking the pill to regulate them, and they had actually stopped… that is until I was taken to another world two months ago. Perhaps the stress had delayed it, but even my body didn’t stop biology. I eagerly would await a special skill that turned my period into a thing of the past.

Perhaps that explains why I’ve been so aggressive the last week. Apparently, I could look forward to that once a month as well. I haven’t had a period in a year or so, but when I used to, I’d be horny for about the week prior, and then light pain. After that, the situation would quickly grow from mild spotting to the river Styx in less than a day. That meant I’d be wrecking his pants soon too. I needed to do something about it pronto.

I turned to ask the prince to rectify this situation, the mental fortitude preventing even this from making me uncomfortable. I suppose it was closely associated enough with intercourse to count. However, without warning, a goblin burst into the area we made our stop. It was so sudden that I didn’t even react. Meanwhile, it looked around wild-eyed, and when its eyes dropped on me, they suddenly widened with fever.

The goblin leaped at me, and I barely had room to scream before it barreled me to the ground. Perhaps even more insane, it was wildly thrusting at me, seemingly dry humping my body. Unlike the previous goblins I’d met, this one seemed to lack the sense to remove clothing, or even pull out its dick. It simply humped at me like an overexcited dog. It got ripped off of me and tossed to the side. A moment later, its head left its body.

The prince had yanked it off of me and tossed it to its side. Then finished the deed with a swipe of his sword. The two of us stared at each other, equal confusion in both of our eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry you had to see that princess, but you’re sa-“

An animal burst from the nearby brush and struck the prince. He barely managed to get his arm up to block the strike. It was a rat. Well, this wasn’t simply a rat. It was nearly the size of a tiger. I did let out a scream when I saw that. I absolutely hated rats. The strange thing was that upon taking the prince, the rat immediately disengaged as the prince took a defensive stance. Instead, its eyes zoomed to me without reserve, and a moment later it leaped at me.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” both of us said that at the same time.

The rat was on me trying to hump his little heart out, but he didn’t get far before his head left his body too. The prince hadn’t pulled him away first this time, and some blood splattered on my shirt.

“Why is everything trying to kill you?” he said exaggeratedly.

“That’s what I’ve been saying!” I whined.

Although I knew that everything wasn’t trying to kill me… but I guess the rat died fast enough that his actions were a little less obvious. I had felt a certain hard thing pushing up between my pants, so I was under no fantasy that he was doing anything less than trying to fuck me.

Could it be? No… that’d be ridiculous. I shook the thought from my head because I didn’t want it to be true.

“Let’s get out of here.” The prince stated. “Somethings got the local monster life riled up and we need to get moving.”

I nodded and he quickly re-saddled the horse. Just as I finished mounting the horse there was a large roar from behind. A large monster popped out. It looked like a completely bald man, except its entire face looked smooshed and its arms and legs looked boxy.

“Gods… an ogre?” The prince shouted and then kicked the horse. “They’re slow, we can outpace it on a horse.”

As the ogre’s eyes met mine, its face suddenly lite up and it started stumbling forward. Yes, let’s go, let’s go. That thing is ten feet tall, its thing might very well tear me in half. The horse raced off at a gallop, and the ogre quickly lost pace, slowly down with a cry as we rounded a tree bend and moved out of sight. I let out a breath of relief as I lost sight of it.

We maintained the full gallop for about a minute before he finally let it slow down. “I don’t know what they were suddenly attracted to, but I think we need to keep moving for the moment. Hopefully, we will leave it behind.”

And I hoped that my prediction was completely wrong. I’m a seductress, after all, and my powers have worked on monsters in the past. I figured it was my seduction ability that had driven the fire wolves to attack the adventurers that night. I wasn’t using seduction, but I was the equivalent of being in heat. They say that monsters can smell it when a female of their species is in heat. It was possible that this was an unfortunate consequence of my class. But, I mean, as long as we keep moving, there shouldn’t be any proble-

Something struck the side of the horse, and I fell. I awaited the pain of my head striking the ground, but it ended up hitting something else entire. I felt like I landed on some kind of soft gel mattress, except that the gel kept on sinking. Before I could even react, the gel got into my eyes and oozed all over my body. I kicked and tried to get out, but the strange ooze seemed to be everywhere. I just sort of sank into it. It had the color of cool blue, and it felt like being encased in grape jelly if grape jelly fought back. My vision turned wavy, and I realized my head was now encased in goo, seeing the outside world through the gel. The noise was deadened too, and it was like I had entered a closed off environment, completely submerged in slime.

At that point, the name came crashing home. That’s what had happened. I was looking at the outside world from within a slime. I was holding my breath, and my lover’s breath skill would give me 30 minutes. However, once you were inside a slime, didn’t they start eating you? I felt powerless to fight back, and the slime seemed to roll away, with me on the inside. I couldn’t see what was happening outside, the view just looked like indistinct shadows, especially since I couldn’t orientate myself in the slime.

So now I was going to be slowly digested by a slime? Was I going to die from suffocation or being eaten alive first? I had no clue how long it’d take a slime to eat a person. I also didn’t know if I’d rather be eaten or suffocate to death. Neither prospect sounded ideal.

However, as I was awaiting death, something else happened instead. As I suddenly felt gel-like liquid being forced up into me, I let out a noise of surprise that was completely muffled with gel. The gel was cool to the touch, and with my cramps, it actually felt like a cold compress… one that was being shoved up my pussy. And back out and back up again. I rolled my eyes. God damn it, every single monster. Before I knew it, I was getting fucked by a slime.

He wasn’t hard or pounding, he simply was everywhere. I was literally inside him, and he was literally inside me. Every ounce of my skin was being touched by him, although I don’t think the gentle way the gel flowed over my body was intended to be sensual, my nipples had certainly become twin peaks under my shirt. Gel-like fingers explored my pussy, in and out, letting a gentle cold feeling reach deep inside me. It was rhythmic and cycling.

While I say in and out, it doesn’t properly describe the experience. Slime’s gel protrusions entered inside me and then circulated. At no point did the gel exit and then return, instead, it seemed to circulate with a rhythmic pulse, stimulating every nerve in my pussy at the same time. The new liquid was being pumped into me, while old liquid was cycling out, bringing out my womanly juices with it.

The slime-filled me up completely. Where a penis was a cylinder rod that entered, and stretched, the slime conformed to the shape of my pussy. Every spot of my pussy, inside and out, was being stimulated at once. Its size was indistinct. It wasn’t “big”, it was everywhere. It was impossibly deep, touching the farthest reach that nothing has ever touched before, but it also circulated against my most sensitive areas, caressing everything at once with a cool and steady touch.

I quickly found myself reaching a climax in the most unexpected way. As I came, I could see my more liquidity discharge leaking from my pants and mixing within the slime, it looked like bubbles of clear oil within a glass of liquid blue water. Those bubbles of my sexual desire slowly dissipated into the surroundings.

While the slime didn’t seem to be eating me at the moment, or I suppose it was eating me in a difference sense, he had no qualms about digesting the fluids coming out of me. In some ways, I felt lost, trapped in a gel-like abyss, cut off from the outside world. On the other hand, the experience was something very gratifying, an experience completely unlike anything I had ever felt before. My body was being ravaged more completely than anyone else could do. A slime had smothered me, engulfed me, devoured me, and sexually satisfied me in ways unobtainable from normal means.

As I came a second time, the slime also exploded his load everywhere. His liquids exploded all over me, covering me from head to bottom in slime jizz. No, wait, that’s not what happened. It was as if every particle of gel suddenly turned to liquid at the same time. My body suddenly fell and landed hard on the ground. The gel deep inside me squirted out of my pussy, but since I was already drenched from head to toe in slime juice, it was just a drop of water to my soaked pants. It felt like a water balloon had been popped. Hearing and sight returned, and I let in a breath. I still had probably fifteen minutes before I needed to worry, but first I looked up to see what was going on.

It was the Prince. He was holding the sword and breathing hard, looking at me with worry in his eyes. He had numerous rips in his shirt and looked like he had just come out of a fight for his life as well. A moment later, he fell to his knees and bowed his head. I was completely shocked and could not think how to respond.

“I’m sorry…” he said, “I can’t believe I let you get eaten by a slime. A boar rammed my horse, then the next thing I know two of them were on me and you were being dragged away by a slime.”

“It’s okay…” I said after a moment, “I had… I’m alive.”

I was about to say I had fun, but I realized that would be an insane thing to say, normally. The horse turned out to be okay. He was a strong warhorse. He had been spooked enough to rear and then he ran off a few hundred meters down the path, but after the monsters were dead, he came back. We got on the horse and rode for a few more hours in silence. I was sexually satiated for the moment and was more concerned of the cold breeze that pierced through my slime soaked clothing. Strangely, no other monsters attacked.

I found out later that the slime juice was blocking whatever heat scent I was releasing. And not that you probably wanted to hear this, but the slime had eaten me out very thoroughly. So thoroughly in fact that he had consumed most of the lining that was shedding from my uterine walls, and as a result, I had perhaps the lightest period of my life, just a few drops, and some cramping. I wondered now if you could get slimes as pets.

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▓███████         ██░███▓█▓▓████▓                              ██▒█▓ ███▓▒▓█  █   
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Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

“I should have saved my points.” I looked at the screen in front of me.

I killed the sleeping orc too. It wasn’t nearly as violent as the first. Just three hard swings before his head was no longer attached to his body. Now, I was standing in the middle of barn, naked, covered in blood, holding a sword, and staring vacantly at the level up screen in front of me.

{Sword has increased to LVL 1.}

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled up to Seductress LVL 14!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

Available Special Skills:

{Marked Man (Passive): Anyone you have intercourse with becomes “marked” and you know their physical location.}

{Cursed Kiss (Active): When kissing a subject, have a 50% chance of poisoning them. Uses SP.}

{Black Widow (Active): Can only activate while engaging in intercourse. The person will acquire a counter. Death will occur in 14 days.}

I wasted a point because I thought I could sell orc semen. These are the kind of things that happens when you push a girl to her breaking point. I’m not saying I’m not keeping the vials of male enhancement I made, but if I had just saved that point… My goals now are simple. Kill Denova. These are three skills that could help achieve that goal.

It was clear to me my baptism in blood is what led to the more violent options. It was a tough call though. I didn’t know how poisonous poison was. After all, I had been poisoned by that spider, and all it took was a level up to get rid of it. Admittedly, I would have died without the level up, but I’m sure antidotes exist, especially if health potions do.

Meanwhile, Black Widow seemed too good to be true. Most RPGs that had a death spell usually made the death spell have some really bad setbacks… like it’s impossible to cast, or it only works in a very particular time. I suppose if you’re close enough to be having sex with someone, to a normal person Black Widow would seem unattractive. I sort of wished Marked Man was an active skill. As a passive, I’d be knowing where every man I ever fucked was. I imagine I could quickly go crazy with that many awarenesses.

So, if I poison him, he’ll almost certainly be aware of it, and kill me. But if I black widow him, there is a chance. It’s a sure kill ability, even if it is delayed. I supposed it was too much be some OP’d ability like you read about in the web novels that let me absorb all their abilities or something.  Ah well, Black Widow it is.

“Alright…” I said out loud. “Now the status.”

With the exception of my special skills, I was now about average for my age and position in this world according to Denova. I moved away from the corpses. I thought about throwing them in the corpse pile, but I didn’t plan to be there long enough. Instead, I pulled water from the well, restarted the fire, and boiled it. I cleaned myself, slowly and carefully, removing all the blood and sex from my body. I then wrapped the blanket around myself, although it was also covered in the dried juices from hours of fun.

I picked the sword up one more time, let out a deep breath, and turned to leave. “Ah…”

“Oh, my apologies, I…”

There was a guy standing at the entrance to the barn. He was wearing rather nice clothing, at least compared to the adventurers and bandits I have met so far. He had a cloak on and a sword strapped to his side. When his eyes met mine, they turned away in embarrassment, but they quickly turned to shock when he noticed the naked, dead orc lying near the weapon rack.

He let out a gasp and looked back at me. I hadn’t bothered to wipe the blood from the sword yet, and a look of realization quickly formed on his face. He gave a concerned look and took three steps towards me. He undid his cloak and swung it around my shoulders. Part of me wanted to swoon at how chivalrous he appeared, but he did have his hands on my shoulders without permission, so I gave him a lukewarm glare.

Oh, well, the old Aria would have jumped his bones, but I’m Aria the Seductress. I won’t be swayed by a pretty boy with manners. But he did smell nice, and I wondered how big his dick was. I used the examine skill on him.

{Name: Devon Hyburn, Sex: M, Age: 20, Title: 4th Prince of Nidia Total Level: 70, Class: Swordsman, Class Level: 10, Sexual Partners: 2, Sexual Preference: Large Breasts Sexual Kink: Analingus Erect Dick Length: 7.3‘’ Erect Dick Girth 2’’}

Ah… it was that big. Wait, the prince? I-is this the guy I’m supposed to marry? No, that’s right, Denova said I had to marry the 3rd prince. So, this guy’s older brother? On a side note, level 5 examine is nice. Definitely important information. So, he likes big boobs and licking ass? Nope… don’t know what I can do with that information. Although he’s still quite vanilla. I’m about his age and I’m too scared to see how many sexual partners I’ve accumulated by now. The night I examine myself will require copious amounts of booze.

“I’ve been trying to track these pigmen for the last two days. Three days ago, a caravan was heading towards Hyburn castle and was attacked by monsters. The pigman… their trail led me here. I was thinking this was just a farmhouse… but these…” He nodded to the orc. “These must be the pigman.”

“Uh… yes.” I answered nervously. “Um… aren’t they orcs?”

“What, orcs? No… orcs don’t look like that, they’re bigger, although stupid adventures and less knowledgeable people might call them orcs. I guess because it rhymes with pork or something. Wait,  there was a girl!” He suddenly spoke intensely, “There should have been a girl! Farmgirl, did you see any other women?”

I mentally berated myself for trusting my web novel lore. Tolkien orcs it was. I set beautification back to human, realizing the last few days it had been set to something that wasn’t here. So apparently, I had just been fucking pigmen… somehow the downgrade in status hit my pride slightly. As I berated my misdemeanor, the prince took a step past, looking around the farm as if a princess would pop out if he stared hard enough. His eyes narrowed on the second headless body, the pile including the third or-err pigman, and then back to me.

I gave him a wry smile. “Um… yes?”

Although I knew I had to play the part of this Princess Bartrum, I was immediately dismissed by the first prince I met, so my confidence further fell to an all-time low.

“Then, where is she?” he asked, his voice panicked.

I attempted to rebuild the mask, the conceal and deception that had driven my life with Denova. “Th-this one will have you know sh-she will not be talked to like this!”

Ignoring the stuttering, this was exactly textbook how Denova told me to talk.

The prince’s eyes widened and a stupid look formed on his face. “Yo-you’re the princess?”

“I’ll have you know, this one is none other than Princess Cornelia Bartrum, so please don’t act so familiar.”

I stared my eyes down at the prince as haughtily as I could.

“Pfft…” The sound burst from his lips as he started laughing. “I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just the way you’re talking. It reminds me exactly of this play they show commoners where the nobles all act like snooty miscreants. You talk exactly how commoners think nobles talk.”

“Eh… but he told me that the Hyburn nobles are supposed to talk like this.” I let out before I could stop myself, my disguise immediately breaking.

He chuckled, “Who said that?”

“My steward, he said, when you’re in Nidia meeting your betrothed, you must talk like this or they’ll all think you’re disrespectful.”

I made that up on the fly.

“Eh?” he made a noise.

“Eh?” I responded back.

“Yo-you’re really Cornelia Bartrum!”

“Of course, I am!” I say indignantly, straightening my back and incidentally causing the sword to swing up.

“Ah! Okay, princess… let’s just…” He reaches out and pinches the tip of my sword. “Let’s just put that somewhere safe… er…”

He pulls, and I let him take the sword from my grasp. He then tosses it away like he’s tossing away a dirty diaper, letting it clang to the floor a few feet away. Well, it was covered in blood after all.

“Well, it’s not like I have the Analysis skill.”

“Analysis? Is that like Examine?”

“Eh? Examine?”

I shrugged, deflecting his question. I sort of answered the question myself with a quick thought. My special skills are sometimes named based off of things that someone from this world wouldn’t understand. So, it’s likely that some of my skills might have similar names. What they call analyze, I might have just thought of as examine. I was growing convinced that this world possessed no hard and fast rules about skills, and that there were many potentially overlapping skills that did the same thing with different names.

After a moment of silence, he looked at me uncomfortably and scratched the back of his neck, “Um… err… I don’t know how to ask this. The Pigmen, they didn’t… um… well… your clothes are off, so it’s kind of obvious. But you’re not looking too shaken, which is why…”

“I killed them,” I stated.

He flinched at that, “No… yeah… I mean, I suppose you did kill them, but before that, it must have been horrible.”

“Nothing happened,” I stated.

“I… yeah… that kind of thing can destroy your reputation, right? So, I didn’t see anything. However, I do think we need to get you in some clothing.”

I nodded, confirming nothing of his assumptions. “Fine, then, let’s get me dressed. Those pigman tore my dress to shreds, then I killed them with a sword, and then you came. I wish I knew why monsters kept doing that. Maybe it’s something about me?”

The prince was nodding, his face showing he didn’t believe me, but his eyes suggesting he was going to help propagate any story I made up, no matter how unlikely. However, he stopped at the last sentence.

“Eh? You don’t know?”

“Know what?” I asked.

“Oh… err… I guess princesses don’t get out much. How do I put it? I guess when an animal acquires magic, it becomes a monster, right? Well, monsters have some strange urge to, um… copulate with human beings. Particularly females. No one knows why. It’s at least one of the reasons female adventurers are so rare because men would just be killed, women always get kidnapped and then… yeah.”

“So, all monsters are like goblins?”

“Oh, well, you know goblins.” Devon widened his eyes a second. “Well, no, goblins are considered half-breeds. But since all goblins are male, they spread their seed in human females. They can also use other demi-humans like elves, beastman, and dwarves.”

I stared blankly at him. “Demihumans?”

He raised an eyebrow, “What education did you get? That’s, like, world history right there.”

“Sorry, just focus on monsters then.”

He gave me a strange look, but I hid my feelings behind the conceal ability. Inside, I was kicking myself. I never told Denova where I came from and he never asked, but he probably assumed I at least had the common sense of this world. I learned the names of every noble in the surrounding ten nations, but I don’t know simple things like “what is a monster.”

“Right… well… I mean, monsters… errr… do what they do… to women, in order to create demons, obviously. It’s rare, like a 1 in a 1000 chance… but if a monster copulates with a human, their spawn creates a half-breed. All the demons on the demon continent, every stabilized line, the dracons, the vampires, the devils… they were all once the children of rape. That’s why most humans hate them so much.” Suddenly he put up his hands. “Not that I want to make a statement about it here. I mean, I don’t care if your propeace or war with demons, there are people who hate them as monsters pretending to be human and those that think their humanity makes them like us… can we not have this conversation anymore with you naked here?”

I shrugged, “Fair enough.”

However, on the inside, I was fangirling like crazy. I had heard one or two offhand remarks about a demon continent, but now I knew what it was. Demons! Or at least, devils, dracons, vampires, and the like. Basically, anything half monster with a human side. That would be a lamia with a snake monster, perhaps a half spider arachne? But a one in a thousand chance… that means there was a lot of raped women on the monster’s hands. I can kind of see the point of view of the humans, except that these weren’t the rapers, these were basically the victims, the byproducts of an unholy union.

I walked out past him, finally leaving the barn I had fornicated in like a pig, with apparently pigmen. I gave a wry smile as I finally left the place. It wasn’t particularly chilly out, but I was in nothing but a towel, so I shivered even with his cloak over me.

“So, how did you know about the attack?” I asked, “You said you had been tracking them for two days or so.”

“Right, about four days ago a horse from your carriage came running into the city riderless. There was a note left on it. One of the guards must have written down a warning. Perhaps he fell off the horse, or perhaps he sent the horse off while he guarded the rear. Either way, I came out with a contingent to check. The third prince sends his regards… he, uh… was not able to come.”

That sounded a little strange, I was wondering why it was the fourth prince after all. It seemed like there was probably more to it than that, but I wasn’t going to turn it into a deal. However, the truly strange part was that the horse entered the city before we were even attacked. I remembered the guards talk before I became distracted, and Denova’s assurance he handled it. I didn’t think it was too far a stretch to believe that Denova always planned to have orcs attack and murder everyone in the caravan except me. In other words, I could owe my breakdown in the barn to more of Denova’s actions. One more reason to murder him.

“You’re here alone?” I asked.

“Ah… well… most of the pigmen were dead, I only tracked a few. I sent the rest of the guards to fix the carriage and bring your things to the castle. I’d expected to find the princess dead… or… in a shape I didn’t want the knights to see. If that got out… it could damage… well… you’re here and you look well enough?”

That last part came out as more of a question. There was no doubt he expected me to be half starved, perhaps raped bloody, and maybe a pigman demon growing in my stomach… or were pigman demihumans too? I didn’t know.

“Well, are you going to offer a girl clothing, or should I stand here naked all day.”

The second I brought that up, he turned red with embarrassed and gave an awkward cough. “That’s right, I didn’t bring any of your dresses…”

“Well, then, do you have any change of clothes for yourself?”

“Mine? I mean, they’re a shirt and pants…” He fumbled with his words kind of awkwardly, it might have been cute in certain circumstances.

“Women can wear pants, you know?”

He seemed to blush harder, “Yeah, that’s right… of course.”

He apparently seemed flustered as I tried to maintain my princess aura. I had dropped the haughty speech and had supplemented it for something a tad demanding, like an overbearing girlfriend. Since Denova’s “teaching” had been completely misleading, I had to wonder if he did it just to attempt to embarrass me, I had to cobble together an appropriate noble personality. However, I just went through a “traumatic” experience, so it wouldn’t be strange if I acted strangely initially. Perhaps, that was Denova’s intention all along. Yeah, Denova had planned this whole thing from the start, that bastard.

While I was thinking this, Prince Devon lead me to his horse, working through a saddlebag before finally pulling out clothing. It was very fine clothing, the shirt was silk, while the pants seemed to be something double layered and reinforced like a noble’s form of riding pants in the pre-jeans era. I graciously took the clothing, and a moment later, my soiled blanket fell to the ground.

“Are you going to keep staring?” I asked him mischievously.

I was on the other side of the horse, so my bits and pieces were hidden behind his view unless he peered over like a lecher, however, the sudden dropping of my towel had flabbergasted him into staring at my barely concealed form with widened eyes.

“Oh, sorry…” He turned around like a gentlemen, and I couldn’t help but make a soft chuckle.

I picked up the clothing he had put over the saddle of the horse and I smelled it. It had his manly scent on it, sending a few shivers to the right places. I sighed, preparing myself to show restraint. The way I acted in the carriage and prior is not the way I could act anymore. I had to reign in my urges and take control of my body. An out-of-control seductress was dangerous to herself and everyone around her.

“You’re… not what I expected.”

I bent over and slowly brought up my pants. He was clearly facing away from me, yet my hands softly glided up my thighs, bringing my pants up slowly, like I was doing a performance. I wasn’t even aware of the actions myself at the time. My body simply moved more sensually, as if by habit. If anyone came upon this scene of me dressing, they likely would have thought I was reverse strip teasing a boy I had spent the previous night fucking. This is one of many small changes I was not aware of. As I leveled, my body adapted to the class of seductress, and my eyes, voice, and body changed accordingly outside my control.

“And what didn’t you expect?” I asked, although even I was unaware of the sultriness that ended up in my voice.

“Well… I mean, you’re so…” he shook his head and changed what he was going to say. “You killed two orcs with their own blade after being held captive for nearly a week. You… take off your clothes in the wilderness without any concern of anyone seeing your innocence. You have no problems dressing in boy’s clothing…”

“Why? Do I look like a boy?” I smirked as I put the shirt over my head, finally covering up any indecent exposure.

He hesitantly turned around, but when he did, our eyes met and I gave a sweet smile. “N-no… not at all.”

“So!” I moved out from behind the horse and spun around like I was showing off, “What do you think, do I look princely?”

The surprise in his eyes gave way to a genuine laugh. “I wouldn’t say a prince, maybe a lucky woman who has recently bedded a pr- uh… I mean, I’m sorry, no… you look fine.”

He became flustered, but I responded with a giggle of my own. “It’s okay… don’t be afraid of being honest. I’m not so innocent as you assume.”

“I… see.” He said after a moment, considering me as he went, finally he let out a sigh. “The sooner we get back, the sooner we can alleviate my brother’s concerns. I do not have a spare pair of boots, it seems, so you can ride my horse and we can head back to the castle. It’s about a two days ride, but a five-day walk.”

“Then it’d be faster if we road together, right?” I offered.


“You in front, me behind. Don’t worry, I won’t fall off.”

His eyes seemed unsure, but after a moment he nodded. “I suppose that would be best.”

He jumped up onto the horse with finesse and I followed closely, sitting firmly behind him. This was one thing in this world I was actually familiar with. My uncle owned a ranch and when I was younger, we’d head out during the summers. I got to do quite a bit of horseback riding. I wouldn’t say I could handle a horse at a gallop or do jumps, but I could do horse cares, mount, and turn enough that I didn’t look completely ridiculous.

As he kicked the sides of the horse and we started leaving the abandoned barn that had been my playhouse, I tucked the jewelry box and a few vials of “potion” into my pockets. I’ll leave it to your imagination where I had hidden it while I wore nothing but a towel and a cloak.

I wrapped my arms around the prince and rested my head against his back. He stiffened, but since he didn’t resist I got comfortable. He smelled really good, even compared to the Bandit King. Denova was a bit heavy on the perfumes, but Devon had it worked to a science. He was clean smelling, with just a hint of sweat and musk from a two day’s ride.

As I pressed myself against his strong and warm back, and the horse started bouncing my crouch up and down on the back edge of the saddle, I realized this was going to be a long trip indeed. I immediately started training my carnal resistance.

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Ascii of the Day:

     -#  #XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXX#####Xx==+x######x,               +##,                
     #X  #XxxxxxxxxxxxxXX##X=,                                  ,##;             
     #+  =#xxxxxxxxxxxX##=                  +                      =x            
     #;   #XxxxxxxxXX##;                    #=                       xx          
     #X   #Xxxxxxx##x=                      ##                        =#-        
     ;#   -#Xxxxx##                        ;##-                         #X       
      #-   ##xxx#X                          ##+                          ##      
      #=    ##X##                           ###                           ##     
      ##     x##                             ##+                           +#     
      ,#     +#                             ;#+#.                           xX   
       ##   x#                              ##=x#                            #,  
       .#  +#                              .#xx;#                            +#  
        ##.#.                              =# #+#;                            #X 
         ##X                               .# -##+ ##                         ,# 
          #-                                #x ##= #=                          #x
          #x                                 # .#+ #                           x#
          #X                                 ## +x;#                            #
          ##                                 .# -X.#                            #
          X#,                                 #Xx= #                           .#
          x#x                                  ##-x#                           ;#
          x#+                                   ###                            ,#
          ###                                   #x                             -#
          x##                                   #.                             x#
           ##+                                  #,                             #X
           -##=                                 #.                             #,
            -##,                                #=                            #x

Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

That is how three orcs became two orcs. I had been so wrapped up in turning them into my toys; I had forgotten the truth… these were monsters. He waited patiently until I took the… arm from him. Then he turned around and bent over, he bit into one of the legs of the fallen orc without any reservation. The other orc wasted no time, falling next to him and taking another bite, like zombies in a zombie film. I gagged, and fell over, immediately vomiting next to the fire as the arm fell to my side.

Every time. Every time I felt like I was getting a handle on things like I could do this… something reminded me of how violent and horrid this world could be. While I’m playing at sex and the city, death is literally all around me. The pile filled with animal carcasses in the corner that I had been ignoring; it didn’t just contain animals. I just didn’t look hard. I didn’t want to see it.

I started hyperventilating. I could hear the chewing and crunching sound behind me. Orc or not, he was my sex partner an hour ago, giving me stupid grins and wanting to please. Now, the other two were tearing him limb from limb. They were covered in the gore of their comrade. It was too much. I can’t… I can’t do it… I can’t…

My body was shaking, I was too close to the fire, and the heat felt like it was burning, but I couldn’t do anything else. I was frozen, unable to breathe, unable to move. The fire burned, but I was frozen solid. I have to… I have to do…

I switched titles from Gang Banger to Solo Player. The heat increased to near pain, and I pulled away from the fire. However, my body instantly calmed.

{Mental Resistance has increased to 16.}

By changing titles, I lost my damage resistance. However, in exchange, it increased my mental resistance by ten. That’s a trick found shortly after Dox died. That night, I wasn’t in the mood to gather my masturbation bonus, but I found out that after selecting Solo Player my body calmed down. It was not like a drug where I would stop caring, but it took the edge off and allowed me to think rationally. More specifically, it forcefully cut the mental damage in half. At 26 levels with solo, the mental stress I experienced would be cut down to 1/5 what someone else would experience.

Make no mistake, I knew I would have broken ten times over already if not for this miraculous mental protection. The fact that I kept finding enjoyment from this shattered life was a testament to that. In a way, perhaps my high mental state was a part of being broke. This world, even to this point, just didn’t seem terribly real. It was like my mind and body became numb, unable to truly feel anything. The only time I experienced any happiness was with the surge of sexual pleasure induced during orgasm.

I looked over at the two orcs, munching away on the third like the monsters they were. They were not my playthings. They were just monsters. And me… I was using them to level, just like any adventurer. Maybe not exactly like every adventurer, but it was the same thing. I was done playing. I was going to use them up and then send them to join their friend.

I grabbed the arm and put it over the fire. After roasting it until it was sizzling. I took a bite, and then another. The taste… was obvious. They tasted of pork. When I had my fill, and they had tossed the orcs remains into the pile of decaying corpses, I made them get some more water from the well. I washed myself up, and then I made them wash themselves up. I made a clean area with hay and an old blanket that had been lying around, lied down, and then opened my legs, beckoning one of them over.

The orcs did as I gestured and were only too happy to fuck me. I let them, but I didn’t cum. In fact, I felt nothing as they thrust away. I didn’t even let them cum in me. Instead, I forced them to pull out and do it in a bucket. I didn’t have any more vials, but maybe I could take the bucket back and make more potion later. I made them take turns. The entire time I left Solo Player on. Even with the potential for extra experience, I just couldn’t cope without that extra mental boost.

It became a grind, down to the very meaning. Five minutes of thrusting, cum into the bucket, switch. Lover’s Endurance when they got tired, Rejuvenation when they stopped filling the bucket. I kept going and going, like a machine… an orc was still thrusting into me when I finally passed out.

I woke up feeling very sticky down below. I may have made the orcs release in a bucket, but even without cumming, six hours of sex generated a lot of juice… especially from a seductress like myself. I rinsed up using some boiled water. Then I looked over to the orcs. They had collapsed and were still snoring on nearby haystacks. I shivered from the morning cold but refused to allow it to affect my naked body.

Denova had yet to come save me. We were coming in on the third day. I wasn’t going to wait for him any longer. My leveling farm was going to have to come to an end. There was no food here, and the sight of the place… and the company was making me sick. I picked up a bowl of cold water and tossed it at the orc’s faces. The orcs awoke with a snort. Looking around in confusion.

“Get up, you stupid monsters… You have work to do.” I said flatly.

I walked over to a nearby wall, bent over, and spread my legs slightly. I was tired of being on my back. I didn’t feel like being on my knees today. The orcs didn’t waste any time. They stumbled over, the first one who reached me immediately stuck it in. His curly corkscrew dick slid right in with ease. Not even an ounce of resistance. Why did this body have to be so damn wet all the time, even for someone I hate?

Flashes of that last night with Denova came into my head, and I only felt anger. To hell with monsters, and to hell with Denova. The orc thrust into me from behind enthusiastically. I reach my hand down and touched my clit, lightly rubbing it from the front as he thrust into my cunni from behind. He blew his load without taking his dick out and using the bucket. I didn’t care. I ignored him.

The other orc took his place and once again started enthusiastically ramming it into me. His oddly shaped member was doing nothing for me today. I continued to rub my clit more aggressively… perhaps too aggressively. Without damage resistance, it hurt a little, but that was fine. The second orc came after only five minutes. I shot them an annoyed look.

“Again!” I demanded.

The orcs looked at each other with confusion, but I grabbed the first one, forcing him back behind me and recovering his stamina and seed with my skills. The sounds of thrusting became incredibly wet, each thrust causing their seed to drip out between my legs. The liquid was continuously dripping down my legs, each time the orc came only producing more and more. It was dropping out of me almost in a steady stream.

And still, I rubbed my clit, hard, rubbing it harder and harder until my fingers were sore and I felt rubbed raw. Furthermore, their dicks were starting to chaff, my entire cunt was starting to feel sore and overused.

{Damage Resistance Increased to LVL 4.}

{Vaginal intercourse increased to LVL 9.}

I couldn’t tell you why I was hurting myself. I suppose it was because I couldn’t cum. I just wanted another orgasm. I couldn’t feel anything else. These fucking orcs were too small. That’s the problem, they’re too small. If only I had my toy… or maybe a man… but not Denova… never him.

I was moaning as the orcs thrust into me, but tears were falling down my eyes as well. The tears kept falling, and I couldn’t stop them. My mental resistance is as I high as I can get it why… why am I crying? I lost my grip and fell forward. I landed on the ground, my face immediately was shoved into a pile of straw and manure. The stupid orc behind me didn’t even stop, he just bent down, taking his dick where my pussy was and continuing to plow into me. And I lied there, in the shit, crying…

“I’m not an adventurer…” I muttered into the hay.

The orc cums again, stands up, and leaves. The other one sticks his back into me. Even crying on the floor, I continued to cast the endurance to keep him going. Each thrust just grounded my face in the dirt. Even this didn’t make me feel any shame or guilt… I can’t even feel shame. I cry even harder, meanwhile, my fingers work frantically over my sore clit.

“I’m not a princess…”

I let out another sob.

“So… what am I?” I barely whisper.

I remove the Solo Player title. Like a flood, the pain gets even worst, but in my heart. My body was breaking. My mind was already gone.

I didn’t know how long I lied there, endlessly swapping the orcs one from the other, face first in barn refuge, while they continued to thrust into my dripping cunt, each thrust also grounding my face into the dirt. However, eventually, the thoughts started to rise into me once again. It was feeling… emotion. It was anger and hate. I just wanted to die.

Let it happen.


Give up.


You have nothing.

I have me.

Then you are alone.

I can take what I want.

What are you?

I will take what I want.

Who are you?

I am Aria, and the world is mine.

Then, what are you?

My eyes open up. “I’m a seductress.”

Then what will you do?

I change positions to cowgirl. A moment later I’m on top, the orc that was behind me is now under me.

“Rock A Bye,” I commanded out loud.

He fell asleep immediately. I slid his member up out of me and then moved to the other orc. He seemed a little confused, backing up until he pushed against the counter where they had stored their weapons and goods.

“You don’t know me orc, even though we’ve spent so much intimate time together. Perhaps that is partially my fault. However, I am Aria. I am not Aria the Gang Banger, Aria the Town Bicycle, or Aria the Solo Player. I am none of this. I am only Aria… the seductress. I take what I want, and what I want right now is your experience…”

I grab the orc, throwing him to the ground. A second later I’m on top, riding him for all his life. The orc was frightened and confused, but despite the tenseness of the situation, his small brain quickly got over it after getting sex.

“Yeah… you like that orc….” I moaned, “You killed the thieves escorting me. Yeah… you kidnap me? Want to rape me… didn’t you?”

I spoke in a voice that was soothing and sexual, like dirty talk. Not knowing the words I was saying, the orc only became more turned on, grinning stupidly and thrusting up into me.

“So, then you murder your own orc buddy, right? Because why have honor, even amongst your own kind? It’s simple, right? The strong eat the weak? That’s how it works, right? And look at you now, enjoying my pussy, it’s all wet and tight and your cock gets all wrapped up in there, you get all that free sex, you can just cum literal buckets, but aren’t you a little conceited?”

He nods dumbly at my question, having no thoughts but the pleasure of my pussy.

“But let me tell you a secret, orc…” I lean over, so my lips are right next to his. “There is always a cost, and I’m about to take mine from you.”

I reach over my hand landing on the nearby table. Using the table, I raise up, extending his cock out and then plunging down, letting the full length of his cock slam into me. He’s making ecstatic oinking noises, and a second later he cums, literal waves of stuff pushing up through his cock and shooting into me.

“So, just do one more thing for me orc…” I say, smiling down at him as he grins wildly up at me. “Die!”

My hand pulls a sword from the counter, and in a single somewhat sloppy motion, I slam it down on his chest. As he’s in the middle of cumming, I stab, and stab again, and keep stabbing. His face didn’t even have time to turn to horror, he died with a smile on his face. I rode his still cumming cock, shoving the sword down to push myself up and down his shaft.

“Die, die, die, die, uh, ah…. Oooo…” I drop the sword as it rings off to the side and then I collapse naked on his bloody abdomen, the pooling warm blood dripping everywhere.

I moved my lips up to his ear, although the orc couldn’t hear, I whispered anyway. “Ah, I just came.”

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Ascii of the Day:

                         .,vUP8BM@M@S                                   M@       
                  720@@B@B@kJ;:..  .@B@.                                @        
        iuFOM@B@B@OFY:.               2@i                              :B        
,iq0@B@B@kU7i..           :7F.         U@:                              @.       
v52Li                       j@5         Y@@                             @@       
                          ..vB@B@Bu       @@                            2B,      
                       :q@B@F    ,S@Z      @B                            @u      
                    LB@B1.       .LB@       vBL.                         BM      
                .UB@E;        v@B@j.          i@B@P:                     8B      
           ,UO@B@N       i8B@BB:     .,.         :uB@                    M@   :..
       .LPNqU7  r@L   J@EM@@.   .0B@B@@@     i      B@                   @B   .   
    ,v@BG.        @B@@@. @B  i@B@u.    BJ   PB:  .  LB7                  X@      
    Z@5         7@B@L   L@B@B@r        @:   B@   @   @87,,               :B      
              2B@J     ::  r:         OB   B@B  iB:  BMkMB@Z7            :@      
            i@B            .          Bv  J@0@  i@.  @     u8@BML         B:     
           j@r                        @:  @J@;  vB  :B@.      .rB@Zv.     @@     
          .@i                        i@  ,B5B   B@  .@BvL@O       :MBi    i@:    
          @E                         :@  u@B.  L@E  .B@@@Sr.        .BX   :B.    
        :@P                           B7.@Bq  :@BB  P@BrL@ML          @;   @Z    
       U@v                            @B@5@   @:iB  @S@  8@B@Mv,      @8 . P@:   
     .B@:                             G@i B: @k  @:NBii B@ :YGB@B@@@B@B@B@B@7    
    rBE                                   uB@E   1@B@J B@i     .:7i:,.    i.     
   .@:                                    r,,    ,@S1@ @0                        
  ZB7                                             ,7@:YB:                        
v@B                                                @FXB@;                        
@r                                                BB7B G@BJ7r,                   
                                                 @B B@72B2B@ZMB@@@ONYr:.         
                                                @B GMO@@ir@     .:U2NNMB@B       
                                              :0Z S0 uBvE0:  . .       0:007     
                                             G0r b0k8M000             0B. rB     
                                           7B5   PE0BZ7             i0B0   .B:   
                                          000J0B0Pv.               O0qkB    .B0.,i
                                        M0Z r0E                  .B0: u0      G0BB
                                     i0B8    .                  8B2   .B         
                                  :BB0v                       J00     ,0         
                                uB0v                        .00:      :B.        
                             2BBB0,                        J00        i@         
                         iqB@N. @2                        @@i         JB         
                     :1@BF:   @B                       L@N           ,@r


Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

This became the cycle of things. As I used seduction on the guys three to four times, they started getting territorial and bickering in a grunting language I didn’t understand. Had they not been sexed out, they might have come to blows. However, I kept using the seduction skill, over and over again. I’d feed one orc stamina at a time, fuck him until he collapsed, then picked the next one. When my stamina got low, I used the All Nighter to keep me going. We had been going at it in an endless cycle of fucking.

As I used seduction on them about 10 times, their eyes started to gloss over. I didn’t know if it was the constant cycle of sex or my Seduction ability, but their brains seemed to shut down. They didn’t seem to understand English, but they did everything I told them to do. There seemed to be nothing there anymore. They had become brainless sex dolls.

I told two of them to sit, and they just sat there, I brought the other one fucked him, then put him back and he waited for his turn again. I have to say it one more time, seduction is scary. However, in this way, I had achieved what I wanted to achieve… experience banks. At this rate, I could keep them going in an endless cycle, farming experience points endlessly to my own desires.

At least, that’s the hope. This was really the test to prove if this works. My masturbation skill only worked once a day. The fact that this was noted in my solo title either meant that sexual intercourse was different and should work more than once a day, or it was an echo of the rule that you can only gain experience from sex once per person per day. Since I’m one person, naturally, I could only gain experience from myself once.

I hoped it was the former so that this sex farm I set up worked. Otherwise, I was working my pussy sore for no reason. I remembered to do 3 positions for the experience boost in my future tangles. I was a little annoyed at myself that in the novelty of orcs unique features; I had tossed away the potential 3X experience stacked with a first-time bonus. I also lost my toy in one of the bags left behind, so there went my masturbation bonus. Well, even if farming didn’t work, I could level skills.

{Vaginal Intercourse has increased to LVL 8.}

{Blowjob has increased to LVL 7.}

Still, even with magic, I couldn’t keep them going forever, and by the third cum, they were starting to lose it. I could still bring them to orgasm, but there was nothing coming out.  I had dried up the orcs libidos until there was practically nothing left. I still cycled through them a half dozen times before I finally gave the orcs a break, massaging my sore muscles. I switched up the positions a bit… doggie, cowgirl, sidewinder, and even Asian cowgirl whenever I needed to stretch, but without a level up yet, even I couldn’t go six hours without a break. Although my vagina seemed like a never ending fountain, still dripping wet even hours later. I wonder if I’d get dehydration from too much sex?

I began walking around the barn, looking at the environment they had kidnapped me to. The orcs were panting on a nearby haystack. Whenever I looked their direction, they raised their head, appearing like an expectant dog. I gave one orc a smile. And then he grinned dumbly back. He had an ugly smile with broken dirty teeth. My smile turned wry for a bit. Whipped or not, they’re still orcs, although I did wonder how far they would go for me. Could I create a devoted army of monsters? It probably was harder than it looked. Fucking an orc is one thing… fucking a literal army of orcs? No matter how tempting the experience sounds, I’m not looking to die here.

It looked like the barn had not been used for some time. Although I had gotten used to the smell of the rotting corpses in the corner, believe it or not, the rank smell of sex can overpower anything with enough of it, I still stayed some distance away. The orcs seemed to have collected other things too. They actually had weapons, armor, and treasure. They appeared to be smarter than goblins at least and understood the value of things.

Other than a couple of weapons and armor, only a few large enough that they looked like they’d fit the broad shoulder orcs, there was a small box with coins and gems in it. Next to the box were a couple vials, most of them were empty. These would be potions, wouldn’t they be? Most of them looked like single use vials. I used examine on a red looking substance In a vial.

{Vial of Minor Health, Grade D}

It worked, it worked! I used it on the other vials. There were four vials with green stuff in them and a vial with purple stuff.

{Vial of Minor Stamina, Grade D} X4

{Vial of Light Poison, Grade D}

I grinned, looking at the stamina vials before turning towards the orcs, “Well, well boys… it looks like break times over.”

My toys got right to work satisfying me again. I used the empty vials and collected the orcs ejaculate as well. That’s right. Natural lubricant. Even after the stamina potions, they were back to dry orgasms by the second round, so I collected it into vials as my own personal lube. It works really well, is all I’m saying, and with the orcs shooting dry a few drops of it before every fuck really made things just perfect. It wasn’t the sloshy, drippy sex from before, but I still managed to cum a few times.

The sun was setting, and I had already used up three of the stamina vials before the level up text popped up in my vision once again. When I looked at I had to let out a laugh. I was so happy that my experience farming worked that I barely noticed it when the orc inside me finished, pulled out, and went back to his waiting space.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 13!}

{All stats increase by one}

{You have one special skill point}

Available Special Skills:

{Group Therapy (Passive): It becomes easier to engage multiple people in intercourse at the same time.}

{Cock hold (Active): Target cannot achieve orgasm for ten minutes.}

{Rejuvenation (Active): Increase the targets seed quantity.}

The first thing that popped out was that there were two active skills. Was this because I was a more active participant in the sex? In the previous cases, I was more or less being held down and fucked. This is really the first situation where I called the shots. I had no clue, it could still just be random, but I left it as a possibility. If I wanted more active skills, I’d need to aggressively be in control during sex.

However, nothing else really popped out at me. What does easier mean? Does it mean they won’t fight over sharing me? Or that I can sweet talk a threesome with less effort? With my other seductress powers, it just didn’t seem necessary. I mean, I was not going to turn every guy I meet into a sex slave, but I’m sure if I wanted a threesome, even with two guys, I could probably make it happen. Even before I came to this world, I was convinced most guys would be up for a two guy threesome, although they’d never admit it.

Anyway, cock hold seemed tempting, but wouldn’t that just blueball the guy? I’m sure the sadist in me could make up a fun little punishment game, but since finishing sex is what brings in the experience presumably, and I can bypass some of my sexual disappointments with All Nighter. All in all, it sounded dangerous… a little too tempting. The old me might have jumped at the chance to know my boyfriend could go ten minutes before he blew his load, that’s almost a guaranteed orgasm for me, but alas, I’ll reject it.

And rejuvenation is just a commodity. Although… if I wanted to market semen… I mean… that spider semen was basically a glue. These orcs are the opposite, they’re lube donors. Maybe there is a market for that kind of thing. A little spider semen to close up a wound, some lube for sex. It could work… although I might just end up making a bunch of monster babies, that lube wouldn’t work on anyone but me. Unless…

My hand slipped out and selected rejuvenation. Damn it… why can’t I just save up a point? My next level choices could be awesome. Oh well… done is done. I had to think about the future, after all… and if anyone was going to market and sell monster spooge, a seductress would be it. I’m not crazy, I’m not.

And thus I’m back on my knees, milking orcs for orc spooge. After using the skill on each of them, I jack them off. Can’t be getting my juices mixed with their juices here, I’m running a professional business. There were about eight empty potion bottles, and I filled each of them up, including the four stamina potions from before. My arm was pretty sore after yanking on them for about an hour. I eventually got them to do it themselves. After filling up the last vial I let out a sigh.

“Alright,” I said, forming a fist, “Let’s make a fire.”

It took a while before the orcs understood what I meant, but eventually, they ran around gathering wood. They luckily had some flint and steel, and I was able to get the fire going after twenty minutes of fiddling around. First, I tried to hold a vial near the fire, but I couldn’t get close enough without burning my fingers. I could ask the orcs to do it, they would, but that seemed like a cruel abuse of my power. Instead, I placed the vial on a battered up sickle and then held that over the fire. The result… was burnt spooge.

Instead, I had the orcs go fetch me water. Thankfully, there was a well nearby. It was an abandoned farm after all. I boiled the water and then stuck a vial in the boiled water. The result from that was far more interesting.

“Oo… it coagulated,” I said out loud.

In probably the first ever experiment on orc spud, I found that boiling it turned it into a jelly. I opened the vial and sniffed. The jelly no longer had a fishy smell. In fact, it smelled like nothing, which could be said to be a major improvement.

“But… most of these vials are made with magic… what if I…”

I recapped the vial and using my limited magic, I poured magic into the vial. Suddenly, there was a flash… and the brownish color turned sheet white.

{Potion Making has increased to LVL 1.}

{Magic has increased to LVL 3.}

I let out a cry of excitement. The orcs looked my way, giving happy grins, but I ignored them. Well, just 7 levels to go and I can finally cast some spells! That… decreased my excitement a little.  But now I know potion making… sort of. I mean, it’s a skill I have now. I’d still need recipes. I need someone to teach me. I was a chemist before all this crap went down. You could say that my knowledge from the previous world would make me an ideal, what did Denova call it? An Alchemist. Still, this new vial, I wanted to examine it. What did I make?

{Examine has increased to LVL 5.}

{Vial of Minor Male Enhancement Lubrication, Grade D – When applied during sexual intercourse, male erectness can be more easily maintained, even after orgasm.}

Shit! I just invented magical Viagra! Did it turn out this way because my magic is seductress magic, or because orc seed is potent? I had no clue, but I decided to make more. I reexamined the monsters with my new examine ability and was disappointed to learn that no new information was given. Maybe humans would give more, I hoped.

Using the remainder of the vials, I boiled the orc semen and then used magic on it. At level 3, the magic flowed easier, and it took half the time to create the potions. After finally finishing the last potion, I picked up a glass of boiled water that cooled down and drank it. It was at this point I realized two things.

First off, I was completely naked. It was the middle of the night, and I was standing next to a fire making potions out of spooge while wearing absolutely nothing. Even the orcs had thrown on loin cloths as the night set in. The second realization was that I hadn’t eaten anything but orc spooge in almost two days. As soon as the water hit my empty stomach, I realized how hungry I was. Up until then, sex and leveling up had kept me full, but a girl had to eat!

I looked over at the orcs and slapped my hand down. I pointed to my mouth and slowly talked.

“Feed me, I want something to eat.”

Given our prior relationship, I hoped that by pointing in my mouth, they figured out food and didn’t think I was inviting their cocks for another visit. Not that this wasn’t a likely inevitability in the near future, but food first, fuck later.

The orcs looking around dumbfounded, but after a second they started arguing with each other. One pushed another, and then their oinks and grunting became even louder. I tried to mediate, but since we didn’t speak the same tongue, my waving hands were ignored in the orc’s anger. The highest level orc made a loud grunt and then walked over to the weapons stand and grabbed a weapon. I guess they’ll need to go hunting, well, I’ll make them leave one behind for me while the other two bring us dinner.

That’s what I thought, but before I could react, he took two step back to the other orcs and swung down. The lowest level orc took the hit. He let out a pained shriek as blood splattered across the room, even splashing against my naked body.

The other one was yelling too, but he took a few steps back, dancing on his legs like he was deciding between bolting and defending himself. The orc struck again and the dying orc let out his final sound. Without missing a beat, the high-level orc bent over and started hacking away. Two chops and he freed up an arm. He walked over to me who was standing in complete stunned silence and held out the severed arm, smiling like a pet waiting for praise.

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Ascii of the Day:

             ░██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████▒           ▓██████▒                       
             ███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▓               ▓█████▒                      
            ███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▒                  ▓█████░                     
          ░███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▒                     ▓█████▒                    
          ███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██                        ░█████                    
         ███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▓                          ████░                   
       ▒███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▓        ░░░▒▓███▓██▓       ▒████                   
      ▒██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██▒                ▒███▓         ██▓██                  
     ░███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██                    ▓      ░███▓█▓▓██░                 █
    ░███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██          ▒▒               ██▓▓▓▒▓█▓██▓                ██
    ██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██░          ▓███▓▓▒▓▓█▓     █▓      ██▓██               ██
   ███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█▓▓▓▓██              ▒██████      ▓       █▓██▒             ███ 
  ▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█████▓████                  ░▒        ▒▓    █████             ██▓  
  ██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██▒ ▓█████░                             ▓██▓▓█████           ▓██▓   
  █▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██▒   ▓█ ▒▒                               ▓▓███▓██▒         ▓███▒    
 ▒██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓█▓     ▓█                      ██▒ ▓▓░       ▓███          ▓██▓      
 ▓█▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██                           ░█  ▒▒ ░▒▒▒▓█    ██▒         ███        
██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██▒                        ░▓        ▓██▓    ██        ▓██░         
█▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███▒   ▒                  ▓     ▒▒░        ░██      ░██░           
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███ █▓█                      ░    ▒▓██▒    ██      ███             
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██                          ██▒      ▓█   ▒█▓    ▒█░               
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██████▒                        ▓███████▓▒  ▒▒██████████▓                ▒
██████████▓▓██      █▓██▓▓█░           ▓██████████████▒     ▒▒▓████▓░░         ▒██
█████████▒   █     ▓▒ ██   ▓          ░██████████▒▓██            ██████▓     ▓████
        ░░   █▓    ▒▓ ░█   ▒          ▒█▓      ██▓██▒   ▒███▒      ▒▓████████████▒
             ██    ░█  █   ██▒         ██       ████░ ▓███▒            ░░▒█████░ 
             ██    ▒█  █  ▓█ ██        ██   █▒  ▒█████████▓▒                ░▒██▒
             ▓▒     █  ▓░ ░▓  █▓       ██   ▒█   ██▓   ░▓█████                 ░▓█
                    █   ░  █  ▒█▓     ▒██    ▒  ░██       ▒█████▓                
                    █   ▓  ██   █▓     ██       ▒██          ▓▓█████▓            
                    ▓▓     ▒█▓   █░    ██      ▒███        ░░  ████████▓         
                    ▓▓      ██    █▒   ██▓▓██████▒         █████▒▓▓▓██████░      
           ▒█████▒  ▒█▓░░▓▒░██▒     ░▓█████████░           ███░▓░    ▓██████▓▒   
          ████▒░▓███▒██████████░      ░░▒░▒▒            ▓▒▓▓███░     ▒███████████▓
          ▒███▓   ▒██████████████▒                   █████▓░█▒       ███   ▓██████
           ███▓       ▒▓▒      ▓███▒            ░▒▓███▓█▓           ▒██       ░▒██
            ▒███░                ░▒         ▒▓██████▓▒ █            ██▓          
              ████░                    ░░▒▓███████▓    █           ░██           
              ▓████▓▒░▒▓▓▓██████▓░  ▒▒▒▓▓▓▒░░░░       ▒            ██▓

Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

As the pig-faced orcs dragged me off into the forest, I cursed my mind-bogglingly awful luck. Although luck didn’t appear to be a stat with a tangible number, if it existed, mine had to be low. Why the hell would the orcs attack the carriage now? The sight of the thieves cut up on the ground was certainly disturbing. At least one of them I remembered sleeping with before, and except Denova, there was no other former lover I really wanted to see die. This world was simply too brutal and savage for me.

One of the orcs had tossed me over his shoulder, and the three of them were now sprinting through the forest. They were remarkably fast, able to run at a speed close to a horse at full gallop, even through the densely-packed foliage all around us. I wanted to put up a fight, but right now the only thing I could do is Pheromone. That would turn them feral, and with me in one of their hands, I didn’t see myself getting out of it without being hurt.

Of course, that left Seduction and Eye of the Beholder… I could make them attracted to me, then possibly knock them out with Rock a Bye. Seduction still scared me, the effect on people had backfired a lot recently. And Eye of the Beholder… likely contributed to Dox being killed. Seductress powers were too dangerous when I tossed them around willy nilly. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I decided to check on the orcs with my Examine.

{Name: Grg, Sex: M, Age: 8, Total Level: 55, Species: Pigman warrior, Sexually Compatible: Yes, Kills: 22, Rapes: 2 Intelligence Level: Low}

{Name: Ga, Sex: M, Age: 6, Total Level: 40, Species: Pigman warrior, Sexually Compatible: Yes, Kills: 10, Rapes: 1 Intelligence Level: Low}

{Name: Grkaa, Sex: M, Age: 9, Total Level: 56, Species: Pigman warrior, Sexually Compatible: Yes, Kills: 28, Rapes: 4, Intelligence Level: Low}

I blinked when I read through the information. Are those even names? This is completely different from when I examined humans. That means monsters are different from humans. No class, just a species… which appears to be pigman, or more specifically pigman warrior. I guess that means race and class were not distinguished in monsters? Is pigman like a second-tier orc, or are they not orcs at all? I mean, the LOTR orcs are still something that might exist in this world. I’m still going to call them orcs for now.

They’re also really young… but they’ve killed and raped before. At over six feet tall, they were not child orcs despite their age. I don’t know if those kill stats mean humans or just things in general. If they’re killing another pigman, I couldn’t care less. Same with rapes. Given how this world has been so far, I feared those rapes were humans, and those kills probably included those rapes. They’re surprisingly high levels also explained how they were able to destroy my escort of thieves. I only had the one bandit defending me.

If this went like every other encounter I’ve had so far, then rape and murder were the only future these orcs or pigman or whatever had planned for me. Which meant, as a seductress, I had only one choice; I had to go on the offensive. The orcs ran on with me bumping along one of their shoulders, Grg as it turned out, until the point that my hips were rather sore. This wasn’t exactly princess carry, so the run wasn’t without its discomfort.

I worked on a plan in my head. The first thing I did was change beautification to orc. Then I started targeting them with Eye of the Beholder. I spaced myself out, using it only once every five minutes. All the levels I recently gained had not only brought increases to my stamina, but also my stamina regen, so at this rate, I didn’t find myself getting tired. I held off striking them with seduction. It used a bit more stamina, and I was afraid that using it might cause one of them to try to take me now, thus inducing a scurry. They ran for quite some time, and the sun was already starting to set when they finally stopped. I had the time to put Eye of the Beholder on each pigman at least 5 times. By now, I should be looking very fuckable… if that was something they didn’t see me as before.

As night fell, they ended up bringing me into an abandoned looking barn. I didn’t know if they had murdered the previous humans who had lived here. There was a pile of bloodied animal carcasses in the corner rotting. It was not a pleasant smell, so I tried not to look at it. No, I couldn’t think of how disgusting this was. With Mental Fortitude, I could fuck on top of that pile of corpses and not be too bothered by it, but my body at least had the good sense to feel disgusted even if my mind was broken.

As one of the orcs threw me on a haystack nearby, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Okay. I needed to get started. I had to take control of the situation from the start and keep them in my flow. The one thing I needed right now, more than anything, was more levels. If I was ever going to free Jenai and kill Denova, I needed to be stronger. I wanted him dead, and the only way to do it was to get the right special skill. There was only one way I knew how to level and now is the only time I had.

Even if I used Rock a Bye and knocked all of these orcs out, then ran away, all that would happen is I’d be captured by Denova. He knew where I was thanks to the ring after all. However, there was a window of time right now. A few days where I could increase my strength free from his clutches. I looked at the orcs in front of me… and the predatory look that I had spent the last few weeks suppressing had taken over my face. It was enough that the orcs were hesitating, taking a few steps back, looking like they were about to run.

I began the offensive. I released the pheromones while simultaneously using seduction on the highest level one. As expected, three hungry looks appeared in the pig-like eyes, and they began to reach for me. They immediately grabbed at my fine pink princess dress, and with snorting noises, tore it to shreds. I’d never had clothing literally torn from me before while course hands grabbed at my body. With my overactive seductress libido, it was already enough to bring me ready for action.

I grabbed the first orcs pants and whipped them down, throwing away any formality, concealment, or deception. I was leveling now. However, what I saw when the pants hit the ground immediately caused me to give a wry smile, and my face to twist uncomfortably. That’s…

“They are pigman, I guess…”

The pigmen had a long furry penis, but the strange thing is that it was twisted into loops. The shaft itself was pink and very thin, but the length was easily nearly two feet long… that is if you pulled the dick out. The problem was when engorged, the dick didn’t stick out straight. Instead, it was twisted around and around in three loops, ultimately pointing randomly in one direction.

I tentatively put my mouth on it, thinking maybe I could straighten it with a little work. Just as I got the tip in, the orc grabbed the back of my head and thrusted forward. The dick went in like a corkscrew…

So soft!

Upon entering my mouth, his dick immediately tried to twirl back into a circle, and the second his incredible length struck the back of my throat, it just folded in on itself, not even triggering my gag reflex at all. In fact, it didn’t really feel much like sucking on a dick. It felt more like sucking a tail in the shape of a slinky. However, the orc thing let out a growl followed by numerous oinks while looking up in ecstasy… so I guess he liked it. The other orcs had taken their clothes off and were playing with their dicks as well.

Basically, they pulled on them until the dick spread out a foot from the body, then let it go. The dick would spring back into a round shape, only for them to do it again. This is the method the orc seem to use to masturbate, springing their dicks. They had no balls to speak of, those seemed to be farther up in their bodies.

Despite all that, if you put a bag over their obvious piglike faces, their bodies were finely toned. Rather than giant potbellies, they looked like muscular warriors. Is this because they’re pigman warriors and not just pigmen? Well, I didn’t hate their bodies. They were a little hairy, but not hairier than some of the men I’ve been with. The pinker than normal color and the black splotches were a little odd… but that was something I could ignore.

As I sucked the highest-level orc off, each of my hands worked one of the other orcs, well, I guess I should call it their penis, even if it looks like it should be called a whatchamadoodle. I wish I had some way to delay their orgasms. I wasn’t even half done when suddenly something shot from the penis tip into my mouth. I swallowed it on instinct and ended up coughing.

I can’t say the taste was gross, but it tasted really oily. It had a really fishy taste. A second later, the two other guys erupted too, spraying their seed on me. As the orcs orgasmed, they made a sound in between a bark and an oink while bobbing their head in a way that might have been cute in something that wasn’t a monstrous abomination of nature. The semen itself felt oily on my skin. I felt like I had just taken a bath in fish flavored bacon grease. It was shiny, brown, and considerably more viscous than I was used to.

After the orcs finished, they looked at each other in confusion, like they didn’t quite know what had happened or how they had gotten there. Meanwhile, I was genuinely frustrated. I’m not even sure if BJs and handjobs gave experience, or if that experience had a first-time bonus. I probably didn’t get the gangbanger bonus either. Fortunately, throughout the entire exchange which probably lasted less than five minutes, I had cast seduction two more times, once on each of the other orcs. I wanted to take advantage of sexual saint while it was active.

The orcs started to turn away, and I put on an annoyed look behind their backs. I was not going to level just with this. Therefore, I activated pheromones again, the predatory look returning to my face.

“Did I say we were done?” I growled.

The orcs turned back, seemingly dazed. I grabbed the one closest to me, the one I had sucked off, and played with his corkscrew dick until I managed to get it up against me. I was already long past wet enough, even for something as odd as this. He thrusted in as soon as he was lined up.

“Ah… inside me.”

I let out a little giggle. It felt as strange in my pussy as it did my mouth. It certainly took some getting used to. In a way, it was very thin, so it wasn’t exactly the most stimulating experience, except that it curled up too. As its length hit the back of my vagina, it folded and starting coming back up the front. In the end, it felt like I had two dicks inside me. The way it twisted also caused the dick to move in strange places, touching me in areas a normal dick usually missed. I rocked my hips, fucking the orc. After a few moments of encouragement, he was back to thrusting inside me.

With the sexual saint stamina boost back on, I did seduction some more. Another orc cock went into my mouth since I really wanted that two-hole bonus. I kept gang banger equipped. In this particular situation, I could benefit with Rough Rider, Gang Banger, or Town Bicycle. However, Town Bicycle would only give me 10% experience on the third orc, and I didn’t think it would compound with the same lovers multiple times. The orcs were so soft I didn’t think I could get it in my ass, but even if I did, that would just be 50% experience on 1 orc. Whereas gang banger gave 50% experience on two people filling two holes, so it was the ideal experience. I wasn’t sure it worked that way, but that’s why I stuck with my first title, which even now was one of the most useful.

The third cock was in my hand again. However, this time I didn’t move my hand at all. I didn’t want to inadvertently initiate my handjob skill and waste a cum… so I kept my hand there like a dead weight as he thrust himself against it. He didn’t seem to mind at all, not even seeming to notice.

The orc came inside me and I let out a cute little gasp. A normal dick kind of just throbbed when it came. The orc dick was different. It was like… a tiny bulge, that shot out, moving through the loop like a glob moving through a drain until it suddenly burst out the tip. It felt like his dick was crawling inside me, I can’t really explain it another way. There were three more bursts moving, causing the dick to twist and readjust inside me until he was spent.

I kicked the orc off me, my hand tightening around the shaft of the orc to my side. I pulled him by his dick, and he let out a loud snorting whine. However, the orc went where I guided him, and a moment later he was happily thrusting into me as well. Meanwhile, I continued to attack with the seduction skill. The orc in my mouth finally erupted, and I swallowed down his greasy seed while continuing to suck him. The orc started making a whining grunt sound as I sucked him way past the point of release. He was stomping his feet, but I wouldn’t let him pull out, having complete control of his dick. Suddenly, a glob of seed shot through his dick that was large enough to see with the visible eye. My eyes widened, but before I could spit his dick out of my mouth, it reached the tip and erupted inside.

“Ack, gah, cough… Ah… it went up my nose!”

I coughed as oily liquid went up the wrong hole, and I ended up having to wipe some from my nose. The other orc exploded inside me while I was still trying to clean myself up. They really did not last very long. I only did the one position, which means no enhanced position bonus either. I grimaced… I needed more experience. As the orcs went to rest, I didn’t let up. I kept firing off seduction.

Seduction was scary and had some pretty unexpected side effects. It usually backfired stupendously, but that was when I used seduction conservatively. I’d use it once, maybe twice, and I would let it slowly build up. This lead to the feverish looks and the obsession. However, was there a point beyond that? I didn’t know… but I planned to test it on these orcs.

And so, I launched pheromones again. A wave of exhaustion overtook me, letting me realize I had reached the limit of my stamina. I used All Nighter on myself. I have no clue how much I used. Hp bars, sp bars, and stamina were not numbers I was given in this fantasy world. However, I no longer felt tired. Unfortunately, my orc companions didn’t make it. They were under the effects of pheromones certainly, but their penis wasn’t protruded. That’s right, it seemed to shrink back up in there. There was only a little tip which would spring out into the whole shaft when they were ready.

One tried to stick it in me, but there was nothing to stick. They were horny, but the equipment no longer worked. Wait… the All Nighter skill said it converted sp to stamina on either of us, so… I grabbed one of the orcs and attempted to use All Nighter, this time imagining giving it to him. A second later, his corkscrew popped out, alive and ready. Thankful, his attempt to touch himself was considered close enough to intercourse to work. He slipped it inside of me.

Tired of lying on my back, I switched to cowgirl. As I did so, I watched the other orcs to see if the sudden change would affect spectators. They didn’t react at all. Instead, they continued to watch us with a bit of drool running out of their mouths while they rubbed the nub hoping to get an erection. ED must be awful, I’m sorry guys, grin and bear it until you get your turns!

Meanwhile, I put my hands on the orcs hardened muscular chest, about the only part of him that resembled a human. I blocked out everything else and focused purely on the feel of his leathery skin, and the corkscrew dick twisting around inside of me with each thrust. Deciding to have a little fun, I put my feet up on the haystack and pushed up. With his nearly two-foot dick, I was able to get halfway to standing before dropping down and having it slide right up in me. The feeling was incredibly good and unlike anything else, I’ve tried.

{Position Unlocked: Asian Cowgirl}

Each time I dropped down onto his hips, there would be a sloppy slosh sound. It was a combination of the oily semen they had already deposited into me as well as my own juices. Their semen actually worked as a lubricant although I’m not sure if it’s condom safe. However, my lubed up pussy was so soaking wet that his cock just slid everywhere inside. I was literally dripping on him, and a puddle of our juices was falling down his thighs in thick droplets.

He started to cum, another lump of fishy lube climbed up his two-foot shaft just as I plummeted down. The result was a pressure differential. Just as I struck bottom. It popped out. It felt like a bubble popped inside me. My body chose that moment to cum as well, and my pussy, despite better judgment, swelled and tightened in the throes of an orgasm. The combined momentum resulted in on inevitability. The dick shot out of my pussy, oily spooge combined with my juices literally exploding out of my vagina and erupting across his stomach.

I broke into laughter at the sight, snorting. The orc made snorting noises too, letting out a satisfied oink sound, although I don’t think he appreciated the humor. I straddled the orc, and his cork dick wrapped between the lips of my slit, the head of his cock lying haphazardly on his own stomach. I felt more globs of semen run up between my slit before gushing out onto him. He didn’t seem to mind at all as he finished coming.

I considered licking his stomach clean. What can I say, the oily discharge was starting to grow on me. However, there were two other orcs present, and I was just getting started.

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Ascii of the Day:

     BB  M  B   uBO     vi         BL                                            
    BB  i  B  NBv                    F                                           
   BB  J  B  BB                       SV                                         
  jB  i  B uB                           B                                         
  B       BB                       iB    Bu                                      
iBI     B B                  BMii    Bu   MP                                     
BBi    iB P                BBi        BB    Z                             i      
MB     G i               iBB           BB   rB            jBEBBBBBMBMBuOviiiiu   
BB     M                MMB     MEMU    FBi   Bi     BBBriML        iuiBB BBMP XBM
BB     B i              BI   uMBNMBq     GMi   Bu   BB   iriiivvLi        LBBv   v
BB     M r                  BBB  VX       BB     vB ii             YEMBBE    iSNu
BB     u r              B  Bk   r          Bu    orBM                     vBo    
BB     i    rBBBBMF     BM                  B     EBB                       SBGi 
 B    i   qBq            BB                  B      BBBBBGLi                  YLi
 Mv      ii     NBBBY     BMJ                vB        iLNBBBBBBBBu             i
 BM       F   GBMBZ         BBZ               B                 iMBBBBBi         
 MB       Bi BBB i           BBFBi            jM     PErFBZi          BBBi       
  v     u  M P                  UB             B     iivPB B   i        MBB      
   B    M  B                  BB               B     ri  BiM              BB   i 
   Mq   YI vBi             vN                  kB     MN  rB               BB    
    B    B  BBB                                 BM   i LBUiM                BB   
     O   Ni  BBB                         i       Bi   vii IB                 BM  
     M    B  GBMBr                N BMBu iB       BB      BM                 YBB 
          Li  B SBBi           Ovv    i   BB       UuJr   FB                  BB I
           B  iB  oMBB        P            B  rB     BBii  B Bq                Mi
           ii  Yi    BBBBr   ji        rBii   BB  BJi  ii  B  vZi           i  BM
           iU  r  i     NBBG            irB   riGNB    Br jB    BB           U  B
           LM  B         LB               r v  B       Bo UB      OY            B
           i       i     Bi               BME i        MB  B       BS           B
                        BB                i         ii BO  B        OB         BB
            B          qB                          iu  uB  G         Bu        Bu
            uo   i     BM                              OB ir                  BB 
             N   r    BB                 vv iBB        rB i                  BB  
j             BB      BB                BP  UBBBB        i i                BB   
MB             i      B                 Bi     iBB       iOXFq             MI   BM
  B                  BB                BM         r  ZMBr i              uM   GBB
  iBi                Bq                B               i           rBMv BO  BBB  
    Bv              iB                 B             iF      VXOBBMr   BMSBBB    
     BJ             BE                OY             v   L           MBMBBi      
      ML            B                 B                iv         UBMBBM         
       Br          GB                ri               i         MMBBBi           
        B         LB                iB                        iBBBr              
        UB        BB                B                  ii   irBr                 
         BS      YBi                                  iBBBBFi                    
         iB      BB                Y                 BBBL                        
          BB    LB                iM               BBB                           
           BB  rB                vrMi            MBv                              
            BGiM                 B uBi         BBi                               
             ir                  kv iBr       B                                  
              qk                 iB   B iB                                       
              iiqN                i   PBBB


Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

The carriage was perhaps not the most comfortable ride around. At first, I had tried to treat the bumpiness like an unbalanced washing machine, using the bumps to satisfy the sexual lust I’ve been deprived since my dildo was jammed into one of the bags. However, an hour later I hadn’t been able to get even my overactive libido to climax and my butt was becoming numb. There were cushions, of course, but they were not enough to truly protect my butt, or get me off, I’d have taken either.

I eventually switched to Rough Rider to relieve some of the discomforts. My butt hurt less, but the numb feeling wouldn’t go away. I just wanted to move my butt a bit, maybe stand up and stretch. However, the carriage did not give enough room to stand. I shouted twice for the thieves to stop the carriage for me.

The first time, the guy on the horse riding alongside just looked at me with a disgusted glare and barked. “Shutup!”

A second later, I realized I recognized him. “Oh, that’s right, you did me doggy style two nights ago. I came with you. That was a good one.”

The guy turned completely red, and his horse fell back. Why was he suddenly being all shy now? He wasn’t at all shy when he was slapping my butt and saying I was his, what was the word? Oh yeah, ‘Dirty Little Fuck Princess’.

Of course, that got me the idea of fucking these thieves. I mean, Denova depended on what they’d tell him, but they’re likely not going to tell him they fucked the princess before she got there. Plus, even if he found out, he’d be more likely to take it out on them than me. Six guys at a time. With my new found love of anal, the gangbanger experience will be much easier to earn. I kind of wanted to try anal again, especially with someone a size smaller than Denova. Especially double penetration. I think I could handle it now.

The second time I asked them to stop, intending to try to seduce them, they didn’t say a word to me. Ignoring me is painful. If they kept treating me so poorly, then I’d just release the pheromones. Let’s see them keep their reason with that. A flash of Jenai’s face kept me from doing that. If my obsession with fucking somehow prevented us from getting into the castle and thus risked Jenai’s life, I couldn’t live with myself.

On the other hand, she said no dildo until we got to the castle. She said nothing about no dick… and the faster I leveled, the more powerful and more likely I could overwhelm Denova. In a way, fucking these guards was in Jenai’s best interest.

As I danced back and forth over the release of my pheromones, the guards started talking. I pressed my ear up against the carriage door listening to the conversation outside. I guess even the guards would get bored on a long journey like this.

“I don’t like this.” One of the guy’s said.

“Like what?”

“Well, we got this whore in the back whose been stuck more than a pin cushion and now we’re walking right into a castle?”

“What of it? Denova says he’s already made the appropriate bribes and it’ll be no problem. Plus, he offered us a cut.”

“Yeah, well, it seems risky to me, can that girl even be useful? Only thing she seems useful for is putting up her legs.”

I frowned at the rude guy’s comments. I know I’ve done a lot of sexual deeds, but I don’t really see myself as a slut. This is just how I level. It’s how my class was built. Do you call an adventurer who goes out and kills a bunch of goblins to level up a mass murderer? No, he’s just doing what adventurers do to level. Same difference.

“You’re just pissy because you thought you were nail’n a princess, and it turns out she was just some common girl like the rest.”

I gave the other guy a thumbs up. Totally, he’s just jealous.

“No… I’m just saying… why us? We get a cut of the biggest heist of the century.”

“Like he said, we’re his most trusted!”

“Yeah… but we’re all thieves. Only one bandit in the bunch and I’m sorry Bree, but I find it hard to believe you’re his most trusted after you got drunk and talked shit about him for half a night.”

“Hey… that was months ago, we’ve long since buried the hatchet on that kind of stuff.

I was already starting to get bored with their talk. They were supposed to be talking about that smoking hot princess sitting in the carriage and how they wished they’d fuck her.

“Oh man, you see that sexy bitch in the carriage? Man, I’d like to fuck her.”

“Yeah man, you and me both, we should totally pull over this carriage and take her on the side of the road.”

“Oh, but we can’t, Denova would totally kill us.”

“Naw man, what Denova doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

“You’re right, man, let’s do this.”

“Alright, I feel like filling up that princess ass.”

“Alright, I’ll take the pussy.”

“Yeah, we’ll fuck her till she’s full of cum.”

I was not listening to their actual conversation, but the pretend conversation in my head. Meanwhile, my dress was hiked up, and I was fingering myself. Dammit, why do these have to be the only cautious and honorable thieves in the entire fucking forest? I was ready to reach a climax when the carriage suddenly slammed to a stop. Being as I was not exactly sitting correctly in my seat, this caused me to sprawl forward and hit my head on the adjacent wall.

“Ah, damn it!” I swore.

Although it’d be hard to guess whether I cussed at the strike to my head or the cockblocked orgasm. Maybe I really did need to work on my carnal resistance. As I leveled up my abilities, I think it was sending my libido overboard. I vowed to work on resisting my sexual urges… right after I just squirt this one out.

Regrettably, or perhaps thankfully, the side of the carriage swung open before I had my hand back under my dress. As is, it just looked like I was readjusting my dress after the sudden fall.

“Shit…” the guy growled, “You got a cut on your head.”

I lifted up my hand to my head and noticed it for the first time as well. It wasn’t a big deal, except for the fact I was pretending to be a princess.

“What’s going on?”

Distantly, I hoped my dream was about to become a reality, but fortunately, my delusions were not so advanced that I didn’t know something else was going on.

“It’s a monster up ahead. We’re going to go take care of it. You stay here with the driver and one ‘guard’ and we’ll start moving once it’s been dealt with.”

I nodded to the guy and tried to follow him out the carriage door. The guy blocked me and pushed me back down onto the seat.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“My butt is sore from riding in this carriage, I want to stand and stretch my legs for a bit.”

“No, the boss says you stay in the carriage until we get there. So, you need to stay.”

“But my butt is sore!” I whined a tad petulantly.

“Shut up or I’ll give your ass a reason to be sore!” He cursed.

My eyes brightened at that. “Is that a promise?”

He coughed, suddenly not quite sure what to say. Not wanting to waste the chance, I slowly rose up my dress. A moment later, I revealed my underwear, which I pulled to the side, effectively giving him a clear look at the glistening pink lips of my pussy. I couldn’t have made a come on more obvious if I yanked down his pants and sucked him off right there.

He stared at my pussy, the desire very clearly on his face. He reached out and then seemed to catch himself. He shook his hand, pointing at me.

“Y-you… damn, they said the whole camp, but…”

“I don’t want the whole camp, I just want your cock inside me.”

He unconsciously reached down and grabbed his own nuts, which were already springing to life at the appearance of me spread wide and open for him.

“I-I can’t… the guys, they won’t wait…”

“It’ll be real quick, just two minutes,” I gave him a pouty face as I spoke. “You can just tell the guys I was panicky, and you had to tie me up. You… can tie me up, if you want.”

{Seduce has increased to LVL 2.}

“Uh, uh… uh… g-g-guys!” He turns outside, “The princess is being a little panicky, just give me a minute to calm her down.”

He got the rest of the way into the cart and a surge of happiness shot through me. Not just because I leveled up in seduce, which is a lot safer than the seduction special skill, but also because I’d finally get some sex. And the best part was that I didn’t recognize him from my night of debauchery. That’s an experience bonus right there!

He quickly fiddled with the string of his pants as he closed the carriage door behind him. Meanwhile, I scooted back, sitting in the middle aisle between the two carriage seats. I put up my feet on either seat, ready to accept his hard member into me.

He got down his knees in front of me, stroking his cock a few times as he lined it up for entry. There was a thump on the door and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He looked around nervously.

“Just a minute, we’re almost done.”

“Yeah, yeah, stick it in me, baby.”

He listened for a second and then nodded. He put it back down, the tip of his head touching against the entry into my womanhood. Yes, dick, I need your dick inside me. There was a sudden shout, like a yell from outside. Once again, he jumped, and his perfect head pressed against my vagina was once again denied entry.

“I-I have to go see what that is.”

“No… it’s fine, they’re just, whatever, come on.”

“Just a minute…” he put his hand out as if he was settling a horse.

He went to the door, then turned back and blew me a kiss with a grin before turning and jumping outside. I rolled my eyes. Jeeze, I wanted some sloppy sex in the carriage, not a boyfriend. I dropped my head back, sighing at the inconvenience of it all. Of course, I was still lying with my legs spread open like a whore. Oh god, the guard was right.

I pulled my dress down and sat back in my seat. Damn it, I’ve just been nuts lately. I can’t believe I’ve grown this desperate. That has to be full blown nymphomania, right? I mean, what did Jenai even think of me. I was feeling her up every chance I got. It was almost the same way Denova would do it.

We’re a lot alike.

I shivered at those words. No, Denova and I were not alike. He was insane, a sociopathic psychopath who murders people and doesn’t give a shit about anyone. I cared about Jenai. I cared about Min. The fact I only care about women didn’t make me a lesbian. I just hadn’t found any good, reliable men yet.

Okay… I will resist my urges.

{Carnal Resistance has increased to LVL 3.}

That’s right. I am calm. I am in control. When that bodyguard comes back in here, I’ll just say it was a lapse in judgment or something. I’m betting his buddies wouldn’t even believe him. It’s called plausible deniability.

However, the guys were taking a while. Other than the shout, there wasn’t much going on. There were some sounds like metal clanging on metal, but that was already gone. So, what the heck was going on. A shadow showed in front of the door and I gave a sigh as I moved to open it.

“Look, I’m sorry, that was…” I opened the door and my mind seemed to freeze. “… A mistake…”

The thing standing in front of me was not one of the thieves at all. It was large, it had a build larger than Denova and stood at almost seven feet tall. It also had a face that was unmistakably that of a pig. A body of a man, but the face of a pig. That only meant one thing.

“An… orc?”

The orc grunted and reached out, grabbing me. A second later, I was tossed over its shoulder like a rag. As I was pulled out of the carriage, I realized there were two other orcs rummaging around. There were bodies on the floor, including the guy I fucked two nights prior and the one I almost fucked two minutes ago.

In an instant, I was back alone and in the capture of orcs. The orcs started running off into the forest, abandoning the carriage and taking me with them.

Well… shit.

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Ascii of the Day:

                                 BOM        rMO2uML                              
                                BO            2OBOM                              
                              LBq               GOOBOv                           
                             UB:             O    EOBO                           
                            OB        vZv SujBi    2OBO                          
                           OU      MMBMFZOF, Ok     .OBO                         
                         BOi     :E:          GB     ,OB0                        
                       iBO:     B,             PB     rOB                        
                      OBOX     B                5B     BO                        
                      BOB     Bj                 OL    iB:                       
                      OB7    uO                   O     OE                        
                      BO     PB     ,:            5O    BO                       
                      OO     XB   ,iviO    :2i     B    OB                       
                      BO     O,  JrBBM     OZOBOZ  O7   :O7                      
                      OB     Xr                    B:    BO                      
                      BO      B                    Oi    OB:                     
                      OB      q    2u       O      B     1OO                     
                      BO      B   BO   jBO  .O8O  5O     rB8                     
                      OB      O.  PMi.       Oq   OM     :OZ                     
                      BO      iO     .r,,    5   XB       BG                     
                  ,,. OO       BO      BOB      PB        Oq                     
                qOOOBOBO        OF             jBO       OBOjOMBr                 
              ,OO7    ,OOBr.   ,OB  ,.      B. MOBOBOBGOOBOr7:.7OBL              
              BO         :OOB. :.. r, jOBOBOBr.      u:,         OBB             
             kO      iEB                ,                          BO            
             OB    vBOL.                                            BO           
            OB    OB:                                               OB           
            BO   BB                                           ,     BOM          
            OB   BO     u:                                    :B   .OOO          
            B5   7O  vOOO.                    7Or      qBOi   Bu   .BO7          
            Or   :O0OBO                        8O:       :;  GM     OB           
           rB7   OOOBO                          OO7          O.    1OO           
           7OG  ;B.                              JOBOBO2     20    2OB           
           rBO  :Or     i                             .kBOBu  B    iBO           
           rOv  OBOOJOOOOG                                 i  OF    OM           
           rB   BS,OOOBOF                                     OM    OM           
           XO   OJ                                            O5    OO          MO
BG         OB   BO                                            B0    BM       7BOF
ZOO        BO   Oq                                            UB    OM     ;OB:  
  BOE      OO  :B:                                             O    BO   8OO.    
    OOOi   BO  8O                                              BL   OE 7OB       
      ZOB  OB  OB                                              qB   BOBO:        
        uBOBF OB                                               .OB.MO8           
          .OBOB.                                                BOBS             
                                       k  .O                                     
                                O      S    B                                     
                               B      u. BF  B                                    
                              O      Z  O    O                                   
                            U G     .u ,.    j.                                  
                            Oi      O   :B    u                                   
                            ,,      O   B.,O  5                                  
                             ..     O.   v    v      .                           
                             r     .2    O     Z    :                            
                              u    GL N  Z   N O    O                            
                              B    k .   O  .Z O5   M                            
                              Z    O.    X  r  B    O                            
                              uZ   OB.   u    B.   O.                            
                              jB    OOO     iB    Bq                             
                              Fv     Xu   iOB     0                              
                                     EL iu  u                                    
                                     GBqOBO  P  i                                    
                                       B i  OO;:                                 
                                        8   :                                    
                                        EBv  B                                   


Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

{Position Unlocked: Eating Out}

{Cunnilingus has increased to LVL 2.}

“This thing, it really works.” Jenai said in surprised.

“Uh huh,” My voice came out muffled from below, my face was about nose deep into her snatch. I was vigorously using the Cat’s Meow, trying to get every part of her body.

“Ah… you just made me cum.”

As if on cue, some womanly juices just suddenly flowed up into my nose. I sputtered and coughed, pulling out.

“Hey there, this is serious.” I remonstrated her.

Jenai was now boosted up on her elbows, curiously looking down at me. At first, I had just licked the outside which only had a small amount of tearing. Then I steadily had worked my way in a circle, slowly getting deeper and deeper. It was hard to see down there, so I mostly just licked everything I could get my tongue on, and gradually as I worked, I lifted her legs up more and worked on getting deeper and deeper.

{Position Unlocked: Rockin’ Rockette}

Of course, Jenai tasted like blood, giving me a vampire vibe and the fear my next level would include some kind of vampire deal. However, surprisingly enough, I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. That is, eating pussy. I had done it the one time with Min, who even now I wondered what happened to. However, that was during a pretty stressful situation.

You could call this one pretty stressful too since her healing depended on my licking. However, we were on a comfortable bed, and ever since I started, she was acting more and more lively. I had started with a Princess Kiss, our lips meeting in a surprisingly soft kiss. Girl’s lips were pretty soft, I think I started to understand why lesbians liked it. In truth, if Jenai got any livelier, I might put her in 69 to give her mouth something more useful to do.

“Ah… once again.”

I sighed as more juice dropped into my tongue. Most of the blood was gone at this point, so I swallowed and got my first real taste of a woman. I didn’t mind it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she tasted sweet, but it was sweet when compared to semen’s salty taste. It was like drinking juice versus drinking a smoothie if that made any sense.

“You sure cum a lot…”  I said although I wasn’t really one to talk.

“It is your fault for being so good with your tongue. Seductress is a skill that is not lost on you.”

“How so?”

“Can I tell a secret?” she asked coyly.


“I came six times while you were using the dildo.”

“What? Six? How… You were being hurt!”

“Well… it was quite large, and you handled it so well. Perhaps I am a bit of a masochist now. Even now, as you work down below, I just want you to bite me…”

Curiously, I cautiously bite down on her clitoris, just a nibble.

“Ah… harder…”

I press down more.


I bite as hard as I can without breaking skin, and a second later a squirt hits my chin.

“Yes… definitely a masochist… I came again.”

“I could tell,” I said flatly, wiping my chin.

“It also seems like the damage and repair have made that area more sensitive, perhaps. Either that or you Aria, are exceptional.”

I gave her a wry smile and then went back to work. The strange thing was because her concealing was so high and she was so used to using it, every time she came she just said it. There was no real inflection on her face. A slight popping of the eyes, but she didn’t moan, she didn’t squirm, she didn’t make any noises or facial expressions. Her cumming was completely silent. If my face wasn’t at ground zero receiving the brunt of her attacks, I’d only have her word to go by.

I continued my machinations in earnest. By the time I was convinced I had licked, I mean healed, every part of her I could reach, both inside and out, she had received three more cums. Out of curiosity, I position switched to 69. My body was now over hers and she immediately starting eating me out without a word.

Even though I had finished, we kept going at it for quite a while afterward. So, I have to accept the harsh truth of it. I’m officially bisexual now. I wouldn’t have considered myself bisexual before, even with Min, but being with a girl… was fun. I could even get behind tits. I played with hers and let her play with mine for a while, and then we ended up cuddling. She smelled so nice and she was so soft, it seemed to activate the more aggressive part of me.

When we were cuddling naked in Denova’s bed, I asked her about the position shifts. She had no clue what I was talking about. When I asked her why, or when, did she decide to start eating me out, she didn’t have a clear answer. Thus, I tried a few lesbian positions with her and then practiced switching positions.

{Position Unlocked: Scissoring}

{Position Unlocked: Sultry Spooning}

As the name suggested, sultry spooning was when I held her from behind, reaching around to play with her clitoris and breasts with my hands. Meanwhile, scissoring was classic. Although rubbing our parts together was stimulating, without a double-sided dildo or something between us, I just couldn’t cum. Eventually, we settled back into a 69, which seemed to be my favorite position so far.

“Ah… I saw it that time. I was on top, but now I am on the bottom.”

That was a new trick I just learned. When I did something like a 69, I could swap between top and bottom. It wasn’t a different position, and it didn’t come up as anything like a reverse 69 or a 96 or whatever they’d call it. It’s just the way I call for the position puts me in either place. I can choose which person I am in the position at will. However, for her to realize the switch, it took getting her to acknowledge our position, tell her as I’m changing it, and then reminding her of the position just to get her to realize it happened. Even then, she sounded unsure. Whatever Denova had as a skill was such a cheat, then again, so were most of my abilities.

I did try to move in heterosexual sex positions, but if they weren’t positions that “worked” because of the lack of a penis, then they wouldn’t trigger. This could be rectified with the attachment of a strapon. Not the monster, but Jenai also had a more reasonable one in Denova’s stock. I was shocked when Jenai confirmed that the sex toys were NOT normal in this world. Denova had created these as part of his sexual torture, and until I started using one for my own sexual pleasure, Jenai hadn’t even considered they could be used that way.

{Cunnilingus has increased to LVL 3.}

“Ah… you’ve suddenly improved.” Jenai said.

So, it appeared that she noticed. Well, if she was bad before, improving only made Jenai cum more often. I was a little disappointed that fingering also did not show up under my skills, but when I checked my status, I noticed that the position “fingering” had lost the (self), so I guess that meant I can change to a fingering position on anyone I wanted now. Maybe the act of fingering others was covered by the masturbation skill, but it hadn’t leveled up so I wasn’t sure. Eventually, we finished experimenting as it was getting late, and Jenai got up to start cleaning the sheets and repairing the room.

“Are you sure you’re okay to do this?” I asked worriedly.

“It hurts a little deep down,” Jenai touched her stomach, “But I believe it is just soreness that your tongue could not reach. Perhaps a kiss will make it all better?”

I smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out my arm and grabbing the naked Jenai. I pulled her towards me and I kissed her stomach. Although Princess Kiss only works on the lips, I activated it anyway. I then looked up and brought her lips to mine, giving her another Princess Kiss.

As our lips slowly party, my eyes looking up at hers, I asked, “Better?”

She closed her eyes for a second, “Mmm, better.”

I still watched her closely as she moved around the room and picked things up, but I wasn’t able to detect any issues, at least through her level of concealment.

After she finished changing the bedding that was now drenched in our lust, as much of it more recent as from earlier, she finally let out a sigh.

“You’ll be leaving tomorrow. From then on, I will be contending with Denova alone.”

I winced at those words. In many ways, it felt like abandonment.

“I-I don’t want to leave you. You’re my close friend. I love you.”

To be clear, I did love her as a friend. We were friends who were comfortable exploring each other’s bodies. It wasn’t like I wanted her or something. We’re just friends.

Jenai nodded. “Love… yes… I think it is love too. I love you, Aria, as well. I do not wish for you to go… but in some ways I am relieved.”

I cocked my head questioningly. “How so?”

“You will be out from under Denova’s clutches. He may still have your guild card and know your skills, but he doesn’t know what your skills mean. He can only guess, and if these skills use this slang like Hershey Upway… he won’t even be able to do that. I meant what I said, I believe you will become stronger than that man.”

I move up to her. “Just wait for me, I will come back. I will save you from him.”

“What… do you plan to do?”

“One day… I’m going to kill Denova.”

Jenai nodded. “I hope… I am alive to see that day. You… sound just like a hero. Be careful, or you may steal my heart and soul.”

“Let’s… go to bed, it’s getting late now and I don’t want to be awake when Denova gets back.” I shook off her words ineloquently.

Hero? I didn’t see myself as a good person. I was just trying to survive. As to the other thing, I didn’t see myself marrying a woman anytime soon. Fortunately, Jenai agreed with me and dropped it. The pair of us lied down and went to sleep, holding each other. Regrettably, Denova did not leave us alone sleeping. He was a little surprised to see Jenai back in tip top shape. He did manage to get the contents of the skill of Cat’s Meow out of me. He found it hilarious that I had spent half the day licking Jenai’s girl parts in order to fix her up.

He then took turns fucking the both of us, not sparing Jenai any leniency from previously being hurt. I didn’t use any position changes on him, and Jenai and I held and kissed each other as he switched back and forth between us. He didn’t seem to care that we spared him no intimacy. I also unlocked my first two threesome positions, so that was something to get excited about.

{Position Unlocked: Double Dip}

At one point, while he was pounding me from behind doggy style, I started eating Jenai’s pussy, and that got me the second position.

{Position Unlocked: The Doggy Deluxe}

{Vaginal Intercourse has increased to LVL 7.}

We both went down on him and he finally came on both of our faces. We then licked the semen off of each other, which was an event that Denova seemed to have no complaints about. Denova laid down in the middle of the bed and went to sleep. He didn’t mind that neither of us girls cuddled with him either, the pair of us holding each other on the other side of the bed.

{Position Unlocked: Double Oral}

{Blowjob has increased to LVL 6.}

When the morning came, I awoke to my ass being slapped by Denova’s calloused hands. Jenai was no longer there. She was an early bird, already up cleaning, sewing, making food… basically, everything Denova demanded before Denova demanded it. When I got up, I saw that she was back in gaudy wear that barely left anything to the imagination. Although I didn’t have room to talk, it had been nearly three days since I had last worn an article of clothing, unless a strap-on counted.

Today, I had to return to being a princess. That put me back into the hot tub, with bubbly water produced by Jenai. She was back in servant mode, and I was regretful that I couldn’t get her in the bath with me. I did give her another princess kiss, which ended in some pretty heavy petting before she pulled away and huffed.

“You’re incorrigible,” She pouted with a blush in an incredibly cute way completely unlike the first time I had seen her.

After she left, I bathed myself properly, including some experience with Solo Player. When I was out and dried, Jenai properly dressed me as a princess, redoing the hair I had destroyed. I applied my own makeup as Jenai grudgingly admitted I was better at it than she. Afterward, I tried to enjoy Jenai a little more, and she ended up slapping my bottom before I’d stop.

Perhaps my behavior was getting a little out of control. I was acting like a teenager on prom night, except I was the one in the prom dress! I closed my legs and carefully thought of not sex. Restraint, restraint… I needed restraint.

{Carnal Resistance has increased to LVL 2.}

That’s right, that’s the skill I needed. I continued to think sage thoughts, but as I waited for Denova to finalize whatever the hell he was doing before I got in the carriage, I had to use my toy again. Look, I’m not that bad. I just need it when I get up. And about 2-3… 5 times tops a day. That’s it, and then I’m cool as a cucumber. You know… maybe I should just… you know, leave the toy inside me, channel magic whenever I’m having trouble.

That ended up working really well. I needed underwear to hold it up in there. I hadn’t worn underwear since I met Denova, so it felt somehow constricting… but walking around with a 1-inch thick tube up in there took some finesse.

{Conceal has increased to LVL 7.}

And there you go! Level 7 conceal and all I had to do was satisfy my lust. I regret nothing. Well… I did get carried away with turning it on, and my panties were so soaked that they started dripping down my dress. But I’m a fighter, I will persevere!

By the third time I asked Jenai for new panties, she found out what I was doing and literally reached up my dress and yanked my toy out.

{Masturbation has increased to LVL 4.}

{Magic has increased to LVL 2.}

“Hey! I need that!” I whined.

I was on a roll today. I was eager to test out if masturbation truly improved and if another level of magic would allow me to increase the vibrations strength and complexity. I wanted to see if I could just vibrate a part of the dildo, or possibly send it running through the vibrator itself like a undulating wave. Oh, that sounded awesome. I was wet just thinking about it.

“You can have it once you reach the castle. Until then, you must go without. I will not let my friend become a sexual deviant.”

My experiments would unfortunately have to wait. She ended up putting it in to one of the bags of luggage being loaded on the carriage. The bags were full of Denova’s finest. Dresses, fine jewelry… most of it had been owned by the previous princess and fitted to my measurements. I vaguely wondered if there was a bandit seamstress running around camp doing this kind of stuff.

Without my toy, I was left to awkwardly cross my legs and bear with it. After what felt like ages, it became time to go. It was Jenai who had come to fetch me. She simply gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Come, we must go now.”

I nodded, and we left through a hidden flap in the back and continued out to the carriage which sat a mile or so outside of the bandit camp. It was a carriage fitted much like the one the bandits had attacked when they  captured me in what felt like a lifetime ago. I lifted my head, the concealing and deception in full gear.

“So, the time has come that I set you free,” Denova said to me.

I sniffed. “This one does not think she is truly free.”

Denova smiled. “And don’t forget it. Everyone in this carriage is my closest allies. I have inserted over a dozen eyes and ears within the castle. You will be watched, and remember, I know and see everything. Put on a convincing show, and when you come back, I’ll make you my wife. Betray me, and there are more blades in the dark than you can count.”

“I got it,” I said wryly, dropping the princess act.

“And remember,” He smiled grabbing Jenai. “You’re not the only one who can be punished.”

I simply nodded at that, then moved into the carriage.

“Any questions?” he asked, moving up to the door as I sat down inside.

“Who is my contact?” I asked.

“They’ll contact you.” He responded. “Just integrate yourself into the noble society. When we need you to do something, you’ll be contacted. Oh, on that note, here is a little engagement present.”

He held out a ring to me. I looked down at it like a viper, not reaching my hand to take it. Instead, I used examine on it.

{Cursed Ruby Ring – Grade A –

Effect 1: The wearer gains the identity of a target. Target is selected by blood ritual. Current target: Cornelia Bartrum.

Effect 2: The wearer will die instantly if the appropriate key phrase is used. Current Keyphrase: [Hidden]

Effect 3: Ring cannot be removed from the wearer without an appropriate key phrase or after death. Current Keyphrase: [Hidden]

Effect 4: Tracking: The location of the target is always known.

Effect 5: Once worn, the ring will hide all status effects.}

“Oh, come now, don’t be rude. This cost me a very large sum of money to procure. Put it on.”

I grimaced and then slowly reached out and grabbed the ring. As I grabbed the ring, Denova put his hands on mine, stopping me from withdrawing.

“Also, I can use the key phrase from anywhere, all I need to do is utter the words and you’re dead. With this, you’re officially mine.”

“Yes, I am completely yours,” I said with a helpless look on my face.

{Deception has increased to LVL 7.}

He grinned. Maybe he was so full of himself right now that he wasn’t using his lie-detecting ability. Maybe he knew damn well I was lying and just didn’t care. Either way, I thought about every way I wished he’d die as I put the ring on my finger. It flashed a moment later.

I used the Examine skill on the ring again.

{Ruby Ring – Grade A – Effects [Hidden]}

Slightly suspicious, but nobles likely kept all kinds of hidden tricks up their sleeves, so I didn’t think anyone would be surprised a princess had a ring with some kind of protection charm she didn’t want to reveal. Like it said, I was unable to pull it off again. It just felt stuck on my right hand’s ring finger.

“What about your men… are their stats hidden too? I wouldn’t want the nobles to see me in a party of bandits.”

Denova chuckled. “You don’t need to worry about that. I have that figured out.”

As the carriage started moving away, I looked back. I saw Jenai in the distance, her face completely unreadable. I felt both relieved and sad. I was leaving my best friend, but I was also leaving the hateful Denova. One day I would kill him and save her. That was my promise. I had never killed anyone before, but this was already a violent world and I had already done many things I would never have done in my previous life. I would summon the capacity to kill him, I swear it.

As I left, my identity as the princess every bandit got a taste of remained secured. It was spread throughout camp that Denova eventually got a ransom from a noble and most of the thieves just accepted it. I had actually been snuck out of the back of the camp and taken some distance away where the carriage had been collected in secret. Except for the six thieves escorting me, no one but Jenai and Denova were aware of my involvement. However, I was soon reminded once again that Denova never does anything without a reason.

Status: (Hope it’s right!)


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Ascii of the Day:

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       B                      BX             SMB                MBuBB      BZqkXSX
       Bi                    GY              BBM                BB        BBMNqSPk
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        rB               iB   B              BB            M          BB         u
         B              MB   uM              BF            jB       uBr          
         Bi              iGqiM               Mi             OMFoVBBu             
         iM                  Bi              Bu                                  
          Bj                 B               BB                                  
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           Mr                B               MBB                                  
           iB                iBi             kMBZ                                
            B                  Bo             BOB                                
            Bj                  Bq            BEMi                               
             B                   iB           BuMF                               
             Bo                   iB          BiBB                               
              B                   oM          B vBB                              
ZZNv          B                 BG Bi         B                                   
    vGBN      Bi              iB   Bi         i                                  
        uMMk  vB             vB    EB                                            
            PEBBV     iii    Mi    BB                                            
                             B     BM                                            
                             Br    BB                                            
                             BU    rB                                            
iiii                          B     BBi                     BBBMr                
     vvvVNqOENF               ki    BNB                    BS    GBV             
                              MBr    MMB                 iB        SBXBPi        
                              vBiMBvYB MJ               BN          M   vB       
                               Gv    L  B              B            B     Ji     
                                BN   Iq LM           iBr            M       rBi  
                                  uBB Bi MP     iBZOML              ME        iBk
                                    BB  B  PBGGBJ                   BJ           M
                                     iB  M  Bi rB                   qG           
                                       BEr   B  B                    B           
                                  IB     YBk EB oB                   B           B
                                    BBi    iMB   B                   iB          B
                                      iNBv       B                    B         ZV
                                         rBq                          B        rB
                                            MB                        B        B 
                                              B                       Bi      Bv 
                                               B                      Bu      B  
                                               iMBEk                  Bu     iB  
                                                BMMBB                OB      LB  
                                                 BMMBM              BB       B   
                                                  SBu              BM       iB   
                                                   Eq             Bi        BN   
                                                    Bi          BB          B    
                                                     B         Bv          iM    
                                                     M        Bj           Bk    
                                                     B      BB             B     
                                                     B    qBi              U     
                                                    MBiLMO                 v     
                                                    BN                     u     
                                                    Br                     B     
                                                    B                      B     
                                                   iB                      B     
                                                   B                       B     
                                                 LM                        BY    
                                                 Bi                        GM     
                                                MB                         LB    
                                               BZ                           B    
                                             MM                             B    
                                           BBi                             iB    
                                         NM                                iB

Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

What I saw when I entered Denova’s room caused me to stop. Jenai was standing on his bed. Well, more specifically, she was hanging from the canopy posts of the bed. One arm was strapped to the right post, the other was strapped to the left. Her height was short enough that her feet could barely touch the bed itself. Her mouth was gagged with a cloth, and there were tears dropping down her eyes.

There was a smack, and her body fell forward. Her feet fell from the foot of the bed and for a second she hung by the restraints, two chains digging into either wrist. After a second of kicking and struggling from her, she managed to get her feet back onto the bed. The source of the smack was her butt being impacted by a large wide paddle held by Denova.

I swallowed another gulp and decided right there and then to let Denova win this round. I would do what he wanted. I could take any abuse he delivered. I kicked myself for taking so long to clean myself in the tub. For some reason, I had convinced myself that he wouldn’t take it out on Jenai… that it was just between him and me. However, it seems liked Jenai’s fears had been correct. He would use Jenai as a way to control me. This entire scene was a statement, even if I could resist him, Jenai couldn’t.

“Alright, I’m here now, you can let her down and do whatever you want with me.”

It was the closest I could muster to an admission of defeat. Even though I wanted to punish him, Denova could do anything he wanted to my body tonight. My conceal and deception abilities were at least enough for that. However, when Denova put on a dark smile, I realized that he wasn’t going to let it go with that.

“Oh! Aria? I didn’t see you there. Well, I did check out your guild card and it seems like you’ve made it all the way to level 11. However, level 11 isn’t quite good enough. I need you to at least be 12 before we send you off tomorrow…”


“Yeah, you’ve made so much progress so quickly, way more than this dumb bitch.” He grabbed Jenai by the face, his fingers digging into her cheeks.

Roughly turning her mouth, he gave her a violent and sloppy kiss. It looked like my little childish display had affected him more than I thought. His eyes had taken on a crazed look. It bordered on madness. No… but… they were the same eyes he always had. Had the madness always been there? Why had I never noticed before? Perhaps it was because my conceal and deception weren’t high enough… but now that I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it.

He was a man on the edge, a blade just about to strike. The fact I had wagged my ass in front of him and taunted him could be considered insane. I could see the reality in his eyes. He wanted to possess me so bad. I was like a shiny gem to a jewel thief, or a glass of water to a man in the desert. He had to possess me, all of me.

“O-okay… I’ll do everything I can to fulfill the mission.”

Denova gave an annoyed look as he pulled his tongue out of Jenai’s mouth. “You’re not listening, dear, you need one more level. And that got me thinking, you haven’t gotten a taste of Jenai yet. Therefore, Jenai will be your experience partner.”

My eyes flashed, but I didn’t make any other reaction. Instead, I moved up to the foot of the bed and without another word, I put my hands on her hips and started kissing just above her hairless clit, my tongue flicking over her olive skin. At the same time, I switched my title to lesbian lover. With the experience gains from a same sex, the first time bonus, and making sure to take her in three different positions, it might not take very long at all to level up to twelve. Denova may think he’s trying to get one over on me, but this only worked to my advantage.

As my tongue worked its way to her clitoris, Denova grabbed a fist full of my hair from the base and pulled back. My head was forced away, a trail of saliva streaming from my tongue to her hairless parts.

“Wait, wait, wait, doll… we don’t know everything about how your leveling works. For example, is the quality of sex important?” Denova asks.

I look up at him, my face hidden in conceal as well as Jenai ever could. “I gain experience each time I have sex, although I get a bonus if there are three different positions.”

“Uh, huh, uh, huh… but do you get experience if there is no penetration?”

I frowned, not sure what he was getting at. “I’ve… 69’d before and leveled… with a woman.”

Something flicked across Denova’s face, but his smile quickly returned. “Still… you can’t say for certain that the experience you gain from licking is as much as you gain from penetration.”

“I… I suppose.”

“And you gain experience from using toys as well?”

I flinched at that. So he knew about the dildo I had taken too. His smile grew into something like a grinning cat. There was some kind of trap, but I didn’t know what it was. I had the growing feeling like I was walking right into something that I wouldn’t like. I didn’t explain to him that the extra experience relates to setting titles. I still didn’t even really know if people from this world had titles or knew about their function.

“I don’t know, I guess I do.”

“Great!” He slapped his hands.

It was sudden enough and close enough that Jenai jumped. She might have fell off the bed if I wasn’t holding her hips.

“So, it’s settled then. We’ll use THAT! Don’t you feel lucky, Jenai?” He grinned and slapped Jenai’s ass before jumping off the bed and walking over to a hidden drawer.

Jenai’s eyes opened in realization. For a second, I thought I could see fear. Then a moment later, they fell into a form of acceptance. She gave me a look, a tear forming in her eyes, and then she nodded towards me. It was a nod of acceptance. It said “do what you have to.”

Whatever it was, Denova had to move a dresser to access it. A moment later he pulled something out. It was a large strap which was attached to a massively large cylinder-like rod. The rod resembled the one I had taken from the hot tub, but whereas that one was about 3 inches long and an inch wide, this one was two feet long and almost a twelve inches wide.

“I had these tools specially made on a whim. You and me, Aria, we’re so much alike. We think alike. Anyone else who looked at this would have no clue what it is, but you’re different, aren’t you?”

I turned away, not wanting to answer his question. Of course, I knew what that thing was. However, that size was ridiculous. It was as big as Denova’s muscular arms. It was a strap-on, a massive strapon. However, this dildo wasn’t made out of elastic skin or plastic, but a polished stone. That meant it provided no give. It’d be like jamming two fists into her at once. Jenai was already a small person herself.


“Huh, excuse me?” Denova asked, turning his ear to me mockingly.

“Can I get something a little smaller?”

“Of course not! The more penetration, the more experience. You’re going to use Jenai until you reach level 12, and I’m not going to waste time.”

I didn’t even know if experience worked that way. I didn’t think the length of time affected experience at all. It needed to be different sexual encounters. I didn’t even know if I gained experience from the same person twice a day. If I fucked Jenai… let her rest a few minutes, and did it again, maybe that would work. Or, if I fucked Jenai, then switched to Denova, then back to Jenai again… maybe that could create some kind of experience farming, but I’ve never done anything like that consistently enough for it to prove it worked. But with that, I’m not sure she could take a second time, let alone a first. Therefore, all I had was this first time.

I couldn’t remember how many guys I’d been with since I reach level 11. Maybe twenty? How many of them were first timers? A couple repeaters came in there near the end. I also got Denova plus some anal bonus. Lesbian Lover gave twice the normal experience, three positions will get a 3X experience. So, one time with her is like six first-times. I tried doing the math in my head, but I had no clue if I would level with this alone.

Denova was waiting with a cruel look in his eyes. After a pause, I grabbed the straps with a flat look, and started putting them on like I was dressing for a funeral. They wrapped around me, numerous leather straps and buckles. They were all necessary and even once I had them all on I had to use a hand to hold up the dildo. If I could do this lying down, it’d be okay, but Jenai was strapped up and Denova had no plans to let her down.

I got up onto the bed, although I was very precariously at the edge of the bed. I looked into Jenai’s eyes and touched her face.

“I’m so sorry…” I whispered.

I knew this wouldn’t kill her. I mean, you can push a baby out of that thing if you needed to. However, it would hurt like hell, and I doubted Jenai’s pain resistance was as high as mine. I wasn’t a sadist or anything, so the thought of hurting my best friend was unsettling. However, I just needed to get this over with.

Jenai shook her head and just kept looking at me. After a moment, I picked up her legs. With the help of the chains tying her up, I managed to get her legs up in my arms so that I was holding her, the bicep of each of my arms sitting in the bend of her knees. It was surprisingly easy to do. Every level I gained a point in every stat. I never really had the privilege of paying attention to it before now, but if my normal strength was five, then I was just over three times as strong as I was back in the old world. As a result, Jenai’s light frame wasn’t difficult for me to hold up.

Still, positioning the pair of us was difficult. After a bit of finagling, I finally got the tip for the cylinder pressed against her. It just didn’t look like it fit, any way you see it.

“Here, here, let me help.” Denova suddenly barked.

He jumped up onto the bed and got behind Jenai. Without a second of concern, he reached down and stuck four fingers from each hand up against each lip of her pussy. He then pulled it open roughly. Jenai let out a muffled scream. I cringed as I thrust my dildo forward, it dug into her pussy, splitting her open. She continued to make noises that were broken by the gag sound. As soon as the dildo struggled to enter her, Denova started pulling down on her lips, like he was trying to tug on a shirt that was too tight.

I pressed my forehead against Jenai, and under my lips I kept whispering. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“It’s in!” Denova happily announced.

Tears were running down Jenai’s eyes, and mine as well. Conceal, I needed to conceal. The hate was surging to the surface. Damn you, Denova, I fucking hate you so much right now. I looked down and saw that Denova was right. Nearly half the length had been inserted into Jenai. It was so large, I could hear her hips creaking. On top of that, the stone tip pushed out from the skin of her stomach, so deep this was jammed into her.

I steadily and carefully brought the dildo up, I could see a streak of blood as I pulled. Yeah, there was definitely tearing, no doubt about it. Then, as careful as I could, I slid it back into her. She made shouts and screams, all muffled by the gag over her mouth.

Suddenly, she started convulsing, her eyes rolled up into her head as her body shook in my arms. What the hell was going on? Was I causing her to have a stroke?

“Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part!” Denova laughed. “It’s the punishment game. You should have a look at my toy, it has some interesting side effects.”

I quickly used examine on his toy as I tried to keep her from injuring herself as she shook.

[Cursed Giant Phallus – Grade B –

Effect 1: Increase Damage when used on a recipient.

Effect 2: Inflicts pain, random status effects, and magic attacks on recipient inversely proportional to thrust speed.]

“So, you see!” He grabbed onto Jenai’s hips, from which I had no control, and then lifted and dropped it, moving he ass up and down on the dildo as fast as his hands could move.

Like that, the massive dildo was bouncing in and out of her. Each motion made creaking sounds, her entire body looking like it was about to break. However, the convulsions seemed to stop, even though her eyes started to roll up into her head, and I couldn’t even tell if she was in pain. This was horrible. A situation of complete helplessness. But after reading the item’s description, I got the idea.

The harder I fucked her, the less the dildo would hurt her. However, fucking her with the dildo itself also hurt her. So, I had no real choice but to keep going forward.  I grabbed onto the base of the dildo, and took a deep breath. I have to get this over with, I have to level or this was never going to stop. The dildo was starting to heat up to an uncomfortable level as my hips started to slow their thrust.

I did a position switch. A second later, we were on the bed. Her restraint fell to the sides, jingling against the bed posts. The dildo was still in her about the same length as before, but now we were both on our knees and it was pushed in from behind. I let out a breath in relief. I had no clue if it’d work. First, I didn’t know if restraints would prevent it. Second, the positions I knew were usually me as the receiving end. I didn’t know if it’d move me down behind, but it seemed like the position ability came through.

The dildo was to the point where it was starting to burn my hand. I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable it felt for Jenai. Without anything else I could do, I started thrusting my hips as hard as I could, shoving the massive dildo into her. The dildo started to cool down, while Jenai continued to whimper.

“How did you do that?” A voice came from above.

I looked up to see Denova standing there, in the same position he had been in before I did the position shift. It looked like my position shift didn’t include him in the procedure… and more, he was aware of it.

“It’s part of my abilities as a seductress. But how do you know? Noone else is aware when I do it.”

Denova smiled, “You’re full of so many surprises. Just like me. We’re two of a kind. I’m in love. I never thought I’d see the day, but I think after this heist, I’ll settle down and marry you.”

“We’re nothing alike.” I snapped back, “You’re cruel and hateful… and…”

Denova’s cruel smile turned into a laugh. “Is that so, yet you’re the one tearing your friend in half.”

“You’ve given me no choice!” I growled while thrusting into her from behind, trying to ignore the pained squeals as I went.

“Perhaps…” Denova shrugged. “Or perhaps you’re just as cruel as me. Perhaps you wanted to feel, just a little bit, what it was like to tear a woman up like this. You were curious, and it made you excited, and you didn’t waste a heartbeat sticking it in. No, you’re a monster to your instincts, just like me.”

I wanted to shout that he was the crazy monster, but fortunately, my body had the good sense not to. Instead, I gave him a flat look, a concealed look that told him nothing.

I thrusted my hips steadily. It was exhausting. Not only had I been up the entire night having sex, only to then have to pleasure Denova anally, but now I had a twenty-pound dildo I had to force into a girl that was tiny in comparison. No matter how much it pained her, I had to push it past her tight pussy’s resistance, forcing it in. This exhausted my hips, but the second I let myself slow down, something else would happen.

The device seemed to respond in four different ways. It would either heat up until it was blistering hot, cool down until it almost stuck to her skin, send out an electrical current, or another option that gave no physical effect that I could see, but caused Jenai to start bucking with muffled screams from the pain. Yet, I continued to work, inflicting pain on my close friend with this sadist’s monster cock. I had to finish this, quickly.

“Switch.” I didn’t need to say the word, but it helped me focus.

A second later she was turned around. Jenai’s face was a mess, it looked like she had been biting on the rag in her mouth for all it was worth. I continue to thrust into her using the strap-on in missionary, but I brought my hand out and rubbed her clit too.

“Come on girl, we can do it.” I said out loud as I worked.

As if my words had a calming effect, she started to quiet down. I summoned up the rest of the strength in my hips to keep going. The feeling of my machinations starting to turn the tide. And then, quite suddenly, she exploded. I could feel it under my finger. She had cum, perhaps harder than I ever did. Juices, slightly reddened with blood, squirted out from every side of the dildo.

[Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 12!]


[All stats increase by one.]


[You have one skill point.]


Special Skills Available:

[Hershey Highway (Passive): Ass releases a lubrication during anal sex.]


[Sadist (Passive): Give mild bursts of pain to partner during sexual intercourse.]


[Cat’s Meow (Active): Repairs damage to any area you can lick.]


“There, I leveled!” I breathed in relief and pulled out.

The giant dildo made a sickening pop as it came out, and a load of juice and blood spurted from Jenai’s pussy. It remained gaping open, even now, bruised and wrecked through my own machinations.

Denova frowned, picking up the guild card with my information and glancing at it. After a second, he put it back down.

“Fine…” He said, “I have work to do. Clean this… mess… up.”

He pulled on his pants and a shirt and left without saying another word. I stared daggers at his back as he left, although I knew if he had turned back, I would have put on a completely innocent face. I was scared of him. Scared… and so angry. How can someone like him exist? I ripped the straps off of me and threw that hateful dildo to the side.

I moved up to Jenai, pulling away the mouth gag and putting Jenai in my arms. “Oh Jenai, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Jenai gave me a weak smile. “It is okay, I am… glad you leveled… with me.”

“No, Jenai… you might be really hurt.”

Jenai nodded weakly. “I… am not angry. I feel like I deserved this.”

“How could anyone?”

Jenai raised a finger and put it over my mouth to stop me.

“Denova… he has broken many women in the past. It was usually me wearing that item. I’ve been in your exact situation, thrusting into nameless women, cracking their bodies open. Given your… proclivities, he probably realized you would adapt to it and…”Jenai laughed. “You’d probably enjoy it. So he… switched things around. Not… every woman who has had it comes away from the experience healthy… bleeding out is common. At least one died. It is suiting that I receive the payment I delivered on so many others.”

“No Jenai… it’s Denova… he’s responsible for all of this. He’s a bastard.”

“Perhaps… but I went along with it. I never resisted. Not once. What you did… I’ve never seen Denova like that. I feel… peaceful… knowing that one day, you will overpower that man. I think he realizes it too. It’s only a matter of time. He’s… afraid of you now. I saw it in his eyes. He is obsessed with his power… and you can strip him from it at your own whim. I… admire you the most.”

I put a blanket down, trying to stifle her wounds… although I admit the chance of infection was high. However, I had the Princess Kiss now, so if she got an infection, I’m betting that would be a status ailment I could cure. The problem was bleeding out. If I could just stop the bleeding, she’d be fine… but she just did the equivalent of giving birth, except her body wasn’t gunning for it, and there is no ob-gyn doctor to sew her back up.

“Could you… tell me what your new skills are? It is so interesting, choosing.”

When I finally realized what she was asking, my eyes refocused on the leveling screen. I hadn’t really paid it much attention, instead choosing to ignore it in lieu of aiding Jenai.

“Well… the first one is the stupidly named Hershey Highway.” I said, hoping to keep her mind distracted from the pain and discomfort.

“What is that? Those names are not familiar to me.”

“Well… I think the name comes from things in my hometown. Hershey is a type of chocolate and highways are a road.”

It was the first time I really thought of it, but the names did seem to be geared towards individuals. Skills and special skills were likely infinite, arbitrarily given by some higher god with an atrocious naming sense.

“So, a chocolate highway?” Jenai gave a confused look.

“Oh… err… it’s actually slang for… um… butt sex…”

Jenai barked a laugh, followed by a grimace of pain.

“What does a special butt sex skill do?” She asked with a wry grin.

“Uh, creates lubricant in the butt during… err butt sex.”

It was strange having this kind of conversation with anyone. I never really talked about my skills, and the fact I was desperately trying to comfort the woman I just fucked half to death, well… my mood was complicated at best.

“I would likely pick this skill.” Jenai’s eyes were bright.

“Well sure, from a girl who likes butt play!” I retorted.

Jenai’s eyes twinkled. “This I do. I could bypass much discomfort with this skill.”

“Eh… You might want the Rough Rider title then.”” I scratched my neck as she looked at me questioningly. “Never mind that, the skill… I already get so wet in the first hole, I really don’t want things to get any messier. Especially if it’s, I don’t know… butt juice.”

“What about the next skill?” She asked.

“Sadist, it gives mild bursts of pain to my partner during sexual intercourse.”

“Well… that would certainly be a deterrent towards sexual intercourse from all but a certain special type of man.”

“Yeah, I could kiss my leveling up goodbye with that one. I don’t think any guy would want to get sudden headaches or the feeling of being electrocuted or something every time he stuck it in me.”

“I suppose not, I certainly did not enjoy it, and there is a third?”

“Yes, the third…” My eyes suddenly lit up, stupid, stupid me, there was of course the third.

I instantly picked it. “It’s okay, Jenai, you’re going to be fine… it’s just going to be a bit, unorthodoxed… but I’ll have you cleaned up in a jiffy.”

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Ascii of the Day:

    ,#o                                                 +¥#                      
    o#                                                  $¥¥                      
    ##                                                  #®¥0                     
    ##                        #ø                        ¥®®0                     
    #®                       °#®                        ¥®®®®®®Øøoo°+-===-==.    
   =#°                                                  ¥®®¥Ø®¥#¥#¥###¥#######¥###
   ø#                                                   ¥®¥                     ,.
   ø#                                                   ¥¥¥                      
   +#+                                                 -#¥,                      
    ¥$                                                  $                        
##= °#=                                                                           
#    ##                                                                          
     o¥0                    ¥#                                                   
      ø#0                   #ø                                                   
       0#$                 ø#,                                                   
        +#¥                $#                                                    
         Ø#°               Ø#                                                    
          ®#®              =#ø                                                    
           ®¥#°             ¥#                                                   
           ¥¥¥#¥            °#.                                                  
          $¥¥  0#o          .¥$                                                   
         °#¥o   +##¥øo     °®®¥$                                                 
         #¥®        .$¥###¥¥®®®¥¥+                    ,$¥####¥+                  
        o##            ®#¥#¥¥¥¥¥¥¥#$=            .Ø##¥###o°o$¥###0o=++=          
       ¥¥#            #=        +®®#¥####¥$o°°°o®###+          =Ø¥##########Ø$oo=+
     ,##Ø            ¥®   .0=,  +®¥o      0®®¥##Ø  Ø¥        ++   ®$   ,,oØØ######
    ®##             ¥#   Ø0$0o¥#¥o$#ØØ$°            +#¥  Ø$øooo$Ø¥#®             
   Ø#¥              #    .,+Ø$ØØ=      =Ø#            $##Ø       #$$#+           
  +#¥o             $#         °¥$0$o=-                    إؠ        o$¥¥°      
 +##+              o#    +®®¥¥¥®      -o$                   ,¥#.      ®   =°ø#o  
¥#¥                 #.         ®$ø°oooø$+    +$Ø               ®¥0   ®#       #¥ 
Ø¥#Ø                 Ø®®##øøØ®®®®Øo0$$Ø$ØØ#$ .=o®#-               ®¥¥#         Ø#
   ®#Ø.                      ¥®ØØØخخØØØ®¥$      ¥#,                           #°
     o¥¥##Ø°                 ¥®ØØØØØØØØØØØ®¥       +##=                         0ø
         .oØ¥#+              ¥ØØØØØØØØØØØØØ¥   ®,     #¥                        0$
              ###ø           Ø®ØØØØ$Ø$Ø$ØØ®¥   ¥+      °#0                      Ø0
                ®##.        ®¥ØØØØ$Ø$ØØØ$ØØ¥             ®#.                    #
                  $##.    +¥¥ø®®®ØØØØØØØØØ®¥              ®#-                   #
                    °##$  ¥®®+ o¥¥®®ØØØØØØ®¥=              ø#ø                 -¥
                      o###®ØØ®.  .$¥¥¥¥®®®¥¥Ø=ooooo°--.      ##               -#+
                         ®®ØØ®®$      .++    +¥¥®¥®¥¥¥¥#¥     Ø¥#$          Ø#®  
                          ®ØØØ®®¥$-    -°,=$®®®ØØØØØØخخ¥®+     ¥###¥¥#®$ØØ,    
                          ØØØØØØØ®®¥¥¥®®®®®®Ø®ØØخخØØØØØ®®¥¥#+    #.            
                         +¥ØØØØØØØØخخخخخ®®¥¥¥#¥¥®®Ø®Ø®Ø®®¥®.  #             
                         o®Ø$Ø$ØØØØØخخ®¥¥#¥¥0     -ø®¥¥¥®®Ø®Ø®®¥¥#             
                         o®ØØØØ$ØØØØ®¥¥#¥°                ®¥¥®®Ø®Ø®®              
                         ¥®®ØØØØØØ®¥$.                       +¥¥ØØØ¥             
                        o¥®®¥®ØØ®®®                            $¥®®¥             
                        ¥¥¥  -®®¥®                              $¥®¥¥            
                       ®#¥   +¥¥+                                 ¥®#            
                      =#¥o  +#¥®                                  ¥¥®            
                     +#¥Ø   #¥Ø                                   .##+           
                     #¥#   #¥¥                                     o¥#           
                    #¥#=  Ø¥¥                                       ¥##          
                   ¥¥#o   Ø¥#                                        ##¥         
#                 ###,    $¥#                                         ##Ø        
##®             =###      ®¥#                                          ##$        
 -#¥®=,+°+-,=ø¥##Ø-       ®¥#                                           ##o      


Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

As I stared at his head, I couldn’t help but let out a scream. The other people around camp ignored it. A few chuckled at my reaction, but the majority refused to look at the head with the spike jutting through it. My knees felt weak, and I collapsed to the floor. The head had been placed there, right in front of the tent I had ended up in that night. That was no accident.

Time and time again, I was reminded of how cruel this world genuinely was. Denova was sending me a warning. However, I didn’t understand what the warning was. Was he asking me to never escape? That didn’t seem right. Maybe he was a little angry that I spent so much time enjoying myself. Was I supposed to hate a night filled with passion? That didn’t seem right either.

These thoughts were going through my mind because I didn’t want to face the reality that I was seeing. My breathing had quickened, and I was starting to feel like I was hyperventilating. This blow… it was too much. Even I couldn’t…

[Mental Resistance has increased to LVL 15.]


As soon as I gathered my wits enough that I was sure I wouldn’t vomit, I turned away from the deadly scene. The high mental resistance was the only reason I wasn’t in a ball crying at the moment, although part of me still wanted to weep. As Jenai had explained to me, every ten levels of resistance cut the effects in half. That meant that when I came to this world, the 10 mental resistance meant I felt half the mental stress a normal person would feel in that situation. At 20, it’d be 25%, at 30 it’d be 12.5% and so on. Right now, the mental blow of finding Dox dead was cut down by around 2/5, but it didn’t feel like enough. It just didn’t make sense to me. Dox was one of Denova’s most loyal minions. He didn’t hear what Dox told me the previous night in confidence, did he? In the end, Dox hadn’t done anything. We didn’t escape nor try to escape. The man slept the night away.

Then an even more painful thought struck me. Perhaps he was killed in his sleep? I had incapacitated the man, just so another could kill him? In a way, I was directly responsible for his death. I think that hurt me more than anything. However, the mental resistance still worked, and by the time I reached Denova’s tent, my emotions were under control and my features were hidden behind the conceal ability.

When I entered, Denova was sitting on the throne. He was completely naked, his legs spread open, and Jenai was sitting on his lap facing away from him. Well, sitting wasn’t the right word. His cock was inside her and she was bent over his lap, moving her buttocks up and down, riding his cock. As soon as her eyes met mine, she looked away but didn’t stop rotating her hips.

Before my conceal and deception abilities had increased, her face would have looked bored and uncaring, but now I could see a slight hint of shame in her eyes. Although even my skills wouldn’t have been enough to see it if I hadn’t come to know her so well. Meanwhile, Denova had a slight grin on his face, and when his eyes met mine, they didn’t look away.

I moved toward the pair with quick steps, my face using every attempt to hide my intent. As soon as I reached the pair, I grabbed Jenai’s arm and pulled her off. She hadn’t been expecting it and made a little noise as she stumbled a few steps away. A second later, I threw out my hand in a full blown slap with all my strength, intending to remove that damn smirk from his face.

Like lightening, his hand caught my wrist an inch from his cheek. Without a pause, he pulled and I stumbled forward. He pulled me down and without wasting a motion, his dick, still wet from Jenai, pierced right into me. I found myself on his lap now, both arms held in his grip and the entire length of his shaft deep inside me. Why was he the thickest guy in camp? It felt good, even after a night of fucking, to finally be stretched to  the point that he had made me accustomed. It only made me angrier.

“Careful, girl, you may be useful to me right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change my plans.”

“Why?” I demanded.

“Why what?” Denova looked at me like a toy he was particularly enjoying, “And if you’re going to pull away my other toy, you better take responsibility, start riding.”

“Dox, you bastard, Why?”

His eyes started to turn dark as he stared at me in silence, his hands tightening until my arms started to hurt. I gave him an expressionless look and then lifted by butt, gyrating my hips and rocking his cock up and down into my pussy. After a moment, his look calmed and his grip relaxed slightly, but he still didn’t let me go.

“Insubordination, of course, I know everything that happens in this camp. Did you not think I wouldn’t know if he tried to take something that was owned by me.”

He let go of my wrists and put them down onto the armrests of his chair, then sat back and closed his eyes. He never did anything by accident. It was no accident that when I came into the tent, he was fucking Jenai. He did that to make a statement to me. It was also no accident that he put his hands down. He was showing me how hopeless it was. Even here, this close, there wasn’t a thing I could do. I couldn’t slap him. I couldn’t leave him. The only thing I could do was gyrate my hips, and feel his cock going in and out of me.

“What did he try to take?” I asked after a brief moment of silence.

Denova opened one eye in surprise. “Why… you of course. Don’t act like he didn’t have a plan to sneak you out of camp, to take you from me.”

“I’m not your thing.” I spat back.

Denova opened his other eye, and both narrowed. “Is that what you think?”

He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me off his cock. Standing up, he turned around, bringing my body in front of the chair before shoving me back down. Although I wasn’t resisting, even if I had, the force he was using was not something I could fight against. My hands fell on the armrests of his throne-like chair, and a second later he slammed into me. However, he stuck it higher up than I expected, and his wet dick slid into my asshole.

I let out a cry of surprise, a spike of pain shooting out as pressure suddenly exploded from inside. Even with pain resistance at six, anal sex without any warning or for that matter, lubricant, wasn’t pleasant. Although my seductress class left me capable of being quite wet, and his dick didn’t lack in the drenching of my sex which eased the entry a bit, it was larger than average size and mixed with the roughness it at least caught me off guard.

He began to thrust into my ass with reckless abandon and all the stamina a bandit king could muster. I let out cries, desperately trying to gain control of the situation, but I was completely at his whim. It hurt, and it hurt in an unexpected spot. My thoughts were lost as he thrust so hard that each thrust caused my head to fall forward. I could barely keep myself properly in his chair. If he wasn’t being so rough, maybe, just maybe I could get back into control. However, he never did anything by accident, and this was all about his dominance too.

“So, tell me, if I don’t own you, why can I do whatever I want to you, huh?”

He slapped my ass painfully, his dick thrusting in and out of my ass with a pop. Each time he thrust in, I felt like my ass was split in two, a deep and thick pressure inside. It might have felt good if done with some tact, but right now I didn’t have any of that. He was taking my ass as his own, and for the first time since my first encounter with that first goblin, I started reaching a breaking point. However, just as the tears started to form in my eyes, a boon appeared before me.

[Position Unlocked: The Fan]


[Title Obtained: Rough Rider]


[+5 Strength, +10 Pain Resistance, +50% experience when you climax with anal sex.]


I let out a sudden laugh. It was so unexpected that Denova thrusts stopped. I quickly equipped Rough Rider. The pain and discomfort went away almost immediately. I gained a sudden surge of power as my strength boosted by nearly 50%. I grabbed onto his throne, my concealment once again hiding my face. The deception twisted my face into a condescending look and I glanced back at him.

“What you want?” I sneered, “I get what I want. And right now, I want your cock in my ass. Faster.”

Denova narrowed his eyes at me. He lifted his hand and slapped my ass as hard as his brick arms could. I let out a cry, but it was a cry that ended in the sounds of moaning. It’s not that it didn’t hurt, even with my current 16 Pain resistance he had an arm on him. However, it was a pain that only served to turn me on.

“Harder, do it harder. Come on, you know you want that tight asshole, it’s all yours.”

I shook my ass, giggling it just enough that his cock still resting in me was stimulated. He gave a wry smile, but after a second he started thrusting into me again. This time, the pressure building up inside me had none of the pain. My added strength helped me stand my ground. Instead of his thrusts causing me to lose balance and fall forward, I pushed my ass back with my enhanced strength, taking each thrust deep and hard.

The pressure deep inside my behind pushed against other parts of me, and I reach down and fingered myself to add to the pleasure. Each time he thrust in, I could feel his dick moving inside me through the fingers inside my pussy. The feeling of my pussy being push around by his dick from behind quickly started to drive me crazy. The pain wasn’t completely gone, there was a dull soreness to all of it, but it was a soreness from sex, which only served to bring me to new heights.

As my fingers touched me in the ways I did best, he thrust into my butt, filling me up in ways I was not used to. It felt so invigorating. I was sexually satisfying a man, and he was inside me, filling my body with his hot, hard dick. However, at the same time, I had the satisfaction of having full access to my own pussy, which my fingers danced and swirled around with the extreme precision of my masturbation skill.

I came, letting out a very satisfied cry. Of the orgasms I’ve ever had, it probably ranked the top five easily. Coming from a literal night of nonstop sex, where my pussy was already exhausted from hours of continuous use, and as the result of a man I currently hated, you could imagine how good it would have been if I had been in a dry spell or abnormally horny. Although perhaps if that was the case I would have cum before I was driven to this point. I decided at that point that I rather liked anal sex, and I’d be sure to have more of it in the future.

For the moment, I did something I’ve only done twice before. I squirted. The first time I ever squirted involved a vibrator and a synthetically molded dildo used in tandem while watching some hot porn. The second time had involved a guy with a rather big dick and a love of cunnilingus. This time I exploded all over Denova’s throne-like chair, gushy female spunk shooting out with enough force that it hit the back of his chair. As wave after wave assaulted me, and Denova continued his assault on my asshole, more shot out like a faucet until it finally settled out to a couple of drops. Either way, the result was undeniable, I had dirtied the bandit king’s throne, smothering it in myself. The bandit king, who attempted to satisfy himself with my ass over his throne, had instead satisfied me until I came all over his legacy.

I turned around and gave a look back at Denova. He wore a slightly opened mouth as if he wasn’t even understanding what was happening. I rotated my hips backward, causing his dick to slide in and out of my butt with a pop. I made a pleasurable moaning sound as it did.

[Anal Sex has increased to LVL 1.]


“Oh, Denova… You haven’t finished, here, I’ll help you out.”

I did a position switch… and his dick disappeared from my ass and instantly appeared in my mouth. I was on my knees, performing the kneeling blowjob without any separation of time. Denova’s eyes had popped open for a second. Does that mean he was aware of the switch? No matter, it was better if he realized it, realized how much control I had.

If Denova had been in control, the kneeling blowjob might have been a demoralizing and humiliating act, but before he could even gain the advantage, I had changed the situation myself and sucked his dick under my own volition. His control was nonexistent, and from my knees I pleasured him because I wanted to, sucking on the dick that was in my ass.

I’m not going to make up stupid little lies like his dick tasted great. Ass tastes like ass… but my mental fortitude meant that something like this wouldn’t make me hesitate. It was dirty and degrading, but it was truly Denova in this situation that was being degraded. Part of me worried about how far I could actually go. Before I came to this world, the idea of participating in a gang bang was unreasonable. Maybe a threesome, but even that would take fairly unique circumstances and copious amounts of alcohol.

I went from a girl with a dozen some sexual partners in only three primary positions, to someone who had sex with hundreds of men, and even a woman, in dozens of positions. I liked having more than one guy at a time. I liked it in my ass. I liked being watched. I didn’t mind sucking his dick. Bukkake, a hundred men in a single night, strangers, friends, family…Where would it stop? Golden showers? Reenacting two girls and a cup? No, I’d never do that kind of stuff, but I feared mental fortitude would make it so that if the occasion occurred, I would display no limits.

These kinds of thoughts went through my mind. However, even though I was distracted, at level 5 blowjob and level 3 hand job, with a little deep throat thrown in for good matter, I quickly found myself swallowing his load. Taking the hot spunk globs hitting the back of my throat and guzzling them down.

“Mmm… you liked my ass too, that’s more cum than usual.” I smirked up at him from my knees.

As Denova’s member went soft, perhaps the first time I’d ever seen his stamina give out when he had me naked in front of him, he wore an indescribable look on his face. After a moment, he pulled his dick from my hand and turned away, walking toward the hall. Before he reached it, he stopped.

He spoke without turning back. “These games of ours are fun. You are the best I’ve ever played. However, I always win in the end, remember that. Clean yourself up for me, and then meet me in my room. Jenai, come, you will get me warmed up.”

I stood back up and looked over at Jenai realizing she had stayed in the room the entire time. She gave me a look that I interpreted as worry before she followed behind Denova back towards his bedroom. The look she gave seemed to say that although I had won, there would be consequences.

I swallowed a gulp, for the first time realizing that I might have gone too far here. I was still furious at Denova, and even though it was just the three of us, in anger I had embarrassed him by taking control during sex. It was the only weapon I could use to attack Denova, and so I used it.

I left the throne room and moved to the bathroom. There had been a tub full of water Jenai must have made earlier, but it was already cold. I entered to cold bath anyway and began to wash myself, cleaning off the sex from half the bandit camp, topped off by Denova himself.

No luck that I would have given Denova a disease, I suppose, his disease resistance was probably high. Either way, I cleaned myself thoroughly, removing the smeared paint that had decorated my face like a princess, and the numerous bits and pieces of flair in my hair. Now that I wasn’t having sex, I no longer had a stamina boost and thus the exhaustion hit me a lot harder.

Part of me feared what Denova would have planned for me. Yes… it wasn’t excitement this time. I only felt dread for the man. As I took a piece of cloth and ran the cold water down my breasts, forming goosebump along the path of the droplets, I began to feel less comfortable, and more like I was preparing for war.

I stood up and dried off my body. The face of the abused princess was gone. I didn’t bother to put on any clothing. Without any dresses or deceptive masks, I approached Denova’s as myself, naked and alone. This was round 2 of my battle with Denova.

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Ascii of the Day:

                                    .WMWM#X  ;,tR#WB=:..t= #####W=                  
                          +,;V#####BXVWI:I###YI=+=.Vt.,=    t###Y =+             
                        =: :#####t             t=.           =###, :i            
                       I  V####;                               ###Y ,I           
                     .Y  #####,             :+                  ###V i+          
                    ,Y ,##WW#=              t#                   W##  X          
                   =Y :##WWRV                M,                  B##             
                  iX t#WWM#it.              ,Y:                  ;###            
                 IB  #WWM#XIi                =                    W##V           
                Y#  WM,BW#=i                                      I####:         
               WY :M#;XWM#;+                         i ,+ttIVYVt  =#W###Y=       
              #i  #W#BWMMWYi            ,;          W######MV ..i+,##WB#I#Y.     
             RR  ;#WMMMMM##     YMIRB######         I#  +         ;I##==+Wi+     
            ;W  ###WMBMBMW#   =t          .         VY              ##W  I#,     
           .#  ###WtMMBMB#M   I                    ;#               I##   #,     
           XBt# RWW MMMMR#;          ::,,,t;       #   ii,.  :,;I,   #V   W      
          i##;=+##IBMMBMM#          Itt#I##+       I   ,YM######I    BM   #      
          ####;iY WWMMMMW#      +Y#######X;         I      ttIX      ,W  #Y      
          #= ###i BWMMBMW#        +#I=,             :,                #V#t       
          #  ;t#W##MMBMM##                           :                #V         
          V;   MI###MMMW##                              .             I          
          .+   I  .B#MW###                          t#i ,t            +          
                    B##i IR                  +M##: Y#####i           ,#I         
                    +##= .                  ,#V =###R+ .             :###t       
                     ###                                             t#W##:      
                    X#BB+                                            ##MWW#B     
               ;i#####  #Y                            ,;            B#MMBMW#M;:. 
          ,IR####i=Y##  ###; ;               i#VitXYtt+Y##I.        #WMBMMMM#####W
        :V######  X###;  #####R            ,W#+:   . .tR##V        +#WMMBMMWMWW###
     =W#######V +#i## #  X#X=M#t           ###tt;YR=;..##          ##MMMMW#W#W####
   .######MM   I, .X  +#, ; .#X:;           i#=  ;+  .,:          M#WWMWM= I##Mit+
   B##Y:    ;=   VX    ;BW##Y;t  ;            =YX+,=tXX +#       ;##B####W    +. 
    :       ;;  =          I; =  ::             YIi+.+= ,#=     :###WViB####;   :V
                                 M#I              B#     ##    t###i      +Y######
                                 .###=             ##Y, ;#:   X####              
                                ,  ,###+             X# ,#   R###X               
                                     t###i           ,#ii#  I###,                
                                       M###I           i#M###V;                  
                                        X###i       ;t+V###i                     ,
Y                                        iR####RWM#######t                  ,Y####
##i.                                        ,V#######Rt=                  :M#V;. 
 t##M.           ..                             ,                       RMI      
  tW###WYIM######Y                                                   IRI+        
     =W#######M=                                                    ..           
      Xi+t   :                                                                   
         =BM=+tI+                                                                +
         #####X.+#I                                                            X#X
         #WWW#    XM;                                                        ; VB#
        .#WM##     t#                                                       .I##WM
         #WW#Y      #;                                                    .YW###MM
        =##W#:      X#=                                                  V###t #WM
        =#W#I       :t.                                                  .,+,  #WB
        =###        +                            .                             ##V
        =##+       I#i                        i####B                          R#Wi
        +##       ####                       :###W##t                        .#WWi
        =##      ;####I                     +##MMMM##                        ##WWi
        I##,     V#:Y##i                   i#WMMMBMM#Y                     t##WMWX
          #t     M    ##Y                  ##WMMBMMMW#t                   i#WWMMWB
          #+           Y#W                .#WMMBMBMBMW###=               :#WWMWW#W
          #R            t##            .iR#WMMBMBMBMBMM###B            =W#WWMW##+
          ##.            ;##M,===;iRVW####WMMMBMMMWMMMMW########WIYti.i##WWM##I  
         .##               t##########W#WWMWiXMWWW=RMWW#  V#WWWW########MWM##i   
         =##                =##WWMWMMMWWWWWWBW#=B#RM#WWY  RMMMMMMMMMWMWMWW##:    
         +#Y   .              ##WWMMBMB+t###:YMii=#R:YRR##WMBMBMBMBMMMMWW##:     

Tales of A Seductress – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

After Dox had fallen to sleep, I waited another minute before I pulled away from his embrace. Compared to all of the other men I’ve been with, this encounter had been one of the sweetest. I studied his face and naked body for a while, putting this moment into my memory. After a few minutes of quiet, I let out a sigh. It was time to start grinding levels, I couldn’t waste any more time pretending to be in a dream world with this sexy man I barely knew.

“Oi!” a sound came from the other side of the tent. “You’ve been quiet for a while? You’re taking forever! Let the rest of us have a turn!”

It was one of the other men. I shook my head, rustling up my hair. I reactivated my deception skills and thought about the saddest things I could to generate tears. I debated how I could let the men know he was passed out without making it look suspicious. A proper princess, after all, wouldn’t be jumping the next man in line for sex. Fortunately, a head peeked into the tent before I had to come up with a better plan.

As soon as his head barged in, I let out a desperate cry, my feet pushed on the ground and I scuttled away on my back, pushing myself into a corner while I desperately tried to cover my body. A cruel look formed on the man’s face at the sight. So, he liked the me that was desperate and scared? I made note of that. I’d have to give him a good show.

When he noticed Dox, he made an annoyed look, then dragged two other guys with him. They pulled Dox out of the tent, and I silently bid my temporary lover goodbye. Now that my experience with Dox was finished, I had work to do. The next man advanced on me as he released his belt. I let out a scream as he roughly grabbed me and dragged me forcefully back onto the blankets. Before long, I had his cock being forced into my mouth.

It was actually a bit of a challenge. With my blowjob techniques, I could make him explode in a minute, but what respectful princess would be a master of blowjobs. I had to make sure that he got a bit of teeth with each thrust. It wasn’t the worst head I had ever given, but it was sloppy enough that he pulled it out of my mouth a short time later and now he had my ankles up on his shoulders.

[Position Unlocked: Leg Up]


Of course, sticking it in my mouth wasn’t for the pleasure anyway. He wanted to humiliate me. He was the kind of man who wanted to see me cry. With my deception skill getting better every moment, I think I put on a pretty convincing show. Tears ran down my cheeks, with each thrust I struggled just a little, forcing him to have to hold me tight.

Before long, he had my legs pushed up and out in a V with a hand on each of my ankles, effectively making it very difficult for me to fight him. I slowly struggled less. Of course, it felt amazing. His penis wasn’t as big as Denova’s, but he was about Dox’s size and he knew how to thrust. Too bad I already had that position, the Valedictorian. Sorry, lover, Denova beat you to it.

After a bit, my legs were feeling a bit stretched. I really wanted to fuck him in doggie style. I found my mind wondering and I imagined the feeling of his dick coming in from behind in a classic Doggy Style. I don’t know if I thought the word, or said the word out loud, but suddenly I was bent over on my knees and he was thrusting even deeper into me from behind. The suddenness caused me to let out a gasp. The guy thought it was caused by his machinations, and thus he began to thrust more aggressively.

It wasn’t like I moved. He didn’t suddenly pull out, put me in another position, and then start fucking me. There was no gap where we shifted or moved. Simply put, one second, I was on my back, my legs spread open in a V, him slamming his balls against my snatch, the next second, I was on my knees, those same balls slamming between my butt cheeks into the same snatch at a different angle.

I decided to try again. This time I thought of cowgirl. As soon as the thought formed in my head, I was on top of him. He was thrusting up into me without losing a single ounce of momentum. His dick never even left my pussy. Meanwhile, I almost got tossed off of him because of the sudden change of direction. I looked down at his face in surprise. He was looking at me with a dark smirk, laughing at my flustered appearance, but the look held no awareness that our positions had changed.

It was as if for him, we had always been fucking with me on top. It made no sense if you spent a second thinking about it, why would I be on top if he was trying to dominate me? Yet the dumb look on his face seemed to suggest that no matter how I manipulated the situation, he was left completely unaware.

Is that what positions mean? I can just change to whatever position I want, whenever I want it? I reaffixed myself on top of him and started to ride his cock graciously, but after a few moments, his eyes started to hold a little bit of confusion. That’s right, in the surprise, I had let the deception leave. He was starting to realize I was on top, riding his cock with vigor, unlike a princess. I switched position to missionary, and a second later I was on my back with him over me. I put back on a crying, scared face, and he started to grab at my chest with a nasty look that made me so hot I nearly came again.

I didn’t get to because a moment later he exploded inside of me. After cumming, he collapsed on top of me. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head, forcing him to grab my mouth and force his tongue in. I loved every moment of it, but of course, he’d never know that. I let out a sob as soon as he released my face.  As he pulled away, a trail of saliva pulled from our mouths. This was rough the way I liked it. Too bad he blew it a minute too soon. He stood up, his dick already going flaccid.

[Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 9!]


[All stats increase by one.]


[You have one skill point.]


Special Skills Available:

[Size Matters (Passive): Gain no experience when penis is below the average, gain double experience when penis is above average.]


[Lover’s Endurance (Passive): Automatically converts your spell points into your stamina.]


[Princess Kiss (Active): Kissing a target on the lips removes all status misalignments from target.]


Already! I nearly jumped in excitement. I had learned so much from this man! I could control positions at will. That meant that basically, I had control during sex. I could have sex the way I wanted, whenever I wanted, and the man not only would follow through, he would never even question it. Imagine that… as soon as I unlocked a position, I could put any lover into it at will, and he’d think it was normal. As soon as I unlock cunnilingus, I wonder how long I could get a guy to eat me out!

Of course, I didn’t know all the facts. Do they remember? Is there any awareness of the fact that positions changed? What else could I use this for? I felt like there had to be more to these positions than just instantaneous rearrangement. Then again, could I use it outside of sex? Let’s say instant standing position? Instant ducking? Not that I’ve gotten any combat experience thus far, but I assumed it was an inevitability.

That aside, I now had abilities to look at. Size Matters almost made me lose my poor deception face with a laugh. I was still waiting for the man tie up his pants and leave, and he was still giving me looks, enjoying the show of me crying while groping my breasts a tad painfully. As I stabilized my deception and let it run, I ignored him and weighed the advantages of Size Matters. I couldn’t necessarily always choose who my partners were. Plus, what’s average in this world anyway? I was getting an idea, but I wasn’t exactly going into sex with a ruler here.

Lover’s endurance sounded good, but with my already existing stamina boosts, I felt I was fine. I wanted to use spell points, so I was excited by seeing some spell orientated skills coming up, but this one seemed to be counter intuitive. If I turned all my spell points into stamina, then I wouldn’t have spell points! I wanted to learn magic, and this seemed to be a skill that would make magic a dead end.

Thus, I had the last ability, and I took it. That sounded useful. I was going to pretend to be a princess, and a princess’s kiss was magic. It fit. As I selected the new ability, a new man was walking in. He was pretty fat, and when he took off his clothing I found he wasn’t that particularly big either. However, he put out a good effort, so I gave him credit where credit is due. Unlike my previous man, he was concerned about my crying. It seemed to bother him, and so I didn’t do it.

He also seemed oddly concerned about the cleanliness. The last guy had shoved it in while I was still dripping out cum from Dox. This guy made sure I was wiped clean before he stuck it in. He didn’t touch my mouth, or me, at all. He slipped his dick in and started thrusting away. After a minute, he looked hard up for breath. I wanted to help finish him off, but I was in a bit of a pickle, needing to keep up the abused princess act. Fortunately, my pity didn’t go far, as he was also a quick cummer. He even thanked me before he left. What a sweetie.

And like that, I continued as man after man entered my tent to have their way with me. A few men were tough customers. I had developed an act, directly coming off as resistive and crying, then steadily becoming more and more sexually enthralled, until soon I was practically hyperventilating. I’ll admit, I faked a lot of orgasms, and it wasn’t usually the ones I expected that made me cum. One guy just tossed me down the second he came in, turned me over, and plowed me like a machine. It was mechanical and impersonal, and in only a minute we both ended up cumming together. What? It was kind of hot.

[Deception has increased to LVL 6.]


Another guy came in and finally unlocked the cunnilingus sex position. Dude, you’re tasting like half the bandit camp’s cum in there. Oh, well, for me it was kind of hot. I wonder if he swung that way. With him, I tested out the positions limits by keeping him down there. Whenever he went to change positions, I would just reset to cunnilingus and his tongue went right back into me for another minute or two until he tried again. As a result, he continued to eat me out nonstop and after an hour and cumming three times, the other guys got annoyed, barged in, and dragged him out without his dick ever once entering me. I wasn’t sure if I got experience with just that, so I decided to no longer use the position for the moment. On the upside, my snatch was thoroughly cleaned.

[Disease Resistance has increased to LVL 2.]


That one kind of annoyed me. It popped up after I got fucked by the second guy after my cunnilingus buddy. It looked like another guy with an STD, although I don’t know which one. He had just popped his dick out from the top of his pants and stuck it in, so I didn’t get a good look at his dick. Naturally, I couldn’t get an STD thanks to my Immunity, but apparently having sex with men who had them still affected my disease resistance. At least, I could level disease resistance now, which probably resisted other diseases too. I continued on, man after man… I had lost count of how many men I had fucked when my next level finally came.

[Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 10!]


[All stats increase by one.]


[You have one skill point.]


Special Skills Available:

[Obsession (Passive): Ensures partner focuses completely on you during sex.]


[Enhanced Positions (Passive): Add a multiple to experience gained based on the number of positions. Limit 3X]


[Mood Killer (Active): Remove sexual desire in target.]


I was practically foaming at the mouth after this level up. Obsession didn’t seem all that good to me. I could already increase my desirability and attractiveness in a cumulative way. Plus, with my position ability, I didn’t need to worry about keeping my partner focused on me. No, what got me excited were the other two abilities. I couldn’t even tell you how many crappy situations mood killer could have gotten me out of. With that final ability, I could truly control sex.

However, I had my worries. Remove sexual desire… is that permanent? I don’t want to be neutering guys I like. Plus, how do I restore sexual desire? Just because I want him to be a dead fish now, doesn’t mean in three or four hours I don’t want him revving to go. So that left me with enhanced positions, and it was a doozy. So basically, not only can I switch positions, I’ll be able to get more experience by keeping things varied. So if I have sex with someone in three different positions before we are done, then I’d gain three times the amount of experience. That’s incredible!

I selected it, and as soon as the next guy came in, I made sure that our positions varied using the position switcher. After a while, I got sick of being on my back or knees and moved to my side using the previously unlocked sidewinder. Of course, I also managed to add a few new positions as well. Later on, I used a pillow to prop up my ass while the guy wasn’t looking, apparently, that’s a downward dog. Later on, I was with a really rough guy who thought he could bend me like a pretzel. I didn’t even know I was that flexible, but he had my legs up almost to my head, and he was getting in real deep. I came with that one just as the Deep Stick unlock popped up.

[Position Unlocked: Downward Dog]


[Position Unlocked: Deep Stick]


[Vaginal Intercourse has increased to LVL 6.]


[Blow Job has increased to LVL 5.]


[Deep throat has increased to LVL 3.]


[Disease Resistance has increased to LVL 3.]


Also, after a night of fucking, my sex and blowjobs had increased. A lot of sadistic guys liked to try to choke me with their dicks, although my Lover’s Breath kept me from ever feeling my life was threatened, and as it went up, my gag reflex was suppressed even more. My disease resistance increased another level too, so I was guessing STDs were pretty rampant in this camp. I couldn’t exactly be surprised, seeing as I was the very product of their sex ethics. I probably wouldn’t have made another level with the remaining guys, but with my 3X boost by making sure every guy did three different positions, I was able to hit yet another level.

[Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 11!]


[All stats increase by one.]


[You have one skill point.]


Special Skills Available:

[Nymphomania (Passive): People who taste your pussy become addicted to the substance.]


[Virgin Killer (Passive): Gain massive experience bonus when deflowering a virgin.]


[All Nighter (Active): Restores some stamina to yourself or sexual partner using spell points. Only works during intercourse.]


Nymphomania seemed like an ability that was too dangerous. Seduction already had several kickbacks that scared me. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if people became addicted like a drug. The fact that it was passive simply made it too deadly. Maybe if I could control who got addicted, but Denova never ate my pussy anyway so it probably wouldn’t work on him. Virgin Killer seemed like a strange ability to suddenly spawn. How much is massive? Either way, I decided it wasn’t worth it. Instead, the greedy girl in me chose All Nighter. Throughout the night, there were plenty of men that couldn’t last more than a few minutes. The goal was quantity over quality, and even though Denova had no limitations in stamina, I didn’t plan to depend on him for my sexual needs in the future. At some point, I’d have a hot guy, and I’d want him to last.

And at this point, even my enhanced stamina was giving out, so I used all Nighter right away to give me a boost. I didn’t know how many more men there were, however, there were fewer people shoving their way in, and most of the men now had probably been waiting for hours. I also noticed a trend. The men were getting younger and lower leveled. I made sure to Examine every man that walked in, and while the first five or ten were bandits, the levels and age seemed to drop in tandem. A couple of the most recent fucks were barely stable boys. The boy who just finished up on top of me right now couldn’t be much older than 18. He still had a baby face without any stubble. Based on how stumble-y and nervous he was, I bet he was why I got the virgin killer! I went on and gave him an examine.

[Examine has increased to LVL 4.]


[Name: Jeffry, Sex: M, Age: 17, Total Level: 15, Class: Thief, Class Level: 15, Sexual Partners: 1, Sexual Preference: Older Women, Sexual Kink: Being insulted]


I congratulated myself on leveling examine, then raised an eyebrow at what it told me. So now I could tell how people like their sex? I supposed it was about time. That seems like it’d be a number 1 ability for a seductress. Wait, sexual partners was 1, wasn’t it? Does that mean I really was his first time? So that did explain the Virgin Killer ability upon level up. I wasn’t anticipating deflowering too many virgins, even if I felt a little bit flattered that this boy had his first time with me. I’m sorry you only got me in this state, naked, red, puffy, tired, sore, loose from a night of nonstop sex, and even a seductress like me was fairly dried out after that much friction. Without damage resistance and the frequent leveling, I’d certainly be rubbed bloody by now.

After the young boy left, another man entered. I was tired of the deception at this point and really didn’t put up an act. Apparently, not putting up an act also looked like an act at this point. Even a princess, after a night of man after man, would look like they just didn’t give a crap about anything anymore. They’d lie there, virtually immobile, a dead look in their eyes. I didn’t have a dead look, just an exhausted one, but it was good enough.

The guy didn’t mind how messed up I looked. He pulled out a hard dick and slid it in anyway, a glob of semen plopping out as he went in. Guys, that’s how you get STDs. Even with my STD immunity, it ain’t going save you when you stick it into that mess. Oh well, more experience for me.

[You have gained the title, Town Bicycle]


[+5 endurance, +10 disease resistance, Gain an additional 10% experience per sexual partner beyond 2 in one day.]

I felt a little angry at seeing that. The insulting name aside, I could have really used those abilities 8 hours ago. Although I supposed I had to experience it before I needed it. It sounded like every sexual partner beyond 2 in a day increases experience by 10% each. So, If I have sex with 2 guys, I get the normal experience, the third guy would have plus 10%, the fourth guy will be plus 20% experience. With that mixed with Enhanced Positions, I could have probably made another 3 levels tonight. Oh well, it’s in the past now. I still leveled and learned a lot, so I had no room to complain.

A few more men drifted into my tent. It was nothing remarkable, and at this point, I was starting to feel like the very definition of a cum dumpster. I dared the title giver to try to give me that name… but nothing popped up. I started seeing some repeat customers who had had me earlier and decided to come back for seconds. As it started to look not so dark outside, I found a guy who looked relatively comfy.

[Name: Carber, Sex: M, Age: 36, Total Level: 25, Class: Thief, Class Level: 25, Sexual Partners: 15, Sexual Preference: Blondes, Sexual Kink: Cuddling]


Cuddling didn’t sound like a kink to me, but I took it. Just as he came, I used my Rock A Bye until he went to sleep, then passed out, cuddled in his arms, his dick still inside, just how I liked it. I only slept an hour or two, he was right on top of me and I felt a little bit smothered. I did a position switch to cowgirl, and I found myself on top of him. He was snoring now, so I gave him a kiss on the head and stood up as the last dick of the night slid out of me.

The sheets were absolutely stained with the fluids of innumerable men. The fur rug that once looked soft and fluffy was now wet, matted, and nearly covered head to toe in one various fluid or another. I had been using an edge of a blanket to wipe after each man, but after the fifty or more men, I had slept with in the last 8 hours it had been absolutely drenched in white stuff. I shrugged at the scene of the naked man sleeping on a semen soaked sheets of all the men before him. It kind of started to turn me on again in a kinky way, so I turned away.

I checked my status, to see where I was at after my night of debauchery.

Not bad, not bad at all. Three levels in one night, that had to be pretty impressive, right? Now I had one thing left to do. That would be the walk of shame, of course. I had no clothing, it seemed like at some point during the night one of the thieves had taken my dress as a trophy. So now that it was daylight, I had to walk back to the Denova’s tent butt naked, battered, and covered in dried sex.  I picked up Carber’s shirt and used it to clean myself the best a dry rag could. Then, I put on the concealment, giving a false face of abject shame, horror, and emptiness.

The second I took a step outside the tent, my concealment shattered. Standing in front of me was a bloody severed head shoved into a spike in the ground. The worst part was that it was ahead I recognized. It was Dox’s head on that spike.

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Ascii of the Day:


             :==+++,                                    ##                       
         =X###########=                               t##                        
       #################X                            ###                         
     ####WW###:::;:iV####                           =##                           
     ##WMMW#V           IX                          W#,              i           
     W#WMWW#     :+  Y   t                          #V              ;##t         
     W#MMW#R  ;,;      #RII                         #+                W##        
     ##MM##  .BWB       i,M.                       .#,                 ;##M;     
     W#MW#Y                #                       ##                   I######WY;
     ##WM#=                B                       #I                    W#  .YMM#
     =#WW#Y        X=X#    R                      ;#                      W#     
      ##M##       ##tV#    #                      ##                      I##    
      ##WW#=      #####   .#                     Y#+                       ##    
      ##WW##       W;Bt   ##                    ##                         M#    
,      R#MW#X             #M                   #Y                           #    
RV=+    #WW#V YR:         ##                  #W                            #    
    V#######t   ,VMBWRRV  i+YIIM;           .##                             #;   
        t###X                  I###BVt     :#I                              #R   
           V#M       iW######################,                              i#   
             ### =B##V.                     ##                               #=  
               R##+                          #+                              ##  
                 ##                 :=       #M                              :#  
                  ##.           ########BX    X                               #= 
                   ##.           #X ,+  V#I                                   #R 
                    I##          R#   #  ##                                   ## 
                      ##B         B#  it i#X                                  ## 
                        +          =#     ##                                  M# 
                                    i#R   ##                                   #,
                                     Y#W  ##X                                  #B
                                      Y#RY#X#                                  ##
                                       ###R X:                                 ##
                                       #    ;R                                 W#
                                       #     #                                 W#
                                       #     #                                 ##
                                      ,#     #                                ###
                                      +#:   RX                              B### 
                                       #B   #;                           V####I  
                                       M#   #V                        t####:     
                                        #   ##               .tBMB####M:         
                                       ;#   =##   ;Y#W########Xi:;:              
                                      ##      V###Bi:  =i                        
                                   I##W#        R#M=:;;,                         
                                t##Y  i+          ;IYYR####V.                    
##B                         ,####,  M;                    +##                    
  X###WBRXYiI+i,,=;i+tBBM##WX       ##M#W .tMBWW#######BVX#B