The Bloodshot One-Eyed Zombie Emperor


Alternate Name: Katagawa Akame no Zonbi Enpera

Author: Mango Man


A certain terrorist scattered a virus all over the world. Infected every life-forms with the virus, causing a zombie epidemic.

The protagonist was attacked by a zombie, causing him to be extremely overjoyed.

However, he now became the Zombie Emperor.

The formula for the cure of the zombie virus is yet to be discovered.

A ‘☆’ depict that there’s erotic content in the chapter.

Chapter 1 ☆ – Daily

Chapter 2 – Daily

Chapter 3 ☆ (Direct Link)

Chapter 4 (Direct Link)

Chapter 5 -Daily

Chapter 6 ☆ (Direct Link)

Chapter 7 ☆ (Direct Link)

Chapter 8 (Direct Link)