Xray Chapter 52 and some Announcements, please read those

「M-Mota-kun’s a bully ♥」

I’m back! YES! I’m also planning on asking larvyde if I can work on Road to Kingdom, I contacted snow but there’s still no response, I’ll have to wait and make people also wait.

I’m also planning on reviving one of the novels that’s hiding in my site[Pure Love X Insult Complex], I think I want to translate that novel just because it has a lot of potential and netori material.

Lastly, I also want to pick up a new novel that’s not in the translation scene yet, I’ll be looking for one so stay tuned.

With that said, there will be four novel TLs to be expected from Pun. Three of the titles are quite long so don’t expect me to do all in one day. lol.

11 thoughts on “Xray Chapter 52 and some Announcements, please read those

  1. welcome back!
    Hmm, already read Pure Love x Insult Complex until chapter 207. All I can say is, the excitement going downhill slowly after the netori. (for me, at least) hahahaha. And I’m waiting for the new novel that you pick.


  2. Take a look at:
    掟の村 〜掟に従って俺と子作りをする女たち〜

    I have others in my bookmark list but they have a low chapter count so I don’t bother suggesting those in case they get abandoned.


  3. If you could pick up Road to Kingdom, that would be absolutly amazing. I very much enjoyed the few chapters we got translated. Having a real badass as MC is a breath of fresh air compared to most jap. novels.
    Regrettably Larvyde killed the series in the west (22 chapters released in 1,5 years and the source material so far is 380+ chapters) so I’ve kinda given up on the series.
    If you could pick this series up, I’d be willing to increase my patreon donation. I think this story is worth it.


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