66 thoughts on “Cheatman End

  1. so…. wait…. your telling me that he never laid a hand on any of his children, grand children, or great grand children even though he could basically play god? thus stopping any and all genetic problems that may occur and could even prevent them from getting pregnant in the first place? >_>

    take about lukewarm. >_< lol

    but in all seriousness I feel like the story is a bit too abbreviated for my taste…. doesn't mean I don't like it, in fact I enjoyed most of it… (except netori and rape part…) but the rest was boss in ALL the literal sense. I mean he bought the town/city's best prostitute and basically paraded around town with her while preforming light outer course and groping! (best scene in my opinion)

    nice MTL Pun and I look forward to reading all of charm~ πŸ˜€

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  2. Hello i’m a french guy who want to start translating novel from english to french and so since it’s pretty short i want to start with β€œThe Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power”. Therefore i’m asking you the permission of using your work as base material. Can I, please ?


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