FIT Chapter 65

Yay, it’s the latest chapter from the author as of this date.

Let’s celebrate with coffee!

Anyway, I do plan on chasing Loli manko first before doing Asuka as it’s longer but it has less chapters before we catch up with the author.

This is the second novel that reached the current chapter,

Just for reference:

Finished novels: Cheatman.

Latest Chapter: Charm and FIT.

Dropped by Author: Succubus Imouto

Chasing: Asuka, Zombie emperor, and Loli Manko

8 thoughts on “FIT Chapter 65

  1. Don’t really know where else to say this, but I can’t seem to get to the Cheatman TOC, the URL itself seems broken and it always redirects to the exact same url if I remove the FIT Chapter 56 bit in the title, any way you could fix this?


  2. complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.

    Such a shame that the Succubus Imouto was dropped by the author, at the very least he could’ve made a doujinshi out of it and continued the story.


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